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Every Sunday afternoon we have a family meeting to discuss behaviour, roles and responsibilities in the family and things like pocket money allowances for the children and for George. There is very little embarrassment for George when his allowance is discussed at the same time as the children’s. This is because the children were much younger when these meetings started, so the discussion of how much pocket money their father is to be allowed for the following week is now seen as completely normal.
We all sit down in the living room while I speak. For the last couple of weeks I have required George to sit on the floor by my feet (see my previous post). My husband has the freedom to speak at these meetings, but only to back up my words with his own reassurances. The children listen and ask questions if they wish further clarification, but generally they accept that what is being asked of them is reasonable. We also review the previous week since our last meeting.
I try to give the girls more responsibility or supervisory roles, and I give my son tasks to improve his behaviour or demeanour. The purpose of these gender-specific assignments is to develop self-confidence in my daughters and for my son to develop a respect for women and female authority. In today’s changing workplace, it is more and more likely that Ben will at some point be working for a female manager. The more prepared he is now, the more comfortable he will be when that situation arises. Many girls grow up not believing in their own abilities and, in consequence, fail to reach their full potential in life. Conversely, boys are naturally more confident, but too often this manifests itself through aggression and conflict.

I have found that the more responsibilities I give to 12-year-old Louise, the more responsibilities she asks for! This is not always the case with Rachel, age 9, whose character is naturally more reserved. It is my hope that Rachel will learn from Louise and come to see the benefits of responsibility as, in return for this, Louise is given more freedoms.

Occasionally silly things will disrupt the Sunday afternoon meeting. A couple of months ago, for instance, Louise and Rachel had a quarrel over a borrowed blouse and hairbrush. These are not issues to be brought up at these meetings! After this squabble, I spoke to both of them quietly and in private and told them that by arguing with one another, they were not setting a good example for their father and brother. I explained to them that if they wanted to take on more responsibilities, especially supervisory roles, they must learn not to argue between themselves. Since that discussion, things are definitely improving between the two girls. Teaching children can sometimes be a very slow process—but what a rewarding one when important lessons are learned!

One of the topics at a recent family meeting was Ben’s tardiness in the mornings. It was causing problems for the rest of the family, delaying his siblings who had to wait for him before setting off to school. Nine-year-old Ben is not as organised as his sisters and could never seem to find the right shoes, socks, shirt or tie, etc., for his school uniform in the morning. This frustrated him, and the rest of family had to put up with his frequent tantrums.

Therefore I decided to put the girls in charge of making sure that Ben would always have the correct clothes for his uniform. I suggested this to the family group, and Rachel’s first comment was “but that’s just more work for us!” I explained that she would not be sorting out Ben’s clothes herself, but supervising him. I went on to say that, in return, Ben could do something to help his sisters. We discussed this for no more than a minute before Louise came up with the answer. She said, “If we supervise Ben to get his clothes ready, could he collect our dirty clothes and take them to the laundry room for us?” This was agreed to by all of us, including Ben, who received a reassuring smile and nod from his father.

After the meeting, the girls and Ben went up to his bedroom. Louise and Rachel spent more than two hours showing Ben how to sort his clothes into different drawers, how to use hangers properly in the wardrobe and where to put his shoes, and so on.

The girls then came up with their own action plan, which is still in use now several weeks after the initial meeting. Louise and Rachel take turns going into Ben’s room the night before a school day and supervising him, while he gathers each item of clothing that he will need the next day. He is instructed to lay them out on his bed to ensure nothing is missed. Once all of the clothes are there, he is told to lay them carefully over the back of his chair before he goes to bed.

In return for the girls’ supervision, Ben now collects their soiled clothes on Wednesdays and Saturdays (these are the designated days on which my husband does the household laundry). Ben will knock on his sisters’ bedroom doors and ask to collect their clothes and take them to the laundry room along with his own.

