Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guest Post: Wife Worship & Female Superiority, Part 1

(I am honored to present this blog’s first-ever guest posting from “Beckie,” a wife in an FLR who has commented here in the past. The following two-part post is taken from several emails she sent me. I found her rationale for wife worship and female superiority that she presented in these emails so original, so well articulated and persuasive, that I asked her if she would consider allowing me to share her ideas with my readers, female and male. To my delight, she agreed, as long as a few personal identifiers were altered. Having done that, I am able to offer Beckie’s words verbatim. I hope you will enjoy her thoughts and benefit from them, as I have.—Mark Remond)

Wife Worship and Female Superiority by Beckie, Part 1


Thank you for hosting this site on wife worship. Being worshiped is not something I, nor any normal female, would want or desire. It is a male fantasy. But I learned something along the way.

I have a wonderful husband and marriage. He is not what I would consider submissive. He has always been the head of our home. We made joint decisions, but he was my protector. I was a stay-at-home-mom for many years. I did all the chores around the home. What I liked about him was he always wanted to help clean the dishes with me—some together time. He wanted to help with the laundry or cleaning at times because the children kept me busy during the day, and he thought I needed to kick up my feet in the evening even though he worked hard all day, too. He often brought me little gifts to time to surprise me.

He told me a couple of times he just enjoyed worshiping me and wanted to continue to court me like when we dated. I loved his devotion, but WORSHIP ME? I was not better than he, I was his equal. I was not worthy of his worship!

From the time we were married, we believed in equality, making joint decisions. Often when we were not in agreement, we would argue. I always wondered how equality is supposed to work when two people disagree. But after arguing, almost without fail, any time I thought a different way, he would go along with what I thought. I began to realize even though he was the head of the family, I was the one really making all the decisions. I considered telling him that I would make decisions from then on, but I was afraid of damaging our relationship and that he would be upset or hurt. Or never ask me my opinion again. The thought that I would make him OBEY ME was never thought of.

I never wanted to call myself a feminist, but I did believe women were to be equal to men in everything. They should have equal pay, girls should have equal opportunities in school, women should be equal in politics and government, etc.

But a strange thing has been happening. We are no longer equal.

* A WSJ article recently showed younger women are now paid MORE than their male peers.

* Girls are exceeding boys in school. Almost 90% of valedictorians are girls, a majority of students in spelling bees are girls, college students are now almost 60% female and growing.

* Recently another U.S. Supreme Court member was added, making three females. Since this is a lifetime post, we have to wait till other male members quit or die, but I am sure in time it will be a majority (if not 100%) female. More women are being elected to office every year.

Women are only wanting equality with what men have always had. What is that strange thing I mentioned? Whenever we rise up and become equal, we always continue past equality! These facts, and many more, prove we are not equal to men. Females are superior in every aspect of our lives.

* Females are superior physically. We have a much more complex body. We have a complex reproductive system. We live longer than men. We are physically much more attractive, so that men desire us, court us, and seek us.

* Females are much more complex emotionally.

* Females are much more advanced intellectually and have more intuition (understanding without apparent effort, a keen and quick insight).

* Females are far better at relationships. They can express themselves to their friends, they can have several friends, male and female. Males have a hard time making friends and can never share their feelings.

Women are still thinking they need to be equal, and that being superior to men is wrong. But as I related in our marriage, equality is impossible. One side will eventually become superior and the other inferior.

But what woman wouldn’t want to have a marriage where what she said was final, where her husband would obey her and desire her? What wife wouldn’t want a home where the housework, cleaning, laundry, washing dishes, scrubbing the bathroom, were her husband’s job, where she would be free to pursue more fulfilling interests? How many would enjoy those more fulfilling pursuits during the day while he is at work earning money for her to enjoy? What wife wouldn’t love to have control of his paycheck and manage all the finances? What female wouldn’t love to be worshiped as a goddess?

Most women can’t see far enough that they are superior. They have had to submit to men through all history, and they can only hope for equality. Men have had the upper hand even though they are inferior and they know it, they instinctively prevented women from being equal because men know that women’s superiority would then overtake all aspects of their life. If men only could understand that female superiority would be the ideal for them. Men are created for worship. Women are created to receive worship.

As your site shows, there are many men who desire to worship women. Most men worship women in one way or another without necessarily using the term. But how many women say they want to worship a man? None that I know. In order for females to be worshiped, they naturally have to be superior to men. If we are to be worshiped, are we not goddesses? Who would ever call a man a “god”? That would be blasphemous.

I believe our society is moving quickly now to female superiority in all areas. Yes, all females are superior; they are born that way, it is not something they learn—though we need to learn that we are superior. Few women understand that. Just as the church teaches that we are born sinful because man and woman sinned in the Garden of Eden, this is something we find hard to comprehend. It is hard for women to understand how we are born superior, it is just in our nature. Men understand that much better.

But not all females are to be worshiped. This is for marriage. The husband is to “love, worship, and obey” his wife. Her protection, her well-being, her desires, her pleasure, and her comfort are his primary concerns, and he would, if called upon to do so, lay down his life for her.

So where are we at today? A few years ago, my husband and I sat down and I told him if I was going to make the decisions, I demanded he obey me without question. Do I make mistakes? More than I wish. But my husband takes the blame for them and the punishment; this is his worship of his goddess!

Housework: He does almost all of it. It is his job, to be expected of him. I do not micromanage him, or stand over him telling him what to do. He knows his chores and does them well. I offered to help with some, but he told me I didn’t need to bother with mundane housework when I should be pursuing more fulfilling things. I work part time 3 days a week and enjoy my work and the people I work with. I work with a community theater 1-2 times a week, I was in theater a lot in college and it’s good to be involved again. I am with the kids in the evening helping with homework. Once in a while I will take our girls out to the mall or someplace while my husband and son do the dishes and other chores.

