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Revisiting Vivian’s Domain, Part 6

(Continuing archival republishing of sections of “Vivian’s Domain,” an FLR website originally hosted on Geocities.com. This installment concludes Vivian’s lengthy essay (addressed to wives) on the theory and practice of female-led marriage, “Toward a Fantastic Marriage.”—MR)

Enforcing His Chastity

There are a few ways to go about assuring he does not ejaculate without permission. Some women choose one of these ways and depend upon it solely. I prefer and advise using all three at different times. Variety is more effective because it keeps him guessing and can be more fun for you.


This involves telling or reminding your husband that you are aware of his desire to end his habit of masturbating and warning him that you will not tolerate it. You forbid him to masturbate and warn him that you will punish him for doing so without your consent. It is a good idea to get him to agree that he will confess to you anytime he does masturbate to ejaculation. He must also know that he cannot get away with masturbating and that involves regular or random checking.

Get him to tell you where and when he usually masturbates. (As always, getting information and extracting promises are best done while you are stroking his penis, pausing your stroke when he is not as forthcoming as you would like.) For most men the daily shower is the most likely time [for masturbation] because it is the most opportune; they are alone and naked.

When you have discovered when he is most at risk, create a routine of checking. If it is the shower , for instance, get in the habit of having him present himself to you immediately after getting out of the shower. Either command him to present an erection or gently touch him to elicit one. If it has been 24 hours or more since his last ejaculation (and he has no medical problem), this process should take no longer than 15 to 30 seconds. If he is unable to produce an erection, schedule him for punishment.

If you punish him for nothing else, you must punish this behavior. In many relationships this is the only behavior that precipitates severe punishment. It is important that this be punished because his sexual dependence on you is the basis of your power over his other behaviors and the foundation for all of his other attitudinal and behavioral improvements.

It is also the easiest behavior to punish because it is the most shameful. All men feel shame around this aspect of their lives. Even if he resists or refuses punishment for all other behaviors, he will submit to it for this offense because he has no argument or defense of it. He does not want other people to know about it and you do not even have to threaten to tell anyone else for such a threat is inherent in your knowledge of it.

It is for this offense that punishment needs to escalate in severity and humiliation. Even after a year of this, my husband was still masturbating an average of 1 to 2 times per month (a vast improvement over the 2-3 times per week, but still unsatisfactory). Once I increased the humiliating aspect of punishment by executing it in front of one or two of my lady friends (see FAQs for more on this topic), his episodes of unauthorized masturbation decreased to once or twice a year.

2. Short-Term Chasity Device

Short term devices are those that cannot be worn for longer periods of time because they do not allow for toileting. They are less complicated than long-term devices. There are three primary uses I've found for short-term devices.

A) To prevent him from masturbating during high-risk times: My husband, for example, is at high risk for masturbating when he is in the shower and when he is in bed following sex without ejaculation. Usually I'll ice his testicles to calm him down, but at times he has still waited until I was asleep and rubbed himself on the bed to ejaculation. That's a major "No-No" in my house! A short-term device can be used to prevent that from happening. When you strap his penis into one of these, he'll be able to have an erection, but cannot be stimulated to ejaculation.

B) To keep his penis out of the way during “strap-on” intercourse: I've done a pretty good job of training my husband to have intercourse with me without ejaculating. It is still risky, however. Despite the fact that I punish him for having unauthorized ejaculations during intercourse, he still loses control of himself at times. I enjoy having intercourse with him knowing that he is really making an effort to restrain his orgasm until he has my permission to release, but sometimes I want the intercourse without the risk. At those times I put him into a short-term device and then have him strap on a dildo. The device gets his penis out of the way while still allowing him enough stimulation to keep him passionate.

C) To assure that he treats me well in public: I've noticed that there are certain social situations in which my husband tends to forget his devotion to me and his manners. Especially at certain family gatherings he can become downright disrespectful. This problem has diminished significantly since we initiated Domestic Discipline, but his irritable ego still raises its ugly head at times. The principle here is similar to “Donna's Salute,” which you can read about in the Comments section of this site. If I notice any hint of disrespectful behavior from him in a social setting, I pull him aside to talk with him for a moment alone. We go to a place of privacy (preferably a room with a door). There I quietly but firmly reprimand him for his behavior and have him take down his pants. I take the device from my purse, have him put it on and I lock it in place. I prefer a "northbound belt" (one that positions his penis upward) because it allows for and encourages an erection, which becomes his constant reminder of his need for and devotion to me. Sometimes I'll just put it on him before we go out to avoid the problem altogether. One disadvantage for him is that he cannot urinate into a toilet with this on. This can be an advantage for you in that he has to ask your permission to urinate, further encouraging his obedience and respect. There are a number of these devices available. The following are a few of my favorites… [Vivian’s specific product recommendations omitted here because cited websites and pricing are no longer current.—MR]