The outcome of all this is that Ben’s tardiness has now stopped completely. We used to be delayed by him nearly every day before this system was introduced. Now everyone sets off on time in the mornings, and, believe me, this creates a much more harmonious household.

In this way all of my children learn the benefits of female authority. My son learns that taking instructions from girls and doing tasks for them are completely normal things for a boy to do, while my daughters learn that the supervision of boys has benefits (laundry collection in this case) as well as being fun, especially for bossy Louise! Typically, although they were going to take it in turns, it is Louise who is doing far more of Ben’s uniform inspections than Rachel. It is quite obvious to everyone that she enjoys this supervisory role over her brother.

One thing that I would like to mention here is a rule that I implemented quite some time ago. It relates to my experience with my brothers when I was a teenager (see my earlier post). I have relaxed the rule a little for my own family, as I used to give my brothers no warning at all before entering their rooms.

The rule is that my daughters are allowed to enter Ben’s bedroom after a quick knock on the door and announcing themselves as they enter. However, if my son wishes to visit either of his sister’s room, he must always knock and then wait for permission to enter. He is never to enter without permission or supervision.

Implementing this rule had always been in the back of my mind because of my teenage experiences. However, events overtook me a couple of years ago, making me put the rule into place much earlier than I had expected.

At the age of 7, Ben was going through a silly stage. He wanted to play hide and seek with the rest of the family, and always, it seemed, at the most inappropriate times. Even though he was told that no one else was playing, or wanted to, he would hide all over the house, including the girls’ and our bedrooms. He hid in wardrobes, under beds, inside closets, that sort of thing. If he was hiding in his own room, he would not answer a knock on the door. Likewise, if he was called for lunch or dinner or to go out, he would not answer. The whole family had to waste time searching for him. Then, when we were all on the verge of screaming, he would jump out and scare a family member, to his own vast amusement, and end up having a fit of giggles on the floor.

Thankfully, after a few exasperating months, Ben grew out of this phase, but the rule instituted then still stands today. Girls are far more sensible and deserve the extra trust we give them.

In the next post I will continue to write about different aspects of my family life, including Louise’s limited supervision of her father in certain tasks.

End of Part 2
 Ms. Amanda


Anonymous said...

Amanda, thank you for sharing this insight into your family life.

There can be many dynamics involved in allowances and it's interesting that your family discusses this on a weekly basis. Are these discussions primarily one on one between you and the allowance recipients? Or would it be appropriate to include (or elicit) your daughter's opinions and thoughts when deciding upon your son's allowance?

This might be helpful for them to assess how good a job he did at setting out his clothes and collecting their soiled laundry. If he does a good job and isn't wasteful of their time, they could reward him with a larger allowance. If he's difficult or causes them problems, it could reduce his allowance.


(use to sign as just -D but since then another -D showed up and also a -David, so to distinguish myself from them I'm adding the b)

Antwerp said...

It's great that the children are brought up experiencing females in charge of the males of the family- both by example of the father's allowance, and the son working for his sisters in exchange for their guidance.

And notice how much better it all works out! No doubt the girls will grow up as FIRM believers in female authority in the home, and the boys will grow up with willing (and hopefully eager) acceptance.

Thank you, Ms Amanda, for teaching them..... and us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Amanda,

Thanks again for another insightful post.

As much as I support matriarchal families, I sense that your husband is being put in a humiliating position in the family meetings. As the family matriarch, it is certainly up to your discretion what type of allowance your husband receives. But is this something for a family meeting? Even a limited supervisory role of the daughters over their father seems inappropriate to me because he is still their father. As head of the home, you are entitled to make all decisions and you deserve and are entitled to your husband's support in all matters. It is also perfectly appropriate that the daughters should have supervisory roles over their brother so that he will learn proper respect for his sisters and also learn and accept that women are entitled to leadership positions. He must not only accept but internalize matriarchy for his lifetime.

My issue is that your husband is your partner, albeit the junior partner. You are the General and he is the Colonel so to speak. Maybe your daughters can be seen as master sargents and the son as a private.