Finances: With my part-time job, I opened my private checking account. Since then I wondered why I needed two accounts, and recently decided to close our joint checking account. My husband now deposits his paycheck into my account. He is to keep $10 on him at all times and let me know if he spends any so I can give him more. He gets no allowance. After closing the one account I have started paying bills and managing all finances. We use MS Money so he still doesn’t have access to any money himself.

Children: We have 2 daughters 16 and 11, and a son 14. Any expression of wife worship is hidden from them. But as a family we do show female superiority. My husband and son both open doors for us, and both stand whenever my daughters or I enter a room and remain till we are seated. The same holds for dinner; they stand till we are seated and allow us to fill our plates and start eating before they fill their plates. Our son helps his father clean the table and dries the dishes. A few months ago, they discussed if our son would want to do something special for his sisters to show his awareness of their female superiority. He chose to make their beds and straighten their rooms every morning. The girls are not allowed to tell him what to do, but may ask him politely to do something or get her something; he is not required to obey but he takes their requests as an order and still obeys. His father has been a good mentor.

I know this has been a long letter. But I felt the need to write it out and tell someone, it has been building up in me. Every family is different with different ways to do things. Everything here sounds like we have it down perfect, but we have problems and daily issues come up to deal with. But female superiority is only natural and is showing up more every day. Someday it will be accepted by everyone.


(End Part One; to be continued...)


shebsheb said...

indeed it is very nice and insightful ... thanks a lot for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Beckie- Wow... it seems you really are taking over, but in a nice, mutually agreeable way. I wish my Wife and I will eventually come to a similar situation. Quite a good realization for you eh? How did you start researching the topic on the web...if I may ask? Thank you!

Patrick said...

More female supremacy garbbly goop?

Becky, if you choose to live a female dominated lifestyle with your husband, it is the choice between the two of you. But to force your son to take on a subordinate role to your daughters is...yes I'll say it, child abuse. You are teaching that boy that he is an inferior being, and he will grow up to manifest that in his life. You have just cut him off at the knees.

Men are CREATED for worship? Well, since you believe that humans are born sinful (more nonsense), in the eyes of some tyrannical, murderous, bigoted, blood thirsty, ego maniac of a god, it doesn't surprise me that you hold a female supremacy worldview.

Your arguments about female complexity, biological superiority and college enrollments are typical gyno-fascist ramblings.

Did you know that college enrollments in white middle, and upper classes are equal between men and women? Graduation rates are equal, and both are rising. Men are falling behind in ethnic minorities and the poor. Hmmm. Interesting isn't it? Do you think that falling college enrollments in those groups, among males, could have economic reasons, and not inherent female superiority?

The fact that women might live longer than men or not be as susceptible to certain diseases is inconsequential. Even if it is because women are more biologically robust - so what? Does this mean that men should worship them? Would you have every handicapped or ill person worship a healthy peer, because the healthy person is biologically "superior"? Does that not sound like fascism to you?

A femdom lifestyle is a choice - to teach it as an ideology, as the "natural" way of life, is a pathology.

Beckie said...

Patrick, thank you for your wonderful comment. You did a wonderful job of proving my point in this post. You obviously feel threatened by female superiority to use such vicious language. You show your intelligence level by needing to use excess superlatives.

"Gyno-fascist ramblings?" I am sorry to disappoint you, but my "arguments about female complexity, biological superiority and college enrollments" are backed up by solid statistics.

Many men have been able to embrace the truth and are much happier. Others as yourself continue to be hateful and are very miserable. I am sorry for you, but I am more sorry for the females in your life.

Obedient husband said...

Note to Beckie:


Allen said...

Beckie, you make so many excellent points here I don't know where to start.

"Women are only wanting equality with what men have always had....(but) Whenever we rise up and become equal, we always continue past equality!" I see this as so true! Once men allow women to "get their foot in the door" we start to see that they are superior.

One statement you make, "Do I make mistakes? More than I wish. But my husband takes the blame for them and the punishment" is difficult to comprehend, but my gut reaction tells me it is right for husbands. Could you explain this in more detail?

Mark Remond said...

This comment is intended mainly for Patrick, whose second Comment on Beckie’s post I just deleted. The reason I did so is that his arguments became insulting and abusive--and ended with language that just about curled my toes.

I’ve deleted such comments before, and I will do so again, whenever they appear. I don’t like to stifle debate, although debate is not the intent of this blog. (Other places exist for that.) A lively exchange, observing basic rules of online netiquette, will not be censored here. Beckie’s reply to Patrick’s first comment was, I think, suitably proper and restrained in language, though she definitely fired back.

I realize that female superiority (by the way, Patrick, Beckie doesn’t use the term “female supremacy”) is controversial and, to some, might even be considered inflammatory. I did anticipate possible repercussions from some commenters when I turned the blog over to Beckie. Even Elise Sutton has, on occasion, tiptoed around the concept of female superiority, but I very much wanted to provide this forum for Beckie’s ideas, which I think she expresses forcefully and articulately. I, for one, feel that I have profited as a man and a husband by being willing to try them on for size.

You’re entitled to disagree, of course. I only ask that, if you wish to express that disagreement, please observe the rules of civil discourse.

Patrick said...

Mark, I'm sorry if I over stepped the guidelines for your blog. While I think my language was appropriately strong, when I'm in your house I'll wipe my feet and follow the rules of your house. Let's try this again. I'll offer the same rebuttal again, in politically correct language.

