Monday, November 23, 2015


While this blog remains on hiatus, I decided to make use of the billboard space to recommend a quartet of my favorite contemporary novels (or novellas) of femdom fiction, some of which I’ve mentioned before. In no particular order:

CRUEL HEAVEN by Molly Sands As the author herself describes the story, “Step by step, body and soul, a young woman enslaves her husband. An erotic romance of sex and marriage, and the irresistible rise of a dominant woman.” Molly Sands is a gifted and skillful storyteller and writer, and this may be the best of her four titles to date—The Devlin Woman, A New Devotion and The Obedient Husband (a continuation of A New Devotion) are the other three. The author’s practice of issuing her books in sections can be confusing, but her avid followers (like me) enjoy the practice, as we are eager to pounce on each new installment hot off the press, just as were the followers of Charles Dickens. Bravo, Molly Sands, and encore, encore!

DANCING BACKWARD by Thomas Lavalle
Just published (November, 2015), this 152-page digital novella, subtitled “An Adventure in Male Submission,” follows the effective formula used by both Molly Sands and Ryan Peterson (see below)—constantly switching POV between submissive male and dominant female. This highlights the psychological aspects of the D/s power differential, which provides much of the energy and excitement of my favorite erotic genre. Lavalle is a wordsmith who sometimes lapses into over-the-top imagery (“…higher up, her opulent breasts, gloriously unhammocked and side-sloping, quivered with her laughter”), but he keeps his story moving forward to an ending that clearly requires a sequel. Nice debut, Thomas.

A delicious femdom fable structured (I kid you not) on the model of O. Henry’s classic Christmas tale, “Gift of the Magi.” And it’s every bit as romantic and sentimental, which is not easily done in a story that includes a chastity tube, corporal punishment and financial domination. All of this is cleverly woven around an exchange of sexy, symbolic gifts over the Twelve Days of Christmas. Ingenious, matrimonially romantic and sizzling hot. How about opus two, Mr. Peterson?

LESSONS ON THE EDGE by William Gaius
Gaius, a writer-friend, is the most serious novelist of this quartet, a keen observer who just happens to write about femdom or female-led relationships. That is not to say that his page-turning tales are not highly erotic, because they are, with compelling and dimensional characters. “Edge” is a coming-of-age tale of intergenerational femdom about a young man who falls under the spell of his mother's friend, the dominant and fascinating, RoseAnne Perez.

Five stars for all four novels!