Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day in the Life, Part 2

“Keeping it going, staying steady and maintaining devotion day after day-- that is the struggle.”
—Eosuchus, author of “Beneath Her Hem,” commenting on the value of a rigorous daily regimen for a wife-worshipping househusband.

Here, for example, is a typical day-in-the as described by my first mentor in this lifestyle, Au876 (from Lady Misato’s original Wife Worship forum):

Yesterday was a typical day. We got up about 6pm. I brought my wife some coffee. While she took over the bathroom I made the bed, ironed the blouse she was wearing to work (she told me to). She went down to read the paper while I had the bathroom. Before I left, I cleaned her hairbrush, wiped down the vanity, her mirror and made sure the bathroom was clean. I served her breakfast and cleaned up. We went to work.

I got home before she did and had dinner on the stove when she came in. She had a glass of wine while I finished dinner. We ate together and talked about our day. After dinner I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. She sat at the table and we continued talking while I did this. We went for a walk. Back from that she took a shower (yes, I brought her a warm towel to dry off with). Then I took a shower, cleaned the bathroom, hung up her clothes and got my pedicure equipment. She watched TV while I gave her a pedicure and rubbed her feet. When we went to bed she allowed me to perform oral sex on her for a goodly period of time. She did not allow me to have sex but said she may in a week or two. It just depends on how I behave. All of this is so routine it hardly seems worthwhile mentioning. It is a beautiful rut to be in.

And, in brief, here is a day in the life of husband John as described by Mistress Kathy of the increasingly popular femdom101 blog:

Saturday is John's primary house-cleaning day. This is the day he cleans house, top to bottom, changes the sheets on our bed, run errands, and washes my car. This used to be his golfing day….

In one of my favorite exchange postings on the old Spouseclub message board (archived on this site), “Mr. Lynda” and “Mr. Lisa” compare their days, sounding like a pair of 1950s housewives swapping recipes and household tips:

MR. LYNDA: How does my typical day compare with your typical day? I am up quite earlier than Lynda. I prepare the coffee and do whatever baking is needed for the morning. (I have a batter prepared for muffins. If a muffin is what Lynda wants, I will finish the preparation and bake several muffins for us.) If not, I shower and shave. I finish preparing breakfast. Most of the time, it is toast, fruit plate, yogurt. Sometimes I prepare an eggbake of some kind or fix eggs, etc. I bring her coffee in bed. Sometimes I make her morning coffee more erotic by serving her on my knees and kissing her feet and legs while she has her coffee. I make sure that her clothes are pressed. (This is difficult for me. I am going to have to take classes in ironing.)

She comes to the breakfast table and we have breakfast together. After she leaves, I do the dishes and prepare to leave for my work. (At the present time, work is a class for lifeguards. I will be working at the pool this summer.)
I arrive home at about 4:15 p.m. and begin to prepare for supper. (Sometimes I prepare a supper as chosen by Lynda. Sometimes I have to prepare it using my own thought… Lynda does not always have the time to make these decisions.

I begin to prepare supper. I take a quick shower and change into clothes for the evening. I get the table ready and finish supper. Lynda arrives home at about 5:45 p.m. I meet her at the door with the newspaper and a cold drink. She lounges while I do the last minute preparations. She may go upstairs and take a quick shower or bath to relax. I serve supper and sit down with her. After we have eaten, she goes into the living room, den, or
library while I clean up… She is not expected to lift a finger. I bring in a plate of cookies, some coffee, tea, or Perrier and we spend some time in conversation. (Sometimes, she was work to continue. I find something else to do. However, I am always on call.)

We have decided to wait until we are married until we have intercourse. However, she may want me to go down on her while she relaxes. Before bed, we may go for a walk or I may spend some further time pleasing her. She goes to bed first, and I straighten up the living area. I go up to the bedroom. We may have a little more fun. Sometimes, she has me do a striptease for her. We are ready for another day.

MR. LISA: My typical day is much like yours. I get up first, make coffee, sit down and have a cup while reading the paper. Lisa gets up, I get her coffee, then I get her breakfast which is usually just cereal or fruit. As she eats her breakfast, I make sure she has towels for her shower, and that she has all of her hair and body care products ready. As she showers, I get her clothes ready, making sure they are pressed (you will get the hang of ironing, it’s not hard). I lay her clothes on the bed. As she is a fanatic about shoes, I also usually shine the pair she has selected for the day, if they need it. As she dresses, I clean up the kitchen, she gives me a list of errands she needs done (she usually writes them out for me so I don’t forget) and she leaves for work.

My day then consists of typical househusband duties, cleaning, laundry, ironing, grocery shopping, cooking, and running Lisa's errands. Typical errands include shopping for any items she may need, getting her car washed, picking up her dry cleaning, etc. As far as meals, since I know what Lisa likes, I plan all of the meals…

When Lisa gets home, I serve her dinner, we eat and talk. Lisa and I constantly communicate with each other, and if there is a problem she will listen to my side. She has the final decision, but she does not ignore my input. After dinner I clean up while Lisa relaxes with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. She is usually on the phone for a while taking care of business.