Beckie, I am not threatened by female superiority. While women may have some biological advantages over men, men have advantages over women.

Let's talk science. Men are physically stronger. That's self explanatory. Men are better at spatial reasoning and logic. That's why physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering are dominated by men. There is a whole field of medicine devoted to women's health, to treat health problems which are specific to women. When's the last time an epidemic of breast cancer broke out in men?

None of these biological or cognitive advantages which men hold over women, indicate that men are superior to women. It would be foolish to say they do. It simply means that men are better off in certain areas than women.

I'll steal an example from Maxwell Maltz in his book, Psycho-Cybernetics. Dr. Maltz said that we are all inferior to someone, in some way. I may be an inferior heart surgeon, but that doesn't make me an inferior human being. I am an inferior ballet dancer, but I am not an inferior human being. I am an inferior pianist, but not an inferior human being.

The point is, you can pick out any trait in which you might have the advantage, and hold it up, saying, "I am superior." So, if we are going to talk about superiority, we have to confine it to a given criteria.

So, when I said, "gyno-fascist ramblings" I was not implying that your facts were wrong. They may be bang-on. It's the interpretation of what they mean that I disagree with. As you can see from the examples I provided, we could just as well build a case for male superiority, if we were so inclined. Believe me, I've raked misogynists over the coals for trying to do just that.

So, why am I going to such lengths to combat your idea of female superiority? Because I'm insecure, right? Well, actually it's because you have been using female superiority to justify turning men into a servant class. After all, the inferiors should serve the superiors, as you've implied. That's why you have your son serving your daughters. However, I've shown you that when we start to question the notion of superiority, it crumbles away, like grains of sand between our fingers.

Patrick said...

Continuation of my last comment...

Let's talk statistics. They're just numbers. They're meaningless until you apply a filter and extract information that fits a recognizable pattern.

So more women are enrolling in college. Ok. What does it mean? Why is it happening (though I already mentioned that this is only true in ethnic minorities and the poor). Could this be indicative of an alternative conclusion, other than the knee-jerk one, girls are immensely
smarter than boys? Could it be that males are often charged with the responsibility of caring for young families? Or that boys in poor neighborhoods are often pressured into gang life? Something to think about.

There are actually female supremacists, radical feminists, gynarchists, whatever we want to call them, who use these statistics to justify denying boys an opportunity for college education. After all, boys are unsuited for higher learning and should accept their place as worker mules for women.

Essentially, they would have us living under a female taliban. That's why this subject makes my skin crawl and why I respond so strongly to it.

Now, we're all here because we love FLR or femdom. But when people use our chosen adult lifestyle to push a political ideology, which would basically
revisit the worst of women's oppression on men, we have a responsibility to speak out against it, even if it means being
the blog party pooper. And I'm happy to do it.


Obedient husband said...

Note to Patrick,
Wow! Well done!
I can't speak for others, but I think for most of us the "femdom" lifestyle is a personal choice between consenting adults.
When we really pay it some thought, as Beckie and Patrick have challenged us to do, few of us truly believe that females are superior simply because they are females. Some females are rotten horrible people. Some men are brilliant, good and kind with an amazing ability to lead others to greatness. The male readers of Marks blog would naturally be more accepting of the notion of "female superiority" because we've already embraced the notion of being submissive to our wives. However, if you asked me for an honest opinion..... I'd have to side with Patrick. The ladies are superior to us men in many ways, but not every way. We are indeed superior in some ways. I think most mature and discerning dominant ladies recognize this and encourage us to exercise our strengths for the benefit of our relationship and family. I think Patrick nailed when he said that "we have to confine it to a certain criteria". My wife can argue circles around me. She processes information much more quickly than I. However, she can't hang a picture on the wall or fix a broken garbage disposal. For that she calls in her own personal "A team".... Me! and I'm happy to do as she tells me.

Beckie, you still Rock!!

Interesting stuff, thanks to you both for stirring things up.

BTT said...


I think you and your husband are very wise to have your son, even at 14, show that much respect for his 2 sisters, one of whom is younger. It is not child abuse, it is teaching him about FLR,. Lets face it, if all wives kept their husbands in chastity and horny for long periods of time, the world would be a much docile place. Sure and unfortunaltely some men would never submit to an female. They would rebel. But a large number would. It is good to show him early on that women are superior.

So having your son make up their rooms every morning and having him and your husband wait to eat until you and your daughters begin is showing a wonderful example.

And let's not forget the effect that this is having on your daughters. They will expect to be treated with the utmost respect from teenage boys. A very good thing. They will carry these experiences into their own marriages some day.

All in all, you are doing a great job with your family. You should be proud that you are taking these steps. Your son is not their slave, he is just showing them respect. You and your husband could easily show more of your WLM to your family over time, especially as the younger daughter gets older. Maybe after awhile they could give him orders, checking with you first. They could have him at their beck and call maybe one day every weekend morning, afternoon or all day. They would have to clear their requests through you at first, then you could give them much more leeway.

Thanks for the article, and keep up the good work.

Mark Remond said...

BTT, I concur. I especially liked this point you made: "And let's not forget the effect that this is having on your daughters. They will expect to be treated with the utmost respect from teenage boys. A very good thing. They will carry these experiences into their own marriages some day."
As the father of a beautiful teenage girl, I absolutely want her to expect to be treated with the utmost respect from teenage boys, and if she expect that males jump through hoops to please her, all the better. And yes, I do model this, by picking up after her and cleaning her room and generally being at her beck and call. It is, however, also true that I clean my teenage son's room, too! But he gets more flak for being messy.

