Sunday, June 22, 2014


My Wife considers personal service as one of the four tenets of a Female Led Relationship, the others being domestic service, obedience, and atonement. What is personal service? Looking after the needs of one's Wife, pampering Her, serving Her; it's an obvious form of adoration, of worship. Housework is not personal service, although it is often conducted in parallel to it.

In our home personal service has rules and rituals, rooted in the tradition of Nancy's family. A student of social history, Nancy's mother has patterned personal service after the servants of the Golden Age of opulence, the Edwardian period. In the Edwardian home the Ladies of the house would manage and be tended to by maids, butlers, chauffeurs, and ladies in waiting. In our home the Women have only me, so i assume all these roles with all the protocol they entail. Personal service entails my serving the Women, driving them, greeting their Guests, and, in the case of my Wife, managing Her wardrobe. There are rules and rituals around personal service, and, of course, there is a need for unquestioning obedience and flawless adherence to proper protocol.

So, what does a progressive gentleman do all day? Well, i'm a homemaker – it's what i tell anyone who asks – but i also work outside the home at a professional occupation. Having to balance both work and housekeeping, i have to be organized and efficient. The Ladies won't do housework – out of the question – but they have arranged jobs and training for me that have made me more efficient. It's a lot of work – a seven-day-a week job to be sure – but it's very rewarding and gives real purpose to my life. On-weekdays the evenings are the busiest part of my day; i arrive home at 3:30 every day and for at least the next six hours will look after Nancy and her Mother, Sue, and undertake a regimen of housework.

On a typical day i arrive home and have ten minutes to change and present myself to Sue ready to serve; there's a lot to do and ten minutes isn't a lot of time. First, men aren't allowed to wear shoes in the house so i have to remove my shoes before entering and put them away. My business attire and briefcase have to be disposed of accordingly; clothes in the closet or laundry, briefcase put away – there's no time for outside work! Then I get into a pair of khakis and a shirt and head for the kitchen where I find the apron that Sue has hung for me to wear. I choose a coordinating pair of black ballet slippers and then put on the satin apron, squaring it away. I prepare a gin and tonic for Sue; this initial drink is always my choice, but it's wise for me to vary the drinks and be mindful of Her preferences. i place it on my tray along with cigarettes, ashtrays, linen napkins, and a bell, and it's off to present myself to Sue. Everything (!) is served from a tray!

Sue is at our pool reading and enjoying some bikini time; despite Her age, She wears a bikini well. I genuflect before the Matriarch of our family and place the bell and the drink on the table in front of Her. She declines a cigarette and criticizes my being slow. Aside from asking what went on in the office – my daily debriefing – and letting me know what She’s started for dinner, She says little. I'm a servant here, and She never lets me forget that. i stoop and bow as i leave, headed for the kitchen and then to check on dinner and set the table.

It's my responsibility to set the table. i select the china, flatware and linen and add an appropriate centerpiece and place candles. As i'm checking on dinner i hear Sue's bell and respond to Her. She informs me that Nancy is on Her way home and is going clubbing; Sue will be joined by Her friend Betty for dinner. I check my journal to refresh myself as to Betty's preferences so that i may properly server Her. Dinner is cooking, the table is set, and Nancy has yet to
arrive home, so i grab my cleaning caddy, feather duster, and vacuum and busy myself cleaning the living room. i pick up glasses, change the ashtrays, place new matchbooks, refill the candy dish, spot clean a carpet stain, inspect around and under the sofa cushions, rearrange the decorative pillows, and send my feather duster flying around the furniture, making sure not to miss anything since anything less than perfection just isn't tolerated. I think back to Nancy's Grandmother, Joan, my demanding trainer, who always told me that She loved “seeing the feather duster fly!”