3. Long-Term Chastity Device

Long-term devices can be worn for days, weeks, or even months at a time (so long as they are removed at regular intervals for short periods of time to allow for hygiene and inspection). The use of such a device produces amazing, incredible, and fantastic results. Mere words cannot express the state of near perfection in my husband produced by long-term chastity. We had been into Domestic Discipline for over a year before I used such a device. I had begun to believe that my husband’s behavior was as close to perfect as one can attain on this earth. Long-term chastity brought his behavior to a higher level altogether.

The magic of a long-term device is that it not only prevents ejaculation, it prevents him from even stimulating himself. Even when you have his ejaculations under control, most men will still touch themselves in order to give themselves some pleasure. These devices will not allow that, and therefore dramatically increase his sexual dependence on you. I have only used such a device three times in the past couple of years, but that is all I've had to. His compliance and behavioral improvements multiply exponentially with the use of long-term chastity.

Although the site I am about to recommend does not adhere to many of the moral principles I believe in, it does a fabulous job of explaining the nature of long-term chastity and ejaculation denial and gives some good specific instructions. Check out Mistress Lori. Lori knows men better than 99.9% of women and does a wonderful job of explaining how to use chastity.

Here are some tips on the use of long-term chastity that may make more sense after you have read more on the subject.

A) He should never know the exact length of time of his confinement. It is a good idea to let him know a minimum sentence either as you are applying the device or when you are threatening to apply it. It is best, however, to let him know you will decide when the device comes off based on his behaviors. Let him know the basics, such as tasks that need to be accomplished, the attitude he needs to maintain, and the types and general amounts of pleasure he is to give you. But it is best to keep him guessing about when you will fully free him from the device and allow him an orgasm. You want to maintain your freedom to act on your whims and arbitrary feelings.

B) If you are going to use this device for a period of time greater than a week (I recommend at least one week each time), you will need to remove it occasionally for inspection and hygiene and to offer some reward and encouragement. If you think he'll have difficulty cooperating with its reapplication, bind his hands before removing the device. When you remove it, check for abrasions or skin breakdown and apply a healing balm and readjust the device if necessary.

The wonderful thing about such a device is that you can give him a reward without losing any influence over his behaviors like the influence you lose temporarily when you allow him an orgasm. After having this device in place for only a few days, the simplest and softest touch of his penis will feel powerfully satisfying for him. Tease him a little during this time, as if you may actually allow him release. Then deny him, ice him back down to a state that will allow the reapplication of the device, and reapply it. You won't believe the effect this has on him.

C) Some women I've read on the subject advocate never allowing their man an orgasm or allowing orgasm at very long intervals such as every 6 months or every year. I believe the longest you should have any man go without ejaculation is two months. You do not want him to become hopeless about having an orgasm. If you've read my section, “The Gift of Hope,” you'll understand this. You want to make orgasm difficult for him to achieve, but not impossible. In my opinion, that would defeat the whole purpose.

The following are some sites that offer good long-term chastity devices:

www.chastytube.com – This is the best I've seen and the one I use. It is secure and relatively inexpensive.

You may want to start with something less expensive. You may build one at home (or better yet, have your husband build one) for less at www.tpe.com/~altarboy.

For a concise visual education about the benefits of using long-term chastity on your man, check out the three comic strips at http://www.janthor.com/cbc3.html, http://www.janthor.com/cbc4.html and http://www.janthor.com/cbc5.html. Look at them in that order.

The Agreement and Periodic Review Meeting

Domestic Discipline is a consensual understanding that is all about LOVE. Exercising power over your husband is your gift to him. Your power over him is your husband's gift to you. As mentioned in “How Will I Know?” it is best to have a conversation about Domestic Discipline before initiating it. That agreement should make it clear that you have total authority regarding his discipline and domestic behaviors. He must know that it is you, not him, who decides everything! Otherwise, he is not truly submissive and this will not work. Your agreement may be verbal or written. There are a couple safeguards, however, that you will want to give your husband: The Safe Phrase and the Periodic Review Meeting.