In my family, I respect all my wife's decisions, and my both of my sons know that she is our family 'leader'. While my wife does not exactly acknowledge this, she knows it and is very assertive. I fully accept that my place is to love, honor, and obey her until death do us part...


Anonymous said...

Responsibility must also be accompanied by being responsible.

It might of been thought a chore to supervise at first by the younger sister but it soon became enjoyable for her along with help with her laundry.

What is important though is that she learns to discharge her authority responsibly. And this is a great opportunity for her to do so.

It will give something for son and father to talk about as a shared experience. Perhaps they can compare how they both do the same duty.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,
I enjoyed hearing about the way you run your family. You make an FLR seem so common sense and uncontroversial. One thing I picked up on was that you had your daughters resolve their disagreements away from the males of the family. This is a wonderful example of female solidarity. So often women compete with each other and pull each other down. But, a matriarchy means that women keep a united front and support each other in the presence of males. In the same vein I noticed how you instructed your husband to speak at family meetings only to support your authority. That too keeps the males of your family thinking that female authority is natural and beneficial for all--which it is. Of course, all this is based on intensive training of your husband, which I'm dying to hear about.


I'm-Hers said...

Thanks so much for sharing snippets from your life and marriage. I love the firmness and thoughtfulness that you have with regard to running your home, parenting your children and loving your husband. It's refreshing and there is a continuous undertone of love that one can feel as they read your words. Thanks. I hope that you realize the value that you have by posting on a blog that is read by so many. I hope you will stick around for many months and continue to be a source for other women of a commonsense approach to a wife led home. Thank you!

Mark Remond said...

I'M HERS - I'm mostly on the sidelines (as a silent cheerleader) these days, but I have to respond to your comment above... with an "Amen!" Especially when you write "there is a continuous undertone of love that one can feel as they read your words." Yes, exactly, so well said! For me, Ms. Amanda personifies Loving Female Authority.

Jenn said...

I agree wholeheartedly some of the above people commenting. You set the right example in the household with love and the discipline many children are lacking nowadays. Thank you for sharing you experiences again Amanda!

Amanda FLR said...

Db – Our family discussions about allowances are indeed done on a one to one basis between the recipient and me. However other family members may make comments. I make the final decision on allowances after reviewing the previous week’s behaviour. At several recent meetings, we have reviewed Ben’s uniform inspections and his laundry collection duties. So far, the girls have been satisfied with Ben’s demeanour during their supervision of him and of his laundry collection service.

If however, the girls had had cause to complain, then it would be discussed at the meeting. Ben would be given the chance to reply, but if I thought that his explanation was not valid, I would withhold some or all of his allowance. George would back up my decision later by having a quite word with Ben away from the meeting.

Antwerp – Thank you. I have found that these meetings are very effective in providing clear boundaries of what is and what is not acceptable. Ben already respects his sisters as well as other females. With our continued loving guidance, this respect will grow.

Lynn – In all of your comments I have sensed a reluctance on your part to fully embrace female authority. George has no such problem with this. He does not in any way feel humiliated by his position in the family or by the fact that his allowance is discussed in front of the children. All of his actions are done to please me. That is what FLR’s are all about!

You have only mentioned your sons and so I presume that you do not have a daughter. If you did, then you would have the same feeling that all fathers have for their daughters. A feeling of overwhelming awe and the need to protect and help them to achieve their full potential. Almost all fathers at some time call their daughters “Princess”. There is a reason for this. The father is subconsciously putting his daughter on her rightful pedestal.
As you will see in my next post, Louise’s limited supervision of her father is not only necessary, but also has much wider benefits.

Femsup – You are absolutely correct. The purpose of these small steps is to gradually introduce my daughters to female authority. As they prove themselves to be more and more responsible, they will be given more and more authority.

George does talk to Ben regularly about having respect for his sisters, his mother and all females.