Nancy has arrived, so I run to greet my Queen in the garage. I'm excited to see Her but She's indifferent, obviously preoccupied with the evening She's planned. “Get my bag,” She commands. “Yes, Dear,” i respond. “Don't give me that Dear shit,” She says. “Yes, Ma'am,” i respond as I follow my rushed Queen into the house. She kicks off Her heels, ordering me to “pick them up!” and heads out to speak with Her Mother. i check on dinner while They talk. Nancy reappears and tossing Her jacket on a chair, orders me to, “pick that up!” I follow Her upstairs where She steps out of Her skirt, throwing it on the bed while ordering me to pick it up too – She doesn't have to remind me but She does; it loudly clarifies our relative roles. Wearing only pantyhose and a bra She enters Her closet looking for something to wear but doesn't have the patience, so She orders me to pick something out as She heads for the shower. Taking off Her pantyhose She throws them at me, ordering me to “check these, I think they have a run.” I've laid out a little black dress and matching high-heeled sandals. Nancy is not happy with my selection. “I'm not going to a convent!” She
yells, throwing the dress and shoes. She emerges from the closet with a red club dress, 3" platform sandals, and a pair of red thong panties. Nancy's obviously rushed. i ask if She'd like a drink. “Gin and tonic,” She says, adding, “It should have already been here.” i get her the drink and check on dinner. Nancy does Her make-up and selects Her jewelry, filigree earrings, an assortment of rings, and a necklace. The doorbell rings; i'm expecting Betty but it's Nancy's Girlfriend; they'll be clubbing together this evening. Both Women are absolutely stunning in their club-wear.

With Nancy gone, i again check on Sue and do some cleaning. Sue's gone to Her suite to change for dinner. There's also ironing to do, so i set up the ironing board, looking forward to this most enjoyable chore – i love to iron! The doorbell rings, it's Betty. i greet Her, take Her wrap, and tell Her how happy i am to see Her. From my journal i know She loves knitting, so I ask Her what project She's now doing. She inquires so i tell Her about my own meager attempts at needlecraft. i invite Her to be seated – "Will Madame like to be seated?" i inquire. She loves the treatment i give Her probably because She gets too little of it at home; we're trying to change that though.

i seat Sue and Betty at the dining room table and get Betty a Manhattan, a drink i know She likes. i serve dinner, remaining on call listening for the bell, but periodically
checking on the Women. i'll eat after the Women are settled with desserts and after-dinner drinks; i never eat with guests unless specifically invited and that is infrequent. Once dinner is done, i take the Women's drinks on my tray and seat them in the living room. i serve desserts and return to clean up after dinner, periodically checking but always listening for the bell indicating that the Women need something. It rings twice, once for a refill of coffee and another time when Betty wants a cigarette lit – responding is my pleasure and i tell Betty so. She's not used to being served and likes to visit just to experience my service – flattering indeed but something She should be getting at home, too.

With the Women settled, i tend to Sue's suite – a Mother-in-law suite that Nancy and Sue added to our home when the Women decided Sue would move in with us. i clean, dust, vacuum, clean the toilet and shower, and pick up clothing and shoes, change the bed linens. my work as a housekeeper at the hotel has taught me some professional secrets that really come in handy in my daily work. i turn down Sue's bed, leave the lamp on, place Her romance novel within reach, and leave a nightcap for Her enjoyment. i select a peignoir with matching Malibu slippers for Her; She's given me the privilege of doing so this evening.

A car pulls up outside; it's Betty's ride. i get Her wrap and escort Her to the car. In the short time it takes to help Betty, Sue has gone to Her suite, leaving me to focus on housework. i'm going to be busy for the next hour, which will cut into my personal time, but i realize it's not personal time unless all the work is done. i busy myself with redoing the living room, packing the dishwaing toilets. i return upstairs to take care of Nancy's jacket and skirt; i steam clean both items and fix a button on Her jacket before hanging them in Her closet ready for Her to wear again. i discard Her pantyhose, the runner She mentioned being very obvious. i inspect and clean Her shoes, returning them to Her closet ready for Her to wear again. i'd like to take some personal time but can't resist doing the ironing; ironing is as relaxing as knitting. As i iron, Sue comes in wearing the peignoir i selected earlier – She is a devastating Woman; for a brief moment i envy Her boyfriends. She surprises me by bringing me a drink! Indeed a privilege and we talk as i finish the ironing. When the
ironing is done, Sue lights up a cigarette and offers me one – i'm greatly appreciative of Her gesture and tell Her so repeatedly as i enjoy each draw on the 120 mm menthol cigarette She's given me. She laughs, promising me, “tomorrow I'll make up for it by being a real Bitch.” And tomorrow will tell that She will, but i enjoy the moment and tomorrow will love Her just the same...

Nancy's still out clubbing and will be for another hour – She has a tough job and needs to relax. i shower, lay out my clothes for the next day as well as a business suit and shoes for Nancy and then retire for the night; another satisfying day in the life of a progressive gentleman who's life is centered on two demanding but deserving Women. It starts again tomorrow at 6:00 AM



pantyhoseslave said...

