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(Editor's Note: This is excerpted and reprinted from “Revisiting Vivian’s Domain” on this website; see link below.)

The old paradigm paints femininity as soft and yielding. The female supremacist paradigm offers a complete role reversal—the imperious woman exercising complete dominion over the surrendered male.

This paradigm links beauty and power in a sustaining, lifelong synergy. A few specifics below: 

From Litia’s Journal:

“Now, I’m in My 50’s and gravity is winning more and more every day.... But in the eyes and mind of my husband, I am FAR, FAR, Superior to this beautiful young lady (see photo inset), because to him, I am his Goddess and I am the only one who knows exactly how and when he NEEDS to be punished and disciplined. I am his Queen, I am beautiful in his mind and eyes and he shows it to me EVERY Minute of EVERY day.
(Litia’s Journal

From Vivian’s Domain:

“A key component of every man’s sexuality is awe. When he sees a beautiful woman’s face or an attractive figure, he is drawn almost against his will. He is awestruck and overcome by that power. Have you ever noticed how men behave toward a beautiful woman? They fall all over themselves to please her in some way. Even when there is no way such behavior will result in a sexual experience, men become the willing servants of beauty.

“We see our husbands looking at other women as if they were goddesses and looking at us as if we were mere functionaries, striving to be helpful to women they hardly know and ignoring the needs of the woman who dedicates herself to him and his family. Sometimes we become angry and resentful of our husbands, knowing that it is simply not right that he looks at other women with the passion that rightfully belongs to us. Sometimes we get down on ourselves, feeling unattractive and taken for granted and cheated out of his affection.

“Although there are some exceptions (women who are so beautiful and remain so beautiful that they can inspire their husbands with that beauty even after years of marriage), for most women, even attractive ones, it is not possible after years of cohabitation and child-bearing to become beautiful enough to inspire the kind of awe that will motivate her husband. So, what can a woman do?

“She can understand this: Not only is there power in beauty, there is beauty in power! The ‘take my breath away’ kind of awe that a man feels when he sees a stunningly beautiful woman is similar to the feelings he had as a young adolescent toward women of power in his life—teachers, neighborhood moms, and strict women in general.

“In order to make your husband a better man and a better spouse, you need to make him eager to win your approval and fearful of earning your disapproval. You must exert the kind of power that grabs his attention, makes you beautiful to him and takes his breath away.”
(“Beauty and Power,” Vivian’s Domain


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Love this. Great to see you posting again Mark. Looking forward to seeing more.

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Andrey, thanks for the encouraging note. I do plan to post to this old blog from time to time.Thanks,Mark

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What happened to Thomas lavalle's blog? It was a very good blog like this

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Unknown -- It seems that Thomas Lavalle is concentrating his efforts on writing femdom fiction and Tweeting about his titles and female supremacy in a general way. Blogs do seem to run their course after a few years, as bloggers turn their attentions elsewhere. It happened to me.