Thursday, December 18, 2008

Peace and Contentment

The other day, while paging through my archives of wife-worship postings, I found an exact phrase cropping up again and again. The phrase was “peace and contentment,” and in every instance it was applied to the masculine side of the romantic equation.

Lucky husbands and boyfriends were basically “blissing out,” utterly losing themselves in the “Feminine Mystique,” overwhelmed and enveloped by goddess-like womanhood.

Here is a short and sweet sampling from men and women alike:

“A wife [may punish] her husband, but afterwards she nurtures him, which brings him peace and contentment.” [From Elise Sutton]

“My husband likes being in a constant state of sexual arousal. After I have been sexually satisfied from his body worship and oral servitude, he will lay next to me, exhausted but with the most incredible look of peace and contentment on his face. He is like a helpless puppy dog around me.”

“When a man totally surrenders to his wife, he experiences a sense of peace and contentment that he's never known before. I know because I have experienced it.”

“I can sense and see the anger and frustration leaving my husband’s body when I physically take charge of him, and I see the look of peace and contentment on his face when I am done.”

“Let your wife know that you enjoy her power and the more she exercises it, the more it yields the fruit of peace and contentment for you.”

“I have been transformed into a happy househusband who has found total peace and contentment in my servitude to my Queen. I never thought I could be this happy and often wonder what took me so long get on the right page.”

“When my husband bows before me and worships me as his Queen, and vows to obey me in all things, I feel so powerful and he radiates with peace and contentment. Then I take him in my arms and we both become full of passion.”


Anonymous said...

i think that these observations and experiences describe exactly why i desire my Wife to lead me.

Mark Remond said...

Anonymous, I think this is common to all of us worshipful husbands. It is a happiness, a contentment that nothing else can provide... short of some religious ecstasy. But it's pretty near that, as well. Which is why I worship her.