Anonymous said...

Good for you having your son do a daily chore for your 2 daughters. He is off to a great start and all because of you. He will grow up with great values towards women. BTT said that you could possibly have him do more than just straighten up there rooms in the morning. Having him wipe down the shower area tiles, doors and floor after either of your daughters finishes her shower and has left the room would be nice. (I assume your husband does that for you). If you shower and your husband is not available, he should also do it for you. And he could change their sheets as required. Females should not have to do these tasks, and he could be told that it is on the same level as straightening up their rooms daily. Any taunting or teasing by the daughters towards him will result in them having to do it themselves for two weeks. This way, as BTT puts it, he is not their slave.

Beckie said...

Thank you for the kind comments. A few things need clarified: BTT and Anonymous both said it is good that I MAKE our son DO chores for his sisters, and state other things I should require him to do. I do not MAKE him do those chores for his sisters. He CHOSE to do them, because he wants to emulate his father in understanding female superiority.

@BTT, you are correct when you say "They will expect to be treated with the utmost respect from teenage boys." But he is never to be at their "their beck and call". In our home all our children, son and daughters, are very confident in their roles. The girls have their own chores to do, part of growing up is learning what to do when you grow up. If our son did all the chores for the girls, they would be lost in the world in a few years. (Too many young people are already lost because of this). And yes, they do know how to cook and clean the kitchen.

@Anonymous: your comments are very good for fantasy, but as Mark said in Part 2, this (our home) is real life.

@BTT, when you said "They will carry these experiences into their own marriages some day", this is one of our goals with our children.

BTT said...


I was not aware that your daughters also had chores to do. You really have a wonderful family life. All children are bring taught to help each other as well as respect.

This is most important for boys as we know, because of raging hormones they rerally don't have much respect for girls at that age. I was there, and now wish I could apologize to some of the girls I was rude to or had them go further than they wanted to. Now I guess it is all turned around as my wife and I have a great WLM. I obey, worship, pamper and adore her. She does like orgasm control for me, allowing me an orgasm about 7 or 8 times a year. Next year she wants to bring it down to 6 times. She loves to see me very horny and feels the hornier I get the better my behavior towards her. She never goes to sleep horny, I will satisfy her orally or with some of our toys.

Although we have been married for much longer, we have been in our WLM for 5 years now. The children have married and left. When we arrive home late afternoons and weekends, I do everything possible for my wife. All housework, washing, ironing, most cooking as well as take her shopping where she buys whatever she wants. Massages and orgasms for her at night, some teasing for me, then we fall asleep holding eachother. It just couldn't get any better.

L. Marie said...

- "Patrick, thank you for your wonderful comment. You did a wonderful job of proving my point in this post. You obviously feel threatened by female superiority to use such vicious language. You show your intelligence level by needing to use excess superlatives." -

Oh Beckie... you take a harsh critique as a sign that a man feels threatened? Sorry, but that's hilarious... I've got news for you: If someone disagrees with you and uses a more aggressive language it's not necessarily because he is afraid of your female power. It's simply because you wrote nonsense in his opinion.

This may not be to your liking, but he did some valid points, whereas you only presented an unfunded, flawed argumentation. Is this your so-called superiority? Hard to believe. Beckie, sometimes self-perception and the perception by others may differ extremely... ;)
Unfortunately you see the world through female-superiority-colored glasses... you really have an amazing tunnel-vision, just as other ideologic fundamentalists sometimes have. This is not uncommon if someone is totally fixed on something.

You may not like Patricks assertiveness, but I agree with Patrick more than with you - and I am a female and a FemDom myself. And now? Do I also feel threatened by... oh, wait... my own gender? Come on. *lol*

You may have your believes and I have mine, but thank god, people like you are a minority in our society.

Anonymous said...

I agree with L.Marie and Patrick.
Female superiority? superiority about what? nothing listed shows anything in that regard, and statisticks are interpretable at will, and they are not evidence for nothing.

BTW the only way to build up a case for 'female superiority' is to fokus onthe advantage females have, and ignore everytjing else. And that is not a good approach. sorry!

Anonymous said...

I think it very commendable that the girls pick up after themselves and do chores.They should nto get so precious that they feel they have no obligation to others.

One person mentioned wiping down the walls after a shower.Well the girls should do that but if they were running late the father or brother might be more often called upon to do it in order to keep them on schedule.

So few would in the past or many times today object if a girl or Woman were to clear up after the male members of the household.In fact in many homes its considered normal.People don't turn round and say the Females are being damaged.Or that its a patriarchy.

Clear signals as to the elevated status of Women are to be lauded and supported.

Anonymous said...

you may fool him but me as a male you shall never be above me but always forever stuck as my equal.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, to me it's clear that males are not as important as females and should not be treated equally or the same.

As it stands Affirmative Action women first law is still instituted in my state of Colorado for college admissions. There is plenty of women only funding, women only scholarships, special programs, grants, Title IX and the list goes on. The goal is and forever will be to promote women to their rightful place as leaders and rulers of men.

Men are meant to serve females. It is not that they are lesser human beings but it is simply their place. Boys should be raised to defer to females especially in single mother households.

Upon divorce it is law in my country that men should surrender all rights to their children, the rights over their body and fruits of its labor to the woman. If a man fails to send such money he is placed inside of a jail cage. This should be enforced rigorously. Men that fail to serve women should rightfully be punished.

Anonymous said...

As women gain more access to political agency we will be able to move toward the societal construct of matriarchy. Even today we have managed to devote quite a bit of resources to the advancement of women and girls.