Fantastic post dennis.. you are indeed one lucky man!

i LOVE that Ms. Nancy wears pantyhose daily :)

Anonymous said...

Whatever people think dennis inspires and reminds us how much more we can do for our Ladies.

Thank you dennis.


PS Does anyone have any tips for removing a scuff from pink leather shoes?

Anonymous said...

I too have had to learn that even though I am doing something already it matters not that She gives me the order to do it whilst I am doing it.


Anonymous said...

A very inspiring post...

I love that you wear ballet slippers in the home!!!


Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to uxorious above:

"Just to clarify, ballet slippers of the kind found in any Women's accessories department are very practical and comfortable footwear for quickly and comfortably moving around on well polished wood and tile floors..."


Obedient husband said...

If the relationship works for everybody involved, then I guess it's fine.
However, it's sounds abusive to me.... but if it works......

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Dennis
I respect your ability to maintain the proper attitude.

You are providing pleasure and service to some dominant ladies and that makes you a fine fellow.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate a good fantasy as much as the next person but why not fantasize about serving women who are actually worthy of being worshipped?

The females in this continuing novella are nothing more than narcissistic harpies who don't possess any of the feminine qualities which make women the "superior" sex. They're not kind, nurturing, intuitive, thoughtful, or loving. And what "superior" person smokes nowadays?

It is disturbing to think that these are the kind of women men fantasize about worshipping. Sadly, it explains why most FLR relationships never get off the ground while many that do manage to take flight end up crashing smd burning.

Surrendered Husband said...


I say 'if it is fantasy' then why not have the fantasy go all the way?

I think it's beautiful - please continue...

Obedient husband said...

Let's assume that Dennis' accounts reflect reality and are indeed nonfiction, as I believe. This means that Dennis is a "natural born" submissive and both he and the women in his life are rather fortunate to have found each other.

Most of us submissive natured males are not that fortunate. Most of us have either lacked the courage to completely and openly submit or, if we have, harbor some degree of disappoint in the degree to which our wives will accept our submission and provide the leadership (or domination) that we crave.

Perhaps when we criticize Dennis' posts, we do so because his reality is not perfectly aligning with what we desire for ourselves.

I wouldn't want to trade places with Dennis because there are certain aspects of his situation that I simply wouldn't want for myself. There are however, certain things of which I am envious.

My wife is clearly the dominant spouse, clearly wearing the pants in the family, and clearly has a husband who is comfortable and happy on his knees at her feet. I'm very fortunate and very happy to be her boy. She is, however, unwilling to be verbally disrespectful or abusive although sometimes I wish she would be. I expect that, in the long haul, she is wise in respecting her own self imposed boundaries. We males can indulge ourselves in some pretty unhealthy fantasies. Most women, I think, are better at recognizing boundaries not to be crossed and those boundaries can be different for different people.

I really don't think any of us have any business criticizing Dennis or his wife. They seem to know who they are and what they want. Their boundaries are a bit beyond what most of us will experience.
I'm happy for them and wish them a long and happy life.
I'm also profoundly grateful for my wife.

Mark Remond said...

Obedient Husband, eloquently, and elegantly, stated.

Anonymous said...

Well said that man.


Anonymous said...

Actually this blog is rather restrained compared to some. There are no accounts of physical discipline (except for maybe the mild slapping of the calves by Joan in a prior entry) and certainly nothing to imply intimate relations between Dennis and his Mother-in-law. Dennis's routine is not so disimilar from that of a young wife who lived with her husband and father in law in nineteenth or early twentieth century America.

Anonymous said...

The above comment was by lawslave. Sorry about that, I know Mark does not want anonymous comments.

pantyhose slave said...

hey Dennis: can you PLEASE provide the next segment in the meeting/serving of Katherine? Love to find how She influenced you.. GREAT posts Dennis-- Nancy and Her Mom are the BOMB:)

clive said...

agreat post, but what do you mean by atonement?

Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to pantyhose slave:
There were two segments on Katherine posted. Short of my seeing her again sometime there really isn't another segment... She was a wonderful Woman to work for while i was in college and She remains a friend with Whom i regularly correspond.


Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to Obedient Husband:

We have been in our relationship for a long time and so have moved a long way. Additionally we had the benefit of Nancy's family being a role model for the lifestyle since FLRs were the norm. In our relationship Nancy enjoys exercising power and looks for more ways to do so; i'm Her opposite; i look for things to do for Her. Indeed many of the things i do for Her on a daily basis are things i've started doing, not things that She's initiated. It's an evolving process; we're further along now than we were 10 years ago but the future is tantalizing because we are not as far now and we will be then...


