Monday, June 3, 2013


(A note from Mark Remond: One of the rewards of doing this blog over the years has been the virtual support group I’ve joined, through comments and emails, of like-minded folks in the Female Led world. One of my favorite “e-migos” is the author of today’s guest blog.
“Sam,” who lives somewhere in the UK, is a sweet soul who was introduced to female authority at a tender age by his sisters; and has, ever since, been hopelessly and blissfully addicted to a life of service to the sex he considers greatly superior. But I’ll let him tell you about his life in a female-ruled world.)

I consider myself a very lucky guy. I have the pleasure and privilege of living with my girlfriend, her sister and their mother. All three women are beautiful, confident, clever, funny, strong, bossy and very, very pro-female. As a “lowly” male (their term), I fit in as house cleaner, cook, handyman, gardener, chauffeur…well, basically anything they decide at any time.

Let’s just say I’m on call—at the tinkle of a bell or a snap of the fingers—24/7.

In just a few weeks all four of us will be jetting off to the beautiful island of Crete. I am looking forward to the sun, the beaches and the Greek cuisine. But, perhaps most of all, I am looking forward to a new sun-drenched setting in which I can serve and obey every wish and whim of my girlfriend and her matriarchal family.

Last year the family vacation was to Turkey, where my subservience to Sarah, my girlfriend, her sister Jennifer and their mother Linda, constituted a full-time and wonderfully fulfilling job.

The public display of male obedience to this trio of superior females began last year right at the airport. While the “girls” (their word) strolled, unencumbered, into the terminal, I gladly struggled, with all four suitcases, to keep up.

Approving glances from women passing by, especially the female airlines staff, and especially the comment, “He’s so well trained,” all pleased me. I was equally pleased by those men I observed pointedly looking away, pretending not to notice and, I believe, hoping their wives and girlfriends wouldn’t see the male being put to good use as a beast of burden by the females.

Linda and her dominant daughters enjoy putting my subservience on display in this way, though on this day they sailed ahead without a backward glance.

The Turkish holiday was fantastic. I took special pride in making the girls’ family getaway even more relaxing than depicted in travel brochures. I fetched and ferried an endless relay of tall, chilled drinks, occasional snacks, and frequently shifted beach parasols to provide the exact amount of shade specified by Sarah and Jen as they relaxed in the sun.

Linda, the grand matriarch, is far less interested in tanning herself. She relaxed in the shade next to the swimming pool. So I went to and fro from beach to poolside, keeping a watchful eye on all three, ready to serve and offer drinks. Linda became friendly with some nearby Russian ladies about her own age. These ladies seemed both impressed and amused by my industrious obedience to Linda and her grown-up daughters.

Although a good deal was no doubt lost in communication (across the language barrier), it was obvious that the Russian ladies approved wholeheartedly of the natural benefits of a male serving and obeying females. Especially when, as a good will gesture on Linda’s part, my services were made available to them. So, for the last few days of the vacation, I found myself shifting sunbeds, parasols, laying out towels and fetching drinks for three Russian ladies as well!

When the sun went down, the ladies’ fun continued. Most evenings Sarah, Jen and Linda liked to venture out male-free, leaving me to ensure that our apartment was spotless and their holiday outfits were ready for the following day. That meant hand-washing towels and clothes; ensuring their shoes and sandals were perfectly clean and the floors sand-free;* and dresses were hanging tidily—all jobs suitable for me, to ensure that the three women who rule my existence would have their ideal and most relaxing holiday.

It suits these lovely women so perfectly, to be relaxing and laughing in the lap of luxury, and never do I feel more fulfilled than when I get to see them doing so and have the privilege of serving them.

*On a future post I may get up the courage to tell you what happened on another family holiday when I failed to keep the floors of the ladies’ beach resort condo sand-free!



Anonymous said...

Thats a nice story. The funny thing is, those guys who looked away in disapproval probably think that Sam was a wimp who was being taken advantage of. In reality, he was happy as can be. It is very rewarding to serve a woman and knowing that your sacrifice is going to make their life better makes you feel better as well. I will admit, there is a level of public humiliation that would be hard for me at first as it would feel odd being rejected by most of the men in society. But the closer personal relationships with the woman would be worth it.


The idea that you were introduced by your sisters and not your mother leads me to believe that you did not come from a matriarch yourself. Is this true? How did you stumble across a girlfriend who also wanted this lifestyle?

- Michael.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you are in a perfect world Sam! Keep serving and keep enjoying. Other women will pick up on what you are doing and will in turn expect more from their own boyfriends and husbands.