This is not to say that men are not needed but their place is more so as worker bees.

Anonymous said...

"That's why physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering are dominated by men."

Not for long. The Council On Women and Girls is taking active measures to combat this in S.T.E.M. education.

Women earn 60% of college degrees but we are gaining the institutional agency to demand gender quotas so men rightfully give up their seats to women. It is already happening.

Anonymous said...

"Now, we're all here because we love FLR or femdom. But when people use our chosen adult lifestyle to push a political ideology, which would basically revisit the worst of women's oppression on men, we have a responsibility to speak out against it"

FLR IS part of the growing social construct. Females are gynocentric and entitled to this and men support it because they seek to be worthy. Once women gain political agency it is only rightful for the societal construct along with political policy to dictate that resources be diverted to women and girls. Again, it is only natural for men and boys to do this and they know it.

There is a Men's Right Movement growing but it does nothing but put a thorn in the side of female advancement. Once the process is complete things will be better.

Anonymous said...

I found this video interesting:

Workhorses of The Matriarchy:


This is an example of why men need to accept their role. I think men raised by single mothers in the matriarchal family will be better able to accept female superiority. In the video you will see how men naturally serve women.

Anonymous said...

This below is not going to change Patrick:


Anonymous said...

oops, here you go: http://tinyurl.com/3vg77ga

I think as we move toward matriarchy and consolidate our position things will balance out in the end. I don't think men should worry so much. Again the matriarchal family is becoming the new order.

Anonymous said...

"Having him wipe down the shower area tiles, doors and floor after either of your daughters finishes her shower and has left the room would be nice."

I agree, the feet traditionally anyway are associated with that which touches unclean ground. Having the males scrub behind where the females walk but also before sets a good example for them.

Anonymous said...

Beckie, to cut to the chase, many sexually starved Western men feel the need to "worship" a woman because they hope to somehow get sex out of it, it's not because we think you're better and we are just following the natural order.

See, Western women simply don't need to stoop to this level, because, on average, a woman's sex drive is not as strong as a man's, and secondly, Western women can usually get sex whenever they want for free. You girls just have the upper hand here in the West because of the laws (ie. illegal prostitution) and religious beliefs. Go move to Thailand, then YOU would be groveling at men's feet just so they would give you attention.

As far as girls looking better, I agree, women DO look better on average, but it's only because women obsessively resort to artificial technology that was created by men, or gay men, to enhance their beauty. Also, from birth, women are conditioned to take better care of themselves and AVOID harms way which leads all the way to finding easy jobs where they don't get dirty, loose limbs, or destroy their health so that's why you girls live longer.

As far as the female body being more complex, I agree it is more complex due to the fact that women can give birth, but that's about it. I'm an athlete and I see the differences between men and women up close everyday and I can assure you men are physically superior to women in every way.

An elite male athlete can bench press 385 pounds, squat 500+ pounds, and run a 10.00 second 100m dash. No woman has ever done this and the ones that have come close have taken MALE sex hormones.

Lastly, in regards to more women going to school; So what? That ALONE does not mean that women are more intelligent. My god, anybody can get into school these days because the standards are very low and school is about making money, it's a business.

Regardless, if women are much more smarter then men, why do most of the women I see spend all their time talking on cell phones, watching TV, and taking about nothing on facebook all while it's MEN who are fixing things, inventing technology, and setting various records in human achievement (ie. mens' 100m dash, sr-71 Plane)?

Anonymous said...

To each is there own. Beckie, your household is an interesting one, and it works for you, but to induce and believe that you have stumbled upon some universal truth on the dynamic of the existence of males and females on this planet, is ignorant at best and humorous at worst.

Fast forward 100 years into the future in "Beckie's World". Men are now the servants of women. Instead of relationships being based on mutual respect, mutual appreciation, and love, they are based on the idea that woman are simply superior. There is now an underground revolution brewing with men who are tired of being enslaved by an idea. They rise up.. They revolt.. And the pendulum swings again.

THERE IS NO BALANCE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD. THERE IS NO UNIVERSAL TRUTH. You simply are "superior" to your husband, or your husband with his submissive nature simply allows you to be.

I respect and adore my girlfriend, and I do everything in my power to provide for her, care for her, and make her feel special and loved, And through not in a literal sense, I worship her, though I do not view her as superior, I view her entering my life as a gift from the universe and she is the most special thing in my life.

Now, I don't know if you live in Mayberry or what, but life in the real world is difficult and the economy isn't exactly on fire. I know few couples who don't both have to work. Additionally LIFE IS DIFFICULT. And so much of it is about solving problems. Life is filled with challenges and difficult situations that force you to make tough decision. Not your decision, nor mine, is the only right one, though our own subjectivity and ego may tell us otherwise. In my, or our, relationship, we take full advantage of the different ways in which we view and solve problems. This has many times helped us find the best avenue for facing whatever problem life has thrown at us. We know each others strengths, as well as each others weaknesses, and we help each other grow and develop. This has truly furthered and fostered our relationship. In our case two heads have always proven to be better than one. But hey I guess it depends on the other head.

BALANCE - the natural state of the universe. Apparently you missed the memo.

Oh and how about some Emerson:

“In my walks, every man (or woman) I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.”

Mark Remond said...

