Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Clean Slate

This is really just a postscript to my two-part “Weekend Update” postings. In the November Real Life Stories on Elise Sutton’s site, “Doreen B” writes about the weekly performance review that she administers to her live-in lover, Timothy, 20 years her junior:

“Each week I appraise his efforts for the week just gone by and explain to him where I require improvement or more effort. I then decide whether he deserves punishment (he always does!) and inform him of how many strokes with my strap or cane and/or extra days in his device that I have decided to award him.”

This is standard operating procedure in female led relationships, very much along the lines of those cited in “Weekend Update.” But then “Doreen” cites an additional benefit of these sessions, which I thought merited a mention here:

“…the weekly appraisal has become an important part of our relationship. It lays down the standards I expect and closes off one week and starts a new one with a clean sheet. Timothy says this is particularly important for him, as he feels ‘cleansed’ and forgiven for any mistakes or faults and able to concentrate on getting things right for the coming week.”

This recurring rite-of-passage has the effect of wiping the husband's slate clean, and re-energizing and rededicating him for the coming week’s service to his beloved.

“When I am finished,” she adds, “[Timothy] kneels at my feet and thanks me for correcting him and promises to work even harder for me in the future.”


Anonymous said...

...lucky man!!!

Mark Remond said...

Anonymous, I join you in that envious "ejaculation." Were it so in my marriage. My shortcomings just accumulate, and there seems no mechanism for cleaning the slate or expiating them. Perhaps an occasional confessional would not offend her sensibilities?