Since she has so little time, I take care of a lot of her personal needs such as manicures, pedicures, and facials, and as I said I’ve attended schools to learn these things. Manicures are usually once a
week, same for pedicures, although I also usually do a polish change for her in between. I give her various massages to relax her, I've also learned facials and other skin care. All of these things give us a lot of time to talk and communicate. As Lynda advances in her career, you will find that you will be doing more and more for her, simply because she just will not have the time. But then again, that's what househusbands are for.

Some readers may be skeptical that such letters are real. What self-respecting male would submit himself to such a humiliating regimen, day after day? But if you seek out such testimonials, you’ll discover that these husbands are amply rewarded for their domestic devotion to their wives, with large measures of joy and fulfillment and, yes, even erotic thrills. A case in point:

MISTRESS LAURA'S BOY: A typical day these days for us goes like this: I wake up around 5:30 AM, slipping out of bed as noiselessly as possible so that Mistress can remain asleep. Next, I exercise. Every weekday, I do weights followed by varying intensities on the treadmill or elliptical; on the weekends I skip the weights and go for a longer and less intense cardio session (sometimes a run, sometimes a long walk, other times I bike).

After this, I take a quick rinse, dry off, then start making breakfast for Mistress Laura. Most of the time, it's something warm (eggs, hash browns, etc). She usually tells me what she wants the night before. When breakfast is ready, I go back to the bedroom and put the plates on the side table and kneel on the floor by the side of the bed. Slowly and gently, I massage Mistress's feet till she wakes up and I serve her breakfast. While she is eating, we chat. I am usually kneeling or sitting on the floor and she is dressed in her nightgown, sitting on the bed. More often than not, my head swims in a mixture of adoration and lust.

When she is finished with breakfast, she moves into her office and I ma
ke the bed. Sometimes I vacuum the bedroom (it only takes a few minutes). I clean up the dishes and clean up the breakfast mess in the kitchen…

When I get home [after work], more often than not Mistress is still working. I go around the house and do a little bit of cleaning, a bit of laundry, and start cooking dinner. Mistress arrives home to find the dinner that she wanted ready, the plates set, and her drink set up exactly where she wants it. We greet each other and she lets me sit while we eat and talk.

After dinner, I clean up. Sometimes she sits at the kitchen table and watches and teases me while I clean dishes (I love that!); at other times, she goes back into her office and I go and kneel by her when I am done with cleanup. Later in the evening, Mistress likes to watch TV. I sit at her feet while she sits in the comfortable easychair…

When we are done with the TV, Mistress sends me ahead to turn down the bed and kneel by the side of the bed, waiting for her. It's usually a bit before midnight at this time. She sits at the edge of the bed and we do our usual ritual: I kiss her feet, then I massage them, putting hand-lotion on her feet. Sometimes she has me give her a backrub till she falls asleep… Sometimes (not often enough for my tastes!) she has me lick and kiss her and give her an orgasm.

This late night ritual only very rarely ends in sexual release for me, but I am ecstatically happy whenever I get to give her pleasure… When femaleness fills the air, watch out, for good things are about to happen!

And what of the wives? Do they remain austere, aloof and demanding throughout? Not hardly. An alternate acronym for FLR is LFA, remember; and a typical loving, female authoritarian is likely to take vast pride in her husband’s domestic devotion, as in this wife’s note to Elise Sutton:

A typical day for him starts at around 6 a.m. as gets his early chores done and then at whatever time I have indicated he wakes me with breakfast of toast fruit and coffee in bed. Whilst I am eating breakfast, he prepares the shower and ensures there is a warm towel waiting. He lays out the clothes I have indicated I’m wearing for the day and then goes to get my car out and to check that everything is tidy for me. When I am ready, he serves me more coffee downstairs and I run through any errands, phone calls or extra chores that I require for the day while he takes notes.

While I am away working, shopping or meeting with friends he spends the day cleaning, washing, ironing and household-shopping, making sure that everything is sparkling for when I return. He has a routine now for making sure that the house is properly cleaned from top to bottom every week and that things are checked and ‘topped up’ every day. When I come home he has coffee or a glass of wine waiting, depending on the time. In the evenings, while I read, listen to music or watch TV, he cooks my evening meal and then bustles around waiting on me and ensuring I have everything I need.
And, because she says it better than I could, let me conclude by quoting Elise Sutton’s reply to another husband’s day-in-the-life testimonial:

A typical day will present a man with scores of opportunities to make a woman’s life better. It all comes down to awareness and focus. Where is the male’s mind? Is it on his hobbies? Is it on his own selfish needs and desires? Or is it attuned to the woman he serves and is it focused on meeting her needs?

I am sure the feeling you felt as your wife drove away warm and dry could not be matched with any kind of selfish pursuit. You made her day and, in the process, you made your day. Keep it up and God bless.

