Excerpts from many positive emails about Worshipping Your Wife:

"Thank you for your contribution to my happiness." 
"Your book has created major positive changes in our 15-year marriage." 
"Great stuff! I believe your ideas will help couples be happier." 
"Easily the best thing I've ever read on this important subject." 
"Mark, my wife and I wanted to let you know what a wonderful thing we've found in your book. We're both anxious to work these ideas into our marriage." 
"My husband makes me feel so loved, beautiful, and--most of all--like a queen. Thank you for your book!"
“Reading Mark’s book gave me the courage to 'confess' to my wife all my dreams. She took it all very well, very well indeed. Things are different now. She's in charge and there have been some major life changes--all for the better.”

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What readers are saying about Worshipping Your Wife 2: Best of the Blog:

"I want to let you know that my lovely and loving wife is now reading your book!"
"I worship my wife, and she wishes more women would read your book."
"I find your presentation of the idea of full commitment to one's wife and putting her will above your own truly beautiful."
"My husband and I love your book and your website and all the comments that are posted."
"I've been voraciously reading your book. I hereby commit to courtly behavior and am confident not only will it be its own reward but that my marriage will return to the heady days when we couldn't keep our hands off each other some 18 years ago."
"My wife is a big fan of Worshiping Your Wife -- one and two. Both books were a big influence on the start of our WLM."

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Tightenz said...

Finally, someone gets it. A happy wife makes a happy life. Kudos to you for helping couples to have a happy relationship!

Mark Remond said...

thanks, Tightenz. I know you're doing your part as well!