LS - FLR is common sense! I never argue with the girls in front of Ben. He needs to understand that their authority over him is backed by me. It is my intention to write a future post about my “intensive training” of George from our first meeting up to the blissful female led life we enjoy today. Watch this space .....

I’m Hers & Mark – It is very important to be firm and consistent when teaching children. They will pick up on any disagreement between Mum & Dad and use that chink in the parental armour for their own ends! That is why FLR’s make parenting so much easier, as Dad will always agree with Mum! This is the bedrock for a loving marriage and family life.

Jenn - Thank you. Love and discipline go hand in hand. Love for the children and discipline for the husband! Children need constant guidance from parents. Those children who are not guided lose their way and end up with sad broken lives.

Ms Amanda

My Heart's Desire said...

Ms Amanda,

Thank you for being willing to share these insights into your family life. I love the examples you (and your husband) are setting all your children.

May I urge you to share how you train your husband. I believe many of our wives would value your guidance and may benefit from your methods. As a submissive husband longing for my lady to deepen my submission (we follow the teachings of Ms Rika) and train me to better serve her I can only implore you to reveal all.

You set such a wonderful example and your writing is a jewel to treasure. Please teach us real soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes I expect there are times when your son baulks at doing something and I am sure his father takes him aside and talks to him after you have of course corrected him.

His father will have a wealth of experience and knowledge to pass on in how to be subservient and to
acquiesce. He will show the boy how to give in gracefully and to find joy in giving in.


Amanda FLR said...

My Heart’s Desire – Thank you for your kind words. I am indeed going to write a post or two about training my husband. However before that, I intend to write the third and final part of FEMALE AUTHORITY WITHIN THE FAMILY.

Femsup - You are absolutely correct. Teaching children about female authority requires both parents. It is very important that George backs up my authority and my daughters’ authority by talking to Ben regularly. The sooner parents start teaching their children the better.

From an early age Ben saw that his father would stand whenever I entered the room. Ben would also see George ask for my permission to leave the dinner table. This becomes second nature and Ben simply copies his Dad.

We are lucky because this behaviour is reinforced at Ben’s school where the children stand when a teacher enters the classroom. At lunchtime he sits at a table of 8 to 10 children with a teacher or teaching assistant. If he wishes to leave the table, he must raise his hand, wait to be addressed and then ask permission.

Ms Amanda

Anonymous said...

It is no different to when I was in school and the boys mandate was to take the chairs down from atop the tables for the girls and themselves and to stand whenever a female teacher entered the room.

Perhaps in time they will also see him kiss your hand or foot when he enters or leaves a room.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amanda,

Thanks for your most recent comment. While I embrace and acknowledge the natural superiority of matriarchal relationships, maybe you are right and deep down I still harbor some resistance to a 'total' commitment to my wife's authority. Maybe this has something to do with my wife's reluctance to accept and acknowledge her authority over me. I guess I must keep trying and delve deeper into my acceptance.

Also, you are correct that I have no daughters, just two boys (16 and 13). I try to set a good example with my deference to my wife, but boys will be boys. While my wife certainly asserts more authority and discipline over them, she does not do it in a blatantly matriarchal sense.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Ms. Amanda,

Thank you for sharing of your female-led family experience. You are clearly a keen leader.

While my wife and I have no children, I can still plainly see that, through your conviction in FLR, the decisiveness with which you lead and by the discipline you provide (at least for George), you create a level of familial harmony that most parents never approach. Kudos to you.

While you established the knock-announce-enter rule for Louise and Rachel entering Ben’s bedroom to address the hide & seek behavior, if you don’t mind me asking, what effect do you intend this policy to have on Ben, longer-term? Does your intention differ now as an adult/parent than it did when you established a similar, albeit stricter, protocol with your brothers as a teenager?



Amanda FLR said...

Lynn - Please continue to serve and help your wife. The more you do, the more she will come to expect from you. From little acorns grow mighty oaks!