Anonymous, of course you know that I have gone along with about everything Beckie Sue has put forward, very much as her hubby has. He and I are two of a kind, I suspect, though his in-service work ethic is far beyond mine.
But I am unable, and disinclined, to rebut anything you have said, and I can't recall a more eloquent and articulate comment to this blog in the four or five years it has been around. Beautifully said. No way you're going to find me trying to rebut Ralph Waldo.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous:

>>Men are meant to serve females.<<

This may be true for the submissive men you know and true in your personal gynocentric fantasy world, but reality looks very different. *g*

I agree with Patrick, L.Marie and the other Anonymous above. It's really shaming for me that fellow females believe in such a crazy and dangerous ideology.


Becky said...

Hi, Beckie. You and I share the same name and the same happy, glorious lifestyle, which we deserve by birth!

The only difference between us perhaps is that I came to believe in female supremacy at an earlier age, thanks to the compelling writings of Catherine Wolfe, the founder of the Orb and Scepter social club.

Many people wrote to me objecting to the very term Female Supremacy. I said to them that supremacy of females simply means that women are better suited for leadership and management and they make better decisions and wise men are the ones who listen to their advice. Men can have great ideas, and I often go along with my husband's idea when it is good. But the final decision is always mine and he is happy to obey me at all times even when my decision is not what he prefers. To me, that is a real, strong man. He conquered his ego because he realized that it is best for him. He told me hundreds of times that I am the best thing that ever happened to him!

Your post was a very enjoyable read for me, as I always lamented that few women ever know about the power and privilege they are all born with to say nothing about using it. But the good news is that things are starting to change and the newer generations of girls seem to get it. The future is female, is bright, and has already started :)

Mark Remond said...

Dear Becky,

I enjoyed your comment immensely and hope that Beckie or Beckie Sue, to whom it is addressed, sees it and perhaps posts a response. I have not heard from her for some time.

I, too, discovered Catherine Wolfe's Orb and Sceptre many years ago and was excited by the concepts of female superiority, especially as it applied to us guys, having the opportunity to court and worship these superior creatures... and, of course, ultimately to obey them in the kind of wonderful matriarchal marraige that you and Beckie have both described.

I once had the privilege of speaking to Catherine Wolfe on the phone, but never the opportunity of meeting her, and I do not know what has become of her, nor can I seem to locate any of her writings or publications online... alas.

Do you still have any of these? Again, thanks for the post.

Ayesha said...

Female supremacy is still an issue? Still discussed? Really? Nooooo! And poor me thought it was over and done with, buried, and resting in peace with all the other fata morganas :)

Since i'm known for, and ruthlessly, but completely unjust, accused of using sarcastic, cynical, and flaming language, i decided to not disturb the polite atmosphere here. But should u want to enjoy my views on the matter, and also to find what an impartial scientist has to say about gender, then by all means, go to http://ayeshafonseca.blogspot.com/2011/03/normal-0-false-false-false-en-us-x-none.html

Ayesha said...

And um.....female supremacy and female superiority? It's the same to me. So go ahead if u must, remove 'supremacy' in my first posting and put 'superiority' in its place.

Alex said...

I am a 17 year old boy. Most of the things said in this blog make me absolutely sick to my stomach. For your inforation, I outscored every single female in my AP English Language and Composition class and scored a 5 (highest possible score) on the world wide AP exam. The rest of the women in the class scored at most a 4. The two people in the running for valedictorian in my highschool are two boys. I am behind them in third.

Women are equal to men. Men are equal to women. Many of the points you made throughout your article are not backed up by any hard facts and are just irrational. Do you not realize that male attendance in college is due to many factors in early schooling that heavily caters to the way women learn?

Women develop speech and reading capabilities much earlier than men. Men develop mathmatical abilities much earlier than women. Our new school system has pushed back the demand on the reading portion of school to around 1st grade where many girls are confident with language abilities, but many men are still not fully developed. It only snowballs from there, yet men still manage to make up around 45 percent of all college attendance throughout the world even with this system.

Many men also opt for the military after highschool and that also inflates number heavily. Specifically the ones you are looking at which only indicates the "number of people in college DIRECTLY AFTER HIGHSCHOOL"... Many men are also pressured into gang life in poorer communities while women do not face the same pressures.

Men and women are equal in intelligence and many of the worlds geniuses have been almost exclusively men with the exception of a few (Albert Einstein's wife).

To undermine my intelligence and simply say I should worship women and give up all of my hopes and dreams and consider myself inferior is lunacy at best. It is very insulting

Now to explain the comments above by men who agree with your blog. As you already know I am a guy. I must admit that while you are horny, many of the things in this blog seem very very hot. Especially with some of the images you have included and the language that you use. Many of the men commenting on this blog most likely do not really have a relationship like they claim, and many of them comment out of pure lust and hormonal influence in the brain. It is much the same effect as forced cum eating (excuse my language). The male thinks it is hot up until he actually cum's, afterwhich he feels sickened by the thought of actually following through with it. Many of these men make those comments while they are masturbating. End of story, I am sure you are smart enough to figure it out from there :).

I respect women highly and I have a wonderful and loving girlfriend who happens to be a very hardcore feminist. We are both equals and are both going to the same college in the spring of this year. She has also read this blog (I showed her it) and was disgusted by some of the things you mentioned here, specifically in this entry. By following what you mentioned here, we are only recreating the problems that have plagued women in the past upon men. That is not equality and will only intensify problems for humanity around the world. Like an above poster said. No matter how many horny guys you get to side with you based upon lust, there will always be the "underground group" (feminists from the 70's) that will begin to realize how bad they are being treated and revolt. Usually, they will win. It has been like that throughout history, and it will never change. The American revolution did this. Charlie Wilson's war in Afghanistan, even the russian revolution mentioned in the book "Animal Farm" by George Orwell.