The Safe Phrase: This is your husband's way of knowing that he can get out of any scene at any time if he has been taken too far past his limits. It is important to have a safe phrase for a few reasons:

1) It assures you that the situation is always consensual.
2) It assures him that he can stop any situation that he feels may damage him either physically or psychologically.
3) It allows you to push his limits further than you would without the security of knowing he can stop you.

It is important that you do push and stretch his limits. If you didn't, you wouldn't really be in charge. You must take him beyond his comfort zone. It wouldn't be effective otherwise. You must do so without feeling mean or bad about it. The safe phrase assures you that you have not overstepped your bounds. He may not like what you are doing to him (in fact he should really dislike it) but he should be able to bear it physically and psychologically.

He should know, however, that he cannot use the safe phrase indiscriminately. For instance, he cannot use it to stop a punishment that is merely uncomfortable or painful for him and then have "the game" resume. It's not like that! Punishments are supposed to be uncomfortable and painful. He needs to know that his use of the safe phrase puts an end to the domestic discipline part of your relationship for a certain period of time (I suggest three months) during which the arrangement is re-evaluated. During that evaluation time you simply live as you did before you began Domestic Discipline.

Believe it or not, this arrangement will assure that he does not use the safe phrase unless it is absolutely necessary. Once he experiences the benefits of Domestic Discipline, he will not want to lose them.

My husband has never used his safe phrase because I understand the outer parameters of his limits. We've come close, though. It is generally not pain or discomfort that will trigger a safe phrase. It is extreme humiliation that runs the higher risk. Humiliation is, however, a powerful tool that must be in your tool kit. All punishment is humiliating at first. He will feel humiliated in front of you any time he is punished. But the threat of humiliation in front of others is powerful.

Generally speaking, you'll want to stay away from embarrassing him in front of his family or close friends or anyone with whom he works. You do not want to endanger his ability to make a living. It is best not to humiliate him in front of another male. Heterosexual men tend to see other men as competitors. Thus any punishment in front of a male is likely to backfire and trigger aggression in your husband instead of submission. If his aggression is triggered he will not cooperate with you and you have lost your position of power.

When I humiliate my husband in front of someone else, I like it to be someone he may see from time to time because that increases his embarrassment and thus the effectiveness of the punishment, but not someone who has a real impact on his life. It is risky to let family members in on this aspect of your relationship (and as I've said before, you don't want to reveal this to anyone on his side of the family and especially not your own children if you have any), but if you can trust another woman in your family not to tell others about this aspect of your marriage, she can be a powerful ally.

A few months ago I punished my husband in front of one of my sisters. He says that was the most difficult punishment he's ever endured for me. He told me he almost used his safe phrase when he realized what was about to happen, but he decided to trust me. My sister loved it! She said she hadn't laughed so hard in years. She reminds me frequently that she's available whenever I need her help to make Patrick's punishment a little more effective. At family functions his behavior is even more ideal because my sister's presence is a constant reminder. He blushes almost every time he sees her and she enjoys that tremendously.

When you introduce that kind of humiliation to a punishment, your husband should see it coming in time to use his safe phrase before something unbearable has begun. For example, when punishing your husband in front of someone he has not been punished in front of before, don't surprise him by introducing the person in the middle of the punishment when your husband is already in a compromising position. The person should be present from the beginning of the punishment process so your husband has the opportunity to use his safe phrase before something "unbearable" has occurred.

The point of all this is that I would have never entertained the notion of punishing him in front of someone else if I did not know that he could protect himself with his safe phrase. And that has been one of the most effective tools I have used. I am not a cruel person, and I love my husband more each day. I practice Domestic Discipline not only because it enhances my life, but because it enhances his as well. I do not want to cause true or lasting harm to him and the safe phrase assures me that I will not. I do, however, want to stretch his boundaries because if I do not, I am not really in control—he is. That is why the safe phrase does not only stop a “scene,” but ends Domestic Discipline for a period of time. That is enough time for a re-evaluation, and enough time to make him think hard before using his safe phrase.

The agreement should also include his statement of cooperation and some language regarding the behaviors you will punish and the results you expect from this arrangement. It also should give you the option of ending the Domestic Discipline aspect of your relationship at any time. If you find his behavior deteriorating rather than improving with Domestic Discipline, you might suspect that you are encouraging a fetish rather than a true devotion to you and your marriage. That would signal a re-evaluation of the arrangement. You can make this agreement as general or as specific as you wish, but it needs to include a commitment from him to cooperate with you on your terms. The DWC Lifestyle Kit from The Disciplinary Wives Club contains information and sample forms if you think you need that kind of assistance.