Alexander - The long term effect of the knock and enter rule will be to show Ben that I am placing more authority with the girls. He will grow up accepting authority from women. As I have previously mentioned, this will help him greatly in the changing work environment. The chances are that he will be working for a female manager at some point in his life.

Ms Amanda

Anonymous said...

Dear Amanda,

Of course I will always continue to serve and obey my wife. This is something that will never change...It's been twelve years now since I first realized that I should always do as she said, and that she was the rightful 'leader' of our family. (We have been married 18 years).

As an aside, I'm currently in the process of adapting her last name. Both of my parents passed away in the last six months, and my family has always been very dysfunctional. I belong to my wife and have always felt closer to her family so this just seems 'right'. I'm not changing it legally or at work, but I'm subscribing to magazines, making dinner reservations, ordering pizza, etc. using my first name and her name as my last name. Over time, I will be using her last name exclusively.

The time just seems right. It helps me to break from my past and also symbolizes my place in a matriarchal home.

Best wishes,


Alex said...

Ms. Amanda,

I would like to ask a few questions that are somewhat related to what you have been posting lately but somewhat not:

1) What do you think about explicitly speaking about Female authority to children and what is a good age to do it? Do you think it's OK to say "What we believe in in this house is that Females should be in authority and boys should serve Girls and our faith is that Females are the Superior (/Dominant) gender?" openly? I don't think this is wrong: I think parents should keep their sexuality to themselves but that being said, I do think parents have the prerrogative to teach their faith to their children and then, only then, let their children accept or reject it.

2) Could you tell us more about how you envision a utopian Matriarchy? Would men be more home-makers than breadwinners? Would there be more soccerdads than soccermoms? Would men even have the right to vote? To hold political office? Should men in your household vote? Why or why not? Do you think men that do work should go for the "traditionally female jobs" like secretaries, kindergarden teachers, etc.? What could you add on to this question? What about religion? Would you envision men sometimes having to be "modest" or being excluded from being rabbis, priests etc. and relegated to secondary places in religious houses of worship with less authority? How about in bed... if I may ask? Should men's duty be more the pleaser than an equal partner? Should men be more the "dated" than the "daters"? Should they be the ones hoping for a blue (or pink) princess in a white horse to rescue them? Should they take their wives names in marriage?

This is a very important question for me because seriously, some of us have back-and-forth issues with Femdom. Sometimes Femdom is only part of our fantasies or our sexuality but sometimes we really would like to see a matriarchy because this is what we believe in and the question is how serious we can get about it.

Thank you Ms. Amanda!!!


Amanda FLR said...

Lynn – Changing your name to that of your wife’s is a wonderful symbol of your recognition of her as leader. George & I married quite young (early twenties) and it was a traditional white wedding, but there was no word “Obey” in the ceremony; I was quite adamant about that! With age comes growing confidence in one’s beliefs and so if I were to marry now; I would have George say the word “Obey” to me and to take my last name.

Alex – I do not necessarily believe in being too overt with the children on female authority. I have said it before, but children do pick up on their parents' behaviour. If you do not want your children to smoke, then do not smoke yourself. If you do not want your son to grow up aggressive and out of control, then take control of his father. The sooner you do all of these things, the better. From the moment they are born, children are learning. Start teaching them your values by your actions. There is no better way!

A Utopian Matriarchy? You are asking if I would like to change the world! Well, wouldn’t we all! Anything can be done given enough people and enough time. Men and women can both do many different jobs. It is just better for all when the women are in charge.

Everyone – I must end on a happy and also a sad theme. I am about to take up a job opportunity in another country. This is going to be an extremely busy time for me and my family, but also with new opportunities. I will have very limited time and therefore I have taken the difficult decision to stop posting on the blog. I am sorry, as I know many people wanted to read more about my family and how I trained my husband. Let me just say one thing about this:

Female authority is not a game to be switched on for a few hours each day or week, during leisure time. It is a lifestyle. Ladies, if you want to control your husband, then you must control him in the domestic situation, in the work situation and yes in the bedroom too..........