Best Regards Amanda

Sam said...

Many thanks Amanda, you are exactly right, as Women always are. All of Sarah, Jen and Linda's friends approve and indeed do demand more servitude form their husbands, boyfriends and sons.

Thank you Michael, I don't find it humiliating as such being publicly displayed as subservient to Women, but rather rewarding as you say. The 'approving' looks and even comments from Women far out-weigh what any men might think. I feel its more a case of the male ego twitching at the sight of Women so totally in control.
I did grow up in a Matriarchal family as my father left home when i was young. My mum and sisters ensured i learnt and lived by their rules.

I met my Sarah in a wine bar many years ago, although it took a while for us to get together it soon became apparent when meeting her mother and sister that there was a certain 'dislike' for men in general, and they had good reason stemming from their, now dead, fathers terrible behavior.
I love Sarah and her family very much but in this house, i am only a man, and i must work hard to stay here.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for clarifying. So in both cases a matriarchal structure was formed as a result of the failure of a father figure (absence or poor behavior). Do you think that each household would have still turned out matriarchal if the father figure had originally been better in his role?

Would you be willing to share the set of rules that your mother and sisters enforced? Are they similar to those of your girlfriends family?

- Michael

Sam said...

Hi Michael, It's very difficult to say just how different things might have been in my and my girlfriend’s family. The fact is our fathers did fail in a huge way, particularly for my girlfriend’s family, which obviously had some bearing on them disliking men. However, Linda and my mother certainly fill the strong, confident, intelligent women category and have for as long as i can remember and so even if our fathers had been 'good' husbands i'm sure they would have found themselves living under Female rule. Maybe that's what they couldn't handle all those years ago...confident Women.

There is no set of rules as such…just to accept that Females are superior to males and to live with this in mind.

It was quite different for me as a boy growing up with my sisters and mother to the 'thirty years later' relationship i have with Sarah and her family now, but i guess the basic Pro-Female view is the same. Respect Females in all ways.

The male ego thing never really got a chance to rear its ugly head, it tried, and I can remember struggling to come to terms with my sisters, and girls in general, being so advanced, always doing better at school and passing far more exams. I couldn't compete, they knew this, enjoyed the fact it bothered me and made the most of it. Who can blame them? And so I became my own sisters ‘gofer’. I tried on occasion to resist, but with mum firmly on ‘the girl’s side’ so to speak, I soon learned that ‘non-compliance’ would earn me a caning and fell in line, to the point of purposely taking the blame and punishment for my sisters wrongdoings, much to their amusement.

I guess its not all that different today with my girlfriend’s family, although they are rather more extreme pro-Female, with good reason. We all know more than ever that Women are innately superior to men, and I work with this in mind.


Obedient husband said...

I imagine that the Russian ladies were in fact both amused with you and impressed with your girlfriend.
My wife is from Ukraine and we have lived both in the U.S. and in Ukraine. I can tell you that the cultural differences are enormous.
In the U.S. and England, I think society is largely accepting of couples who practice FLR.
In Eastern Europe, the macho culture is alive and well.
Even if a man has submissive tendencies, he would never openly submit to a woman.
So, I'm sure you gave them a very positive impression of a "western" man.
While there are aspects of her country and culture that my wife sometimes misses, she does not miss the macho man aspect of that culture. Now that she has gotten comfortable wearing the pants, she pretty much insists on a submissive husband.

Sam said...

Hi Obedient husband, thank you for your reply. The Russian Ladies certainly did seem to take very quickly to giving orders, of course encouraged by my girlfriend and her family making it so obvious I was there to serve them. I believe in the right situation any Woman or Women are ready to take control of sounds like your wife has assumed her rightful place in charge of you, good for her.


Anonymous said...

Please do post the story about what happened when you failed to keep it sand-free! This was a very nice blog post and I'm excited to learn more about your life and the way you serve the important women in your life :).

i am very happy for you that you were able to find such women and that you have the great honor of being allowed to worship and serve them.


Anonymous said...

Can I just say that I congratulate and admire you for your lifestyle. I am a male, 57 years old, and have been married to my Peruvian wife of same age for 30 years. We have managed fine in our what can be described open, democratic marriage with traditional division of roles.
But reading this and I do adore my wife actually more now than 30 years ago. I think Maria would have easily fitted into the matriarchal leader role and I would loved to be her subservient husband. Almost a very erotic thought by itself and I know that area of the relationship would also have been controlled by Maria. Lovely.

Maybe in my next life.


Anonymous said...

Your a lucky lucky man . I love to serve