The Periodic Review Meeting

Once every couple of months, the two of you should get together to review the Domestic Discipline aspect of your relationship. This could be during a nice dinner out or an evening at home. The two of you are equals at this meeting as you review the results of Domestic Discipline. You are both equally free to share your thoughts and feelings and explore ways to enhance your relationship. Expectations can be reviewed and revised. At this meeting each party freely decides whether or not to continue with Domestic Discipline. For him it is a kind of “Speak now or forever (at least for the next couple of months) hold your peace.” General or specific changes can be made to the arrangement. The meeting results in either a re-commitment by both parties or a decision not to continue Domestic Discipline. Neither decision need be permanent and can be re-evaluated again in the future.

(End Part Six. The final installment of this reprint-homage to Vivian’s Domain “ concludes her essay, “Toward a Fantastic Marriage: How and Why Domestic Discipline Works,” and gives her answers to 7 Frequently Asked Questions. —MR)


Lady Grey said...

Hi Mark - thank you again for publishing this document. It certainly is a full exploration of the WLM concept, and although I have quite a different set of methods of achieving the same results, I can't help but admire the painstaking (and paingiving, ha ha) details that Vivian shares with us. Am I wrong, or does Vivian seem to lack a sense of humor?

I checked out a few of the links in the document and found that the chastytube.com site has been taken over by someone, and has no relation to the topic of chastity devices. You might want to delete it. And the cartoons Vivian recommended left me shaking my head. They're extremely amateurish, almost juvenile, and don't at all reflect the type of attitude that Vivian exudes.

A question - you might have addressed this earlier, but I can't see any way to access the original comments that Vivian mentions and often refers to. Any suggestions?

Mark Remond said...

Lady Grey, I'm at work with restricted access to certain, uh, shall we say online neighborhoods. But I thank you for your review and critical comments, and will attempt to rectify tonight.
I saw the cartoons and had second thoughts, but let them go, since I was trying not to edit or alter Vivian's language.
There are some more comments from readers in the final segment, if those are what you're referring to. More later...

ALL HERS said...

My wife is also a firm believer in orgasm management, and feels the less she allows me release the better. I am locked in a CB 6000 chastity device after about 3 weeks with no orgasm, and it will remain on me for up to 6 weeks or more. It is removed by my wife once a week for cleaning and some playtime for her. After I perform oral sex on her, if I have been especially good, she may allow me to enter her for 6 to 10 strokes. I am warned that I better not cum or she will keep the chastity device on for 6 months. Then as mentioned, she also ices my penis and testicles until it will go back into the tight fitting chastity device.

There is no better way to discipline your husband or to maintain the excellent behavior a wife expects of her husband. "A horny husband is a good husband" is the motto my wife uses all of the time. She has convinced many of her friends of this. Two in fact have began their WLM last year after many years of marriage. I do all of the housework, pamper her with massages and footrubs and treat her like the godess she is. I in return am teased by a beautiful blonde with a knockout body, who allows me to purchase lingerie for her and will wear ALL of it. Bedtime is very difficult for me because of her skimpy revealing nighties, but we both feel that her orgasm management is the best thing she could do. All women should live by my wife's motto, and guaranteed their husbands would be happier and more focused on their wifes needs.

Cathy's man said...

What a great post! And the comment by All Hers seems to be the norm in a femdom marriage, especially in ours.

My wife used to feel that 10 orgasms a year were about right for a man. No more. Now it is 6 to 8 orgasms a year, that's 1 every 6 1/2 weeks at best. She feels that my behavior is so much better when I am kept in a very horny state. She relly hates it to end, therefore she keeps reducing the amount of orgasms I receive every year. Next year it will be reduced by 1 more.

I please her orally, and she doesn't care all that much for vaginal sex now that she is over 50years. Sometimes she says she is too dry, and she always found it too messy since I always had such a large buildup of cum from my long wait times. When I am allowed inside her for an orgasm, I must now pull it out and release into a plastic cup, not inside her. And none of it better get on her belly or elsewhere, that results in serious punishment.

My wife is among the many smart women who have either started or consented to having a WLM concept. It's a wonderful life for both of us, and I am so lucky to have her to serve, obey and please every day of my life!!!

Mark Remond said...

Three substantive comments, from Lady Grey, ALL HERS and Cathy's man. I especially subscribe to the forceful final sentiment from Cathy's man: "...I am so lucky to have her to serve, obey and please every day of my life!" Amen.