Goodbye everyone. I have really enjoyed my short time posting on this blog. Who knows, one day I may continue the story of my life. Thank you.

Ms Amanda

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Amanda,

Thanks very much for your postings. I found them not only compelling, but also insightful and inspiring. Your family is truly a model for our evolving society.

With regards to changing my name, my wife thinks I give it too much importance, saying "It's just a name", but it's important to men in that it symbolizes her leadership in my family's life.

It is so true that female authority is not something that can be turned on and off at will. A true matriarchal family is full-time, 24/7, with the woman always in charge!!! (unless she herself chooses to delegate some authority)

Thanks again for your many insights which have been a true inspiration to me.

I wish you all the success possible in your new endeavors!!! Please keep us updated from time to time.

Warm regards


Mark Remond said...

Ms. Amanda - I join Lynn in publicly wishing you grand success in your new career opportunities, and in thanking you for wonderful and warm insights on female authority in a marriage and family... and, as you know, the door is always open here... I regard this as your blog whenever you wish... Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

I would like to share some thoughts with you about my family:
To put you into the picture, I am 42 years old and my wife is 40. We have 3 children together: the oldest is our 20 year old daughter, and we also have two boys one is 18 years old and one is 17.
In our family it has always been the case where my wife is the head of the household and where her judgment, opinions, and priorities rule. She controls the family finances. All earnings from my main employment are deposited into her account. There is absolutely no need for her to explain anything whatsoever about the family finances to me. She is free to spend as she alone sees fit whether, in her judgment, for the benefit of the family or merely for her own enjoyment. For example, recently she purchased a new car and it was her decision alone.
As such our children were raised in this environment. They are used to this kind of environment and it is only natural for them to see their mother worshipped by me.
I also work a part time job to maintain our family and to lavish my lovely wife with sexy and expensive gifts.However I am still required to justify my expenses to her. Over the years I have regularly bought extremely expensive and sexy gifts for my wife. Some Examples include:
Sapphire and diamond Toe ring ($5,500)
Diamond Necklace ($14,000)
Diamond and Platinum Anklet ($4,000)
Ring (,$5,000)
Sapphire BraceletBracelet ($6,000)

Also, in the past 20 years since our first child was born I have always expressed my obvious submission to my wife in front of my children, for example:
Treating her soles with lotions and creams to keep them soft and sexy;
When watching TV, in the evening, my wife and children sit on the sofa as I sit on the floor near her feet caressing her sexy soles(even if casually);
Doing all house chores, laundry, running errands, and scrubbing the floors while at the same time she goes out shopping sexy outfits or having her hair made up, or out enjoying herself spending my income;
Kneeling before her while putting on the anklet on her ankle, sliding the toe ring in her toe and polishing and putting on her sexy sandals (Italian heels);
Putting the nail polish on her sexy toes etc.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new job Ms Amanda.

Would be nice if you could finish your trilogy before you go though.



My Heart's Desire said...

Hi Amanda,

Congratulations on securing your new job and the move overseas. I can imagine the excitement.

Naturally we your readers will all have our happiness for you tinged with sadness. Yours has been one of the few blogs that are well thought through and constructive. I am particularly saddened as my lady will have to look elsewhere for sound advice on how to train me being new to an FLR.

Mark: Any help in this would be most welcome

Kind regards to you and yours

Jay Seve said...

Thankyou Ms Amanda
And good luck in your new job, it is refreshing how well your bringing your children up in a loving environment , and it teaches your daughters to achieve high positions which they will probably achieve and be natural in a supervisory position and your son will learn to respect Females and will be ready for marriage and work where he will probably be working under a female , I think you have a good balance and by getting your son to do menial tasks for your daughters in return for there supervision empathises as Females they are the authority figures , I also like the fact that your daughters only have to knock quick and enter and be has to wait , your teaching them so well, we have similar rules and any male in our house stands when a Lady enters or leaves a room and the boys always clear up after while the Ladys relax, once again Thankyou Ms Amanda I have enjoyed your blog entry.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Amanda,

Please post a part 3, you have us intrigued. I hope to hear from more Female guests in this blog. Good luck in your new job and new country. What country is it?