End, Part 2


Anonymous said...

Since this post concentrated on a typical day in the life I just have a quick question regarding the occasional break from the day to day. We will be going out with a group of friends in two weeks to a few bars ect. As I am fairly new to this lifestyle I sometimes forget that these are great opportunities to emphasize our roles in the relationship. Does anyone have any tips or behavior ques that I can use while out.

Mark Remond said...

Anonymous, Maybe it's the time of year, but the last couple posts haven't created many ripples. However, yours is an excellent question and, I think, would make an excellent topic for a posting... which I promise to tackle next.

In the meantime, maybe some folks will weigh in with answers. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response Mark.
I think I asked the question because I have run into a few of these situations where the next day I had regrets for not taking advantage of the situation. I am fairly new to acknowledging my new relationship but I have noticed that when we have the rare luck that we get to go out for a night with friends that I tend to slip into some old habits - I forget to make consciencious efforts to remind myself of our rules. I'll try to give a quick update if I have any success this weekend.

BOB said...

MR Remond
Thank you for those two posts. In my opinion, they were two of your best. Its always great to read about AU876's experiences .

One thing that i notice about all of the husbands that you qoute, is that they enjoy serving thier wives.I think that this is an important point. Many commenters at FLR blogs complain that they tried "Stealth Submission"[ a term that i never have liked ] and that it didnt work.And that there fore a Female Led Marriage isnt possible except in fantasy

I hate to criticise anyone.But what these men are basicly saying is that they tried doing the housework and laundry, but that thier wives still refused to dress up in fetish gear and whip them. I hate to sound judgemental, but these men arent any different from guys that will reluctantly mow the lawn in order to get sex later that night.

Instead of enjoying the act of pleasing thier wives, these men seem angry that thier wives wont reward them for doing the housework, by engaging in BSDM.

Ive nothing against fantasies involving S&M,ect.But i think these guys are missing the point.Instead of taking pride and pleasure in making thier wive's life easier and more pleasant, they just look at doing houseowrk as a means to an end. The "end" being thier own gratification.And when thier wives wont cater to thier fantasies, the men get angry and assume that an FLR isnt possible. Ive met many women in my life.And dated a few.And ive yet to meet a woman that didnt want her husband/boyfriend to do housework[she just might not to have to dress up in fetish gear and whip him while he does it in a maids uniform. Thats probably more time consuming and tiring then her doing the housework herself]. Nor have i met a woman that didnt like to get her way. But even the most dominant woman likes to get ideas and feedback from thier husband. When i go to a movie with a girlfriend, i always let them choose which movie.But if they asked my opinion of what we should see, i gave it.Too many submissive men get upset and demand that the wife make ALL of the decisions.Its topping from the bottom at its worst.

I dont mean to be judgemental towards others. I just get frustrated when commenters claim that a FLR isnt possible.I have to wonder what planet they are living on. Wife Led Marriages have existed for Centuries.

Thank you for posting stories about real life husbands [like yourself] who live in real life FLRs

BOB said...

Mr Remond
I myself am not married.So i cant give too much advice to "Anonymous. But i would say this. I think that in any kind of relationship[be it FLR or otherwise] one should just do what comes naturally. Imentioned a few experiences that i have seen or been involved in , in previous comments here.Like the Women's networking event that i helped my friend cater.It was a perfectly normal affair.We quietly served drinks and food to his wife and her female guests.Yes, it would have been more arousing for me if the women had stripped us naked and fondled us while we served them.But thats the difference between fantasy and reality.

The reality was that we served the women fully clothed.And the reality was that the women didnt pay much attention to us.The event was about THEM. Not us. If a man is at a dinner party and offers to help clean up & do the dishes, no one is going to think that strange nowdays.Even if he asks the other husbands to give him a hand so that the wives can relax.In fact, he will be doing the other husbands a favor by earning them "brownie Points" with thier wives.
I think its possible to make a wife led marrige "public". But like any relationship, some things should remain in the bedroom. Just as most couples wouldnt publicly brag about thier oral sex that they had the night before, one probably shouldnt start a conversation at a neighborhood barbacue by saying "You wont believe what my wife stuck up my ass last night". Thats "TMI". But i think that there are dozens of ways that ahusband can openly serve his wife.And not just by doing housework,ect. Basiscly the best way in my opinion is for the husband to be a nice person for the wife to be around[and its scary how many men dont do that]. In my opinion, the key to a happy FLR is the same key to a happy relationship of any kind.

Most husbands that i know do most of the housework and generally let thier wives make the decisions.They arent pushovers.And reserve the right to object to her decisions.But they learned a long time ago not to pick useless fights with thier wives.And they learned that doing the housework was a relativly easy way to please thier wives. The husbands that i know probably dont know what the term "FLR" even stands for.And they would cringe at the term "Femdom".But for all intents and purposes, they arein a Female Led Relationship