Equality is the answer to our problems on earth. Equal pay for women is a must, but subjegating men is not the solution, nor is subjegating women.

It is a ying and yang. Balance is key.

Alex said...

typo on "inforation" :P just clarifying

Weber said...

Weber writing (male age 73)
My take on all of this is that men & woman were made to compliment each other. We are all created with different talents but equals in Gods sight. Men & women's brains are wired differently, us guys are wired to go hunting & bring home the kill. Women's brains have many more cross connections between left and right hemispheres to allow them multitasking and taking care of small children.
IMHO the best arrangement is where both sexes bring their talents together to their home. Since females are generally the weaker physical sex it is our male duty to protect and defend them. Teaching our sons to be respectful of their sisters is healthy.
As for money matters, men are much better off listening to their spouses to contribute to making decisions. FLR relationships are a choice. My wife is an impulsive buyer & we have two bank accounts - she splits the grocery $$ with me. I hate to shop, she loves to shop and fondle the merchandise. I exclusively do the yard work and keep the machinery running. She helps people with her interrelationship skills. I fix computers.
As the apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the Ephesians Ch 5, ff verse 25, "Husbands love your wives just as Christ loved the church...

Anonymous said...

Beckie sounds so perfect

Mark Remond said...


Sam said...

If I'm here reading your blog, it's not by mistake, and I've always felt much tenderness and love for women already in my childhood, because I find them so beautiful and wonderful in their differences. However, I've always had a hard time understanding people who push ideas to extremes, whether it is about religions, opinions, or natural superiority. I'm not a native speaker so I hope you'll still understand.

I'm only expressing an opinion hoping not to offend anyone, but as it was stated several times through this discussion, I do believe that men and women are equal. I think it's wrong to make an anthropological analysis out of facts and statistics that are based solely on social and cultural basis. Depending on so many facts, someone can become what the society consider as intelligent or not. Being good at school doesn't mean you are superior to others. School is how our society decided how people should be educated, but there are so many other ways to learn. Why knowing by heart Hamlet would make me more intelligent than the guy who repairs cars? Because the society teaches us that some jobs are more valuable than others, but in fact, why? Einstein once said that if you assess the intelligence of a fish on whether it can climb a ladder, then the fish will think all its life it is stupid.

So what I mean is that men have their qualities, and women have others. And yet it's still a generality, because there are "not so inteeligent" women, too. And again, even so, why intelligence would be make someone superior. And what is intelligence? Knowing all your classics by heart, or knowing all the ins and outs about cars? If we get rid of all social and cultural conventions, what is left to the concepts of superiority and inferiority? In some cultures farmers were considered at the lower position in society, but in feudal Japan, they had the most prestigious position in the society because they were the one who fed the others, and butchers were the lowest people because they dealt with flesh and death. Our culture dictates what we think. If you were born on a planet where female rules, all people there would find it "logical" and normal. There are some tributes in China where women rules and choose their husbands, and men can't refuse. It's their culture so it's normal for them. So I understand people think in one way or another and respect everybody's opinion. But if we get rid of all what we were taught, social and cultural aspects of our lives, who would we really be? If you were born in a Muslim country, you'd be Muslim and your whole way of thinking and opinions would be different. Maybe a dominant woman in one country would have been completely submissive and find it normal if she had been born in another country.

But even if women are more intelligent than men, more beautiful, more this, more that, I've always felt myself naturally and proudly submissive to them, but in no way I've ever felt inferior to them. It's the same in a team, the team manager is not superior to the other human resources, she/he is just the person who has to manage the team to get the project done and who takes the decisions to reach the team's goals. In no way she/he is superior, and even if you feel so, it's only a cultural trait of our society again.

Sam said...

Everytime I look at my wife, I feel so blissful. Yes I love submitting to her because it makes me so happy and proud to see how she likes it, how it makes her happy. I almost believe myself as someone intelligent because I can take care and understand of other people's emotions and be a part of their well-being. So does it make me someone inferior? I don't think so as far as I'm concerned. It all depends on the point of view (so again a subjective filter), and my wife doesn't consider herself superior. Woman-Lead-Marriage is something that two people decide for their own happiness. Society can be changed because opinions, conventions, laws can be changed. So let's say we could reach a Female Supremacy (or Supriority, I'm not sure I can understand the nuance correctly). Why would it be better than another? It will be a culture like any others, maybe men would fight back to get some rights like women did. And then? There had been many women in politics who did wonders (like some men, I'm not American, but I think that Lincoln was not a bad man for example), and others who made mistakes like men (in France for instance Mrs. Cresson, in the UK, Mrs Thatcher called the milk-snatcher because she took the decision to stop distributing milk to kids in school to save money, etc.).

Some women can be worst than men, some men can be very good (but again what does good and bad mean outside of our personal expectations?). Trying to put women at the top is not a better attitude than what men did to put themselves at the top of the society. Each person is different, and no one is really stupid or intelligent. The human rights state that all human-beings are born equal, and that was claimed during the French Revolution. And it's no surprise that those events happened between 1789 and 1792. If you think of the American History, I'm sure you'll understand why those events and the American Independence Day are so close. Many people fought and died to create the free world in which we are living, and we should remember and respect that. We are all different but we are all equal, and it has nothing to do with men / women. I have some friends who earn less than me. Am I superior to them? I have some other who earn more. Am I inferior to them? So men and women is (should be) the same. Even if women are more intelligent, they should be intelligent enough to consider men their equal and understand other people are different, sometimes better in some aspects sometimes worst in other aspects. There are no rules that say we are all equal, but if human-beings fought for that throughout history (and women are still fighting for that), doesn't it mean that, maybe, there is some fundamental human truth in it and that we should aim for an equal society with due respect to anyone instead of fighting for knowing who is superior or inferior?