Anonymous said...

We all miss this blog's activity!


Anonymous said...

Hello to all,

I would like to ask a few questions and would like to hear your thoughts, especially the Females' thoughts.

Do you think Women should start being more the huntresses in relationships? taking more the active role, dominating, intimidating (in a good way) and making their partners blush at times?

Do -you think women should be allowed to own males for established periods of time with a consensual contract between both parties and some sort of control that insures both parties' safety concerns but with the Female in clear, deliberately unequal control and dominance?

Also, what happened to this blog? Why is everyone so quiet? I can hear the wind and eco here!


BOB said...

Some very interesting posts by Ms Amanda. I hope that she can guest post again someday

I like how this blog is examining the everyday sides of Female Led Relationships. And looking at how Mothers handle the family side of this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your articles. I wanted to ask a question to anyone in a Wife Led Marriage. In what ways did pregnancy affect the relationship? My lover sent me links to Loving Female Authority and to this blog in May, and since we have been practicing a Female Led Relationship. I love it - I love him, how he has changed, and he seems really happy. If we continue the relationship and it turns into marriage I would like to have a family, and he said he would prefer the wife-led family to be part of our family life, similar to how it is portrayed here. This gives me more incentive to continue the relationship, and I wanted to hear from anyone about the feelings of both parties during pregnancy - how did you demonstrate obedience and worship your wife during this time, and how did women show their dominance and guide their men? Also, the chastity requirements seem to conflict with getting pregnant. I find that now my dear is so submissive, I want him all the time.

Mark Remond said...

Anonymous (just above):

I have reposted your comment on the most recent posting in hopes that it will be seen by a wider readership, and responded to. You can look for responses to your provocative comment here:

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
You know, as a new reader and as someone who is considering alternatives, I think this is all wonderful but it would be really great if you could somehow share a video of a "regular day in the life of" video. I think seeing the actual interactions would do a lot to inspire not only me but also many many others who have a need to actually see to understand.
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

any chance we can have Part 3 please? There is a promise for Part 3 but so far there hasn't been such a section.

Anonymous said...

is there part 3 from Ms Amanda?

Mark Remond said...

Anonymous just above: You will note her final comment higher up. And yet, she did leave the door open ever so slightly to the idea of returning. So I have not given up. Like you, I hope for part 3... and more of her ideas beyond.

Anonymous said...

The above picture was taken from the incredibly excellent blog "On Becoming A Surrendered Hubby"

The male is working and has a kit especially for it showing ritual and organisation.

He is being ridden by his daughter who is intent on her fun. That she sees Mummy relaxing whilst daddy works and then to make his job more difficult rests easy on her mind.

I can just here her Mum asking her to desist from interfering with her hubbys work and he saying no its all right dear let her enjoy her play.


Mark Remond said...

Femsup, Thank you for your eloquent comment -- I'm sure Ms. Amanda will relish it, if she reads is -- plus the exemplary photo. But most of all for the link to the Surrendered Hubby blog. I had not known of this wonderful resource, and am enjoying reading through all of his posts -- and learning a lot!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Amanda: What a wonderful post. You seem to be an amazing Woman and you are doing a wonderful job bringing up your children and husband in a Female Led home. My wife and I are just starting our FLR and your posts along with the rest of the Worship Your Wife blog are an inspiration for my Wife and I.
My wife loved your article and we are both hoping for a Part 3.

Mark Remond said...

Tom, as you may note higher up in these comments, Ms. Amanda was forced to forgo further posting on this blog (alas!) due to the demands of relocating her family to the Far East for a high-powered executive post. If you and your wife are interested, I would be happy to email you some additional material on the subject of female-led families. Just let me know @

Anonymous said...

Amanda l would like one day,you will continue a story of your life,waiting for new posts.