Mark Remond said...

dennis resonds to Anonymous above ("Actually this blog is rather restrained...")

Physical discipline is not necessarily a characteristic of an FLR. There is a dynamic in play where many men are so fearful of displeasing their Wives or of receiving Her chastisement that this is all that is needed to keep them in line - this is spoken from first hand experience.


Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to clive on "Atonement" which Nancy has previously defined as one of the four pillars of a strong Female Led Relationship:

The dictionary definitions says it all, "Amends or reparation made for an injury or wrong". Atonement can be something internal to a relationship or it can be in a broader context such as men atoning for the wrongs of patriarchy by supporting and deferring to Women in their careers, households, etc. This is really a pretty broad topic that can embrace a lot of things like equal pay for equal work, shattering the glass ceiling for Women in the workforce, deferring to Women at home, and so on... May be a good discussion in the future.


Mark Remond said...

dennis resonds to pantyhose slave's other comment:

Just to clarify, Nancy dresses as She does because She sees business attire as enhancing Her authority at work. She is definately NOT dressing to please or impress anyone other that Herself. The right clothes say a lot and She knows it; this applies to how men dress as well.


Surrendered Husband said...

Thank you Mark.

I enjoy reading the stories of your service and obedience to your female betters.

Please do continue.

I really don't understand why anyone would complain.

I think the entries are beautiful.
Perhaps you should no longer allow anonymous commenting...

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

nice post.

Mr. Concerned said...

Dennis said,..."men atoning for the wrongs of patriarchy by supporting and deferring to Women in their careers, households, etc. This is really a pretty broad topic that can embrace a lot of things like equal pay for equal work, shattering the glass ceiling for Women in the workforce, deferring to Women at home, and so on... May be a good discussion in the future."

I would relish that discussion. Let's do it! There are many myths to be shattered.

Atoning for patriarchy...what a load of B.S. Female supremacists don't get this, but please, try to follow me. The men of "The Patriarchy," you know, the ones that oppressed women? They're all dead. Society has moved on. You should too.

There's nothing to atone for. Modern women have not been oppressed. In fact, the red carpet is being rolled out at their feet. Modern men did not oppress women. They weren't even alive at the time.

You have a funny definition of atonement.

pantyhose slave said...

Thank you dennis for the responses. One other question that has intrigued me.. ? Do you have any contact/relationship with the other male slaves/servants in Nancy's family? i.e. perhaps Her Sister, Cousins, etc.? i'd be curious to learn of that dynamic..

Please keep posted about Y/your daily lives, it is incredibly fascinating and i LOVE reading everything you write (TBH: i like it more when Nancy takes the time to personally write something Herself:) no offense intended :)

pantyhose slave

Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to pantyhose slave just above:
We know a number of other couples and family members who are in similar situations, that is, Female-led relationships. Many of us have been together for over 25vyears and have driven our relationships beyond what we ever thought possible but not as far as we will eventually go - the latter is the exciting thing. We have a dynamic situation where new rules and rituals are developed, shared, and adopted. Many of these come from the Women's response to situations but the vast majority are originated by the men. There is a tremendous satisfaction that comes from serving the Women, looking after their needs and being of service. It is a satisfying lifestyle for everyone involved - unfortunately many don't understand this. incidentally we NEVER use the term 'slave'. We are not slaves or Mistresses for that matter but rather respected practitioners of a satisfying lifestyle.

Nancy hasn't written for this blog for well over a year and is unlikely to do so again. Nancy and i are involved in a variety of Feminist activities and She believes that Her - and my - time is better spent thinking globally and acting locally; that is, volunteering and the like, as opposed to writing a blog. Nevertheless, i have Her permission to write so long as it doesn't interfere with my responsibilities.


