Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Short Course in Wife Worship by Au876

It was the pink-backdropped website of Real Women Don’t Do Housework that first unveiled for me the magical world of wife worship. And Fumika Misato, the creative genius behind RWDDH, was responsive to my early emails.

But it all remained an enticing dream until my first contact with a man actually living the wife-worship life on a day-to-day basis. That man, the mainstay and unofficial moderator of Misato’s original Husbands Forum, was known simply as Au876.

"Au" initiated topics and impromptu surveys, he posed provocative questions, he provided almost daily candid glimpses into his own wife-led world, and he responded to the frequent questions from the rest of us with unfailing enthusiasm and encouragement.

For several years he did all this, until he vanished into cyberspace. Without his considerable outreach, I believe wife worship would have remained pure fantasy for me, and for many others. Because of him, I knew it was real, and could be real for me, too. As it has become.

I have frequently quoted "Au," but it occurs to me that I might occasionally include some longer-form samples of his unique perspective on his chosen lifestyle.

I begin with an essay, nearly 1,000 words, that appeared more than a decade ago on a website that was called, as I recall, “Aunty Vera’s Females in Control.” It’s long gone, though perhaps retrievable on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. I can’t verify at the moment, as I’m at work and those keywords are blocked!

Now sit back and enjoy a generous helping of Au876:

A Short Course in Wife Worship

A lot of men have written The Forum who are apparently in a vanilla relationship and are asking how they can get their wife to take control. I would like to address that issue.

First of all, if you as a man really want your wife in control, you have already taken the first long step. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Secondly, you must realize most women are not into the fetish part of female domination. It is unrealistic to expect your wife to start spanking you, to wear black leather boots and kick you in the butt if you don't obey her.

But most if not all women love to be pampered, adored, worshipped and listened to. Therefore if you want to taste the sweet fruit of submitting to your wife and having her in control, then pamper, adore, worship and listen to her.

Pamper her by taking over all the household chores. All of them! A Female In Control should never do any housework. Just tell her you have decided you should do all the housework and it is your goal to accomplish this within say three months.

She will probably have to teach you how to do things like the laundry, ironing, menu planning and cooking. But even a man can learn to clean a bathroom till it sparkles, vacuum, mop, dust, pick up messes, sweep, make beds, change sheets and a host of other mundane but necessary chores without supervision. Run her errands (now your errands) to save her the time and stress involved.

She may not believe you, so you will have to work hard to prove you are serious. You may be surprised how quickly she will let go and how eagerly she will teach you what you don't know.

Adore her by your actions and your words. Never miss a chance to tell her how beautiful she is, how smart she is and how much you cherish her. Rub her feet at night. Give her pedicures, fold her nightgown, clean her hair brush (daily), rub her back, tend her bath (for example a simple thing like bringing her a hot towel to dry off with is little trouble and yet very sweet).

When you are in public let your adoration spill over. Treat her like a lady at all times. Open doors for her, stand when she enters a room, don't interrupt her and be quick to tell everyone, anyone how special she is.

Worship her by treating her with the utmost respect, always putting her needs, wants and pleasures above your own and never expecting anything in return. The sheer joy of putting her first is your reward.

This is especially true in the bedroom. Sex should be when, where and how she says and strictly for her pleasure. Become an expert giving her oral sex and be willing to give it at anytime and anyplace. Never, never force yourself upon her or try to penetrate her. If she wants intercourse with you, she will let you know.

Listen to her. Her word is final. If in the past you have argued with her, failed to consult with her or not paid any attention to what she has said, then let the past become a distant memory. From this point forward your wife's word is the law. If she allows you input or seeks your opinion, then give it but otherwise you do as she says. Do it joyfully and with pride.

Don't question her decisions. If they prove to be wrong, never say anything. In fact you should take the blame.

In the few months you have taken to accomplish the above you should have noticed a huge change in your relationship. Your wife is more assertive, more decisive and more confident of your love.

You have probably heard her bragging on you to her friends and, believe me, she has, even if you haven't heard her.

If you haven't already done it, now is the time to turn over all financial control to your wife. Your paycheck should be direct-deposited into her personal checking account.

You may think your wife can't or does not want to handle the money. Odds are you are dead wrong. Once she has the control you will be amazed at her expertise and how this assumption of power will cement her control over you.

Three months after my wife took over she got “tired” of my having to ask her for money. She put me on an allowance. I thought it was way too little but she didn't. She did agree to review it every six months. It is a real taste of submission knowing she can and does spend the money as she sees fit without any input or questions from me while I have to subsist on a small allowance that she allows me.

The Female In Control lifestyle can be yours if you really want it. It may not be the way you want. It may not be sexually rewarding and your wife may not feed your fetishes.

You have to get over the idea it should do those things. Her being in control is exactly what it says it is. You submit to her will, you obey her, you work for and serve her and devote yourself to her with all your heart and soul.

The joy of submitting to her will far exceed your expectations. As she grows used to her new role, she will consolidate her power and probably set forth in some fashion guidelines and principles for you to adhere to. She may even devise ways to punish you. But no matter what she does, you comply, you obey and you take it like a man.
June, 2000