Tonight, I'll sit at my wife's feet and maybe massage her and wash her feet. It used to be a sexual excitement, but now it's almost a moving moment for me because I'll see how happy she is and maybe feel proud that I can be such a good husband to make her happy. But she loves me for that and I love her for appreciating my attention to her, we have a mutual respect for each other. If she looked down on me because she felt superior, it could be great for some kinky plays like so many men fantasize about, but I don't believe it's a sane attitude for a long-term relationship.

Sam said...

I personally feel shocked that Beckie's son is not treated the same way in the family because there might have other consequences that simply teaching him female superiority. However I admit I haven't read all the messages here so I may not have understood some parts. But from what I said, my thought is that we should aim for an equal society, trying to impose female superiority is not more intelligent than imposing male superirority. People are different, some men like submitting, some like to have submissive females, and it's the same for women, so it's more a personal and life-style that has not much to do with our societies. If even dominant men had to submit to women in a female-lead society, then it would mean they are doing it against their will. Isn't that called slavery? Many people have suffered from slavery, so at best it's a personal (or for some kinky) attitude because the man is submissive so he wants to be slave by himslef (so it's not really a slave any more), or at worst it's something that people have to do against their nature, so it would then be real slavery and would lead to fights and people dying again.

This is my personal thought made from my experience in life, my culture, and my personality, but I understand other people think differently and you completely disagree with me. So again I hope I didn't offend anyone. My wife and I are happy like that, but maybe not everyone would. I'm naturally moved by a woman's smile, and my soul is like a conquered land where the strong power of femininity rules, but there are also women I know that I don't like at all. So we shouldn't think that in any other way than from a personal perspective of our own life. Trying to reconstruct the whole society to do the same but with women on top now, it's exciting for submissive men and dominant women, but it isn't a sane social path for humanity.

Anonymous said...

I stand behind the Superior Miss Beckie (or kneel before Her rather). I'm a 21 year old inferior male and I hav happily embraced the truth. males, including me, r created to worship and obey a Womans every command. To Miss Beckie, I thank You and kneel to You for Your Superior knoweledge and guidance. And I definitely support You in teaching Your kids of their rightful place. Thank You again so much for guiding us inferiors.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ms Beckie. i truly believe in all that you said. Women are much more superior in every way. men are bunglers and Women are smart and know how to control situations. hers is to women everywhere and hope they take full control someday soon.

Anonymous said...


To point out what happened is simple, equality in marriage is exceptionally easy. You argue to death, and whomever yells the most wins ;p

To explain, this is a single case study performed by Beckie in which she has the capacity to have manipulated the results into a desirable outcome. The core assertion is that her inability to create an 'equality based household' is indication of it not existing. (Throw in, as noted by others, random statistics without context.)

If we take Beckie's argument to the logical conclusion. "Racial Slavery is Legal."

Pathos, sure. But if men are inferior beings to women, and women assert their dominance over men due to this inferiority, then asserting dominance over other beings that are inferior to oneself is equally legal.

But now the argument forms about how Beckie found a naturally submissive man and how blacks aren't submissive. Well, Stanford County Jail shows how even the most radical inmates (ahem, college students) can be turned into servile beings in only a few days. We have people who are WILLING to be treated as slaves, but does that give us a right to do so?

I started this off explaining that a healthy couple would fight... but understand this, a Master does not "fight" with his slave over who is going to do the field work, a master whips his slave and says IT is going to do the field work.

The act of arguing with someone ACKNOWLEDGES that the other person has a mind, that they are equal to yourself. Why would a man argue with a woman if she was an inferior being incapable of rational thought? Perhaps Beckie really is completely inferior to men; then I am wasting my time iterating this point when I should be beating her with a whip!

But don't we see THAT behavior in households? Intense anger at an inability for a housewife to perform a task... here we can ask, what does Beckie do when verbal lashing is not enough. When a slave shows a reluctance to to obey, what will result.


I'll drop the allegation that Beckie is so horrid as to beat her husband; but will maintain that women cannot be held innocent in the matter. Violence is not a result of 'genetic aggression' but a result of viewing another as inferior to one's self.

It is healthy to argue; it releases emotions that people keep from their significant other due to "socially acceptable honesty" being "not very honest at all." Frustration, anger, these are normal human emotions and they're emotions that BOTH sexes share.

Fight together, and learn to respect one-another; or I guess the Radical Anti-Feminists can perfect human cloning (FIRST) and then release the X-Bomb (FIRST), wiping out all female life. Because having war between the sexes is SOOO much better -__-;

Anonymous said...

We have people who are WILLING to be treated as slaves, but does that give us a right to do so?

I feel it is worth noting that not all women are feminists, and some even are "brainwashed" into the traditional marriage role.

Do I, a man, have the RIGHT to treat such a woman as my slave? Is radical "sharia law" oppression if women feel as if they deserve it, if they offer no resistance? For Beckie's argument to hold, she would have to reject the entirety of feminism.

Society, not inherent superiority, is what grants these "anti-sexism laws" which push for higher female enrollment / wages / most of what is listed. Thus a society that passes "pro-sexism laws" and oppresses women can equally supply "evidence" of female inferiority.

Really, I wouldn't be surprised if things ended up worse than before. You can keep rolling the barrel up the hill, but eventually you're going to meet the cliff. As long as people keep making feminism more and more radical, the opposition to it will increase exponentially and only serve to drive the sexes into warfare.