Mark Remond said...

dennis responds briefly to Mr. Concerned:
Women have yet to achieve parity by any measure but are catching up because they are availing themselves to educational opportunities and gaining the skills to command well-paying jobs in government and industry largely at the expense of unqualified men who got there because of the male-centric ways of the past...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Concerned
Thank you for bringing up atonement as a discussion point.
Yes, the men of the Patriarchy of the past are dead, but we as sons of the Patriarchy have inherited their legacy and I for one am more than willing to atone for the mistakes of the past by offering both service and apology to my wife. It just seems very reasonable to atone for such past mistakes, but never mind the past just look at today.
You write Society has moved on. Yes, it has, but it seems large parts of society are certainly moving in the wrong direction:
Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States, more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined. ("Violence Against Women, A Majority Staff Report," Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, 102nd Congress, October 1992, p.3.)
With reference to your comment:
There's nothing to atone for. Modern women have not been oppressed. In fact, the red carpet is being rolled out at their feet. Modern men did not oppress women. They weren't even alive at the time.
A quick search on the Internet will reveal a different picture. Of course in many ways the lot of many young women is considerably better than earlier generations, but modern women are still very much oppressed by men, as shown by these figures taken from Wikipedia.
Dating violence is often a precursor to domestic violence. 22% of high school girls and 32% of college women experienced dating violence in a 2000 study. 20.6% of women experienced two or more types of dating violence and 8.3% of women experienced rape, stalking or physical aggression while dating.
• 1 in 33 men and 1 in 6 women have experienced an attempted or completed rape against a partner. More than one in three American Indian and Alaska Native women will be raped in their lifetimes.[49][52]
• A 2013 CDC study stated that 28% of straight women who had been raped experienced their first rape as a child, with the crime taking place between the ages of 11 and 17.
In addition please check out the following link, which makes for very chilling reading.

I have always found service, atonement, obedience and worship to form a solid foundation for any FLR, but equally as important is as appropriate to incorporate such attributes into daily life.

Anonymous said...

I would suppose then that people who are white still have an obigation to correct for past slaverey?? Where will this kind of thinking ever end?

pantyhose slave said...

Thanks dennis for the response. i did not mean to offend by the use of the word "slave" any word that Ms. Nancy and Ms. Sue refer to males is fantastic :)

As far as Ms. Nancy not contributing to this blog, i totally get that Her time is incredibly valuable and i am sincerely grateful that She allows you to post. It would be amazing if Ms. Sue might weigh in as well as we could all benefit from Her wisdom (just a thought:)

Keep up the good work and PLEASE keep blogging as Ms. Nancy allows.. Y'all are the best!

pantyhose slave

Mr. Concerned said...


I refuse to accept guilt or responsibility for other people's actions.

As an adult, I rejected the Catholic faith in which I was raised, because I rejected the concept of Original Sin. I'm not going to serve a prison sentence for something I didn't do.

Your statistics represent crimes committed by individuals, not institutional oppression of women. That these acts are recognized as crimes and prosecuted means we don't tolerate it as a society.

Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to Anonymous above who addressed "Mr. Concerned":

Thank you for your comment - i enjoyed it thoroughly and fully agree with your comments and with all the points you made. Women have made tremendous strides but have a long way to go. Enlightened gentlemen realize this and are supportive of their efforts because we understand that what's good for Women is good for society in general and for men as well.


Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested see the Twitter account @EveryDaySexism to see how much the Women of the world still have to put up with from us 'modern men'

It really is shocking, so please, whilst much has been done, the more Women we can worship the better. Let's not kid ourselves that it's all in the past.

Step back, like this blog made me, and think about your everyday interactions with women, even those you love, and if you're anything like me you will find there is a lot more you can do to be respectful and honourable.

I am not rude, not 'sexist', just a man with a man's mind. Perhaps it is age and experience, but at some point you will find the right woman and accept that they are just better equipped to be in charge. And then you will find, that all women have it in them to do it. if you can't accept that, then please just look around more, be more open and just be excellent to everyone, men and women and see what happens.

I've never been happier, just open your eyes, give it a try, when you feel that urge to contradict or control, just don't or apologise and go with their suggestion, just see what happens, it's pretty amazing.



Anonymous said...

Women are still oppressed just look at sex trafficking.

I like that you move around in soft ballet slippers. It means that you are quiet and respectful. I so love a household full of voluable Women shouting as they want.


Anonymous said...

Why would writing a blog not be considered thinking globally and acting locally?

Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to femsup above:

Ballet STYLE slippers of the type commonly found in the Women's accessories department of any major department store are first and foremost very practical. Great for quickly and securely moving over the wood floors and ceramic tile that seem to be well polished in a Female-managed household.


Alex said...

I just posted the following in Femdom101 and I feel like it is worth repeating here because it "fits in" too:


Hello everyone,

I have been following but not commenting lately. I do NOT mean to say this in any way as a passing of judgement of any type, I am just explaining how I feel from my end, and it's that while I am still very interested in this blog and the topic of Femdom I find that the less this and other blogs that I follow post the more I find it difficult to get myself to post also. It's like if I lost interest, without really losing interest, I don't know... it's weird, hard to put into exact words.

However, I do find that I sometimes go back and forth feeling less attracted to Femdom, feeling like it's less of a reality thing for me (and that if it was a reality I might not even like it). For instance, believe it or not, I was invited by this Dominant Woman this week to clean her apartment. She warned me that she will use corporal punishment as she sees fit, so you can just start to imagine my excitement.

When I went, however, GOSH! it was such a DIRTY apartment, as I have never seen a dirty apartment, that I felt such a huge turn off that I can't explain. I'm sorry to expose this fact, it did seem like I was going to tell this gorgeous story "out of a milk carton" or "blog" but... nope. What happened is I did do the house but felt like it was all "play" and that she was just using me to get her place clean, but that I don't even belong cleaning such a place since it was so, so dirty that -- sorry to put it in this words but all my sexual stimulation was affected negatively by that and so too my feelings of wanting to submit to this Woman. Heavy!

Does anyone else have similar experiences to share? I am quite sorry, I just ... it's this reality check thing. I just... don't feel like being beaten or dominated by a Woman who sorry to say, lives in a pig's style -- I feel like running away from her at that moment (even though she is very friendly and after that I asked her if she'd have some ice-cream with me right across the street and we did).

What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Don't you get this??? These dominant women use the punishment rather than charm to get you to do something for them. This whole thing is partner dominating another who is either too lazy or weakened by the thought of work.

Obedient husband said...

No explanation necessary, Alex.
The notion that a submissive male feels, or is supposed to feel, submissive toward any and every female is highly unrealistic.
I find that the only women toward which I have these feelings are rather exceptional creatures.
Submissive males can and should have some standards. Many women are, I think, undeserving.

You remind of a job I once had where I was in people's home a lot doing a type of technical service. If the home was, at least, moderately clean and a woman, at least, moderately attractive and self-respecting, then she easily elicited highly respectful (submissive) verbal and body language from me. However, if the home was trash the woman was inevitably the same as the former is merely a reflection of the latter. These situations elicited no such submissive behavior from me.

Alex, you seem like a younger man.
May I recommend the college classroom as a great place to search for a suitable dominant?
I'm in nursing school. While I'm happily married and can't help but notice my surroundings.
Generally speaking, these gals are young, smart, clean and already learning "take charge" behaviors.

best wishes,

Anonymous said...

To Alex

If you like the woman and her apartment is now clean, then you can keep it that way for her. Sounds like you like her.

How are her shoes? I love a bit of grime to get off and to keep them perfect.

I hope there are some gorgeoous tales to tell once you get through this. remember it's Her you serve - push on through i reckon.


Surrendered Husband said...


Have you considered doing this job regularly?

Ask her permission to come over weekly or whatever is convenient for her.

If you could truly keep it up for her if might really make her happy, and that IS what we live for isn't it?

Anonymous said...

This woman who has kept an untidy house has put a lot of trust in you and is happy to reveal her house in all its untidiness.

This speaks of ease with you as many would not want anyone to see a disorganised place.

I would hope that you bring peace and cleanliness and not make judgements about what has gone before but set to the cleaning with a will.

Many Women have had the patriarchy force down their throats that cleaning is Women's work. So she may very well have been rebelling against that and making a statement.

Now you have the chance to show Her that it is indeed men's work.


tony said...

Anonymous makes sense, Alex. Not all women are housekeepers; fortunately this one is dominant and can motivate you to serve her in a way that relieves her of the pressure. Once it's clean, you can offer to keep it so. She will be grateful and reward you, perhaps, or at least assign other tasks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex

What you are experiencing is not uncommon, namely a regular woman on the outside, but her car/home/office is a tip. So nothing new there.

It does take courage to show a dirty house to someone else. So she must be comfortable around you.

You like her enough to invite her for icecream, so if you did continue to keep her house clean who knows where this might end.

The other thing is how about you both write down your dream domination/submissive scenes and check out how much they overlap and from that basis work toward a mutually supportive relationship that you both enjoy.

Good luck


PS Remember with you cleaning on a regular basis her home will never be as bad as it was the first time.

Anonymous said...

For Alex:

What would be the point of going over to clean a superior dominant woman's house, if it were already clean? Her home sounds like the perfect dream challenge for a submissive to me.

Anonymous said...

This definitely needs to become the norm in society.