Monday, May 18, 2015


(Note: In this fifth part of an occasional series, Carrie details her increasing delight and satisfaction with the wife-led lifestyle at the half-year mark.—Mark Remond)

Hi Mark, Well we have now passed the six-month mark in our FLR lifestyle and it just keeps getting better. So good, in fact, that I thought I would start this post with a question: “What woman would not want to be a Queen?”

In the six months I have been the Queen of our lifestyle, I have experienced more happiness than I thought possible. My wonderful husband Geoff has dedicated his life to serving me and making me happy. In public he is my knight in shining armour, helping me whenever I go shopping, by pushing my trolley or carrying my parcels. He is there to serve me and protect me. At home, when we have guests, he is my servant and waits on my every request. I love ordering him to make me a drink when we are with friends, as all the other wives look on with envy. We haven’t told them our secret as they would feel more envious.

At home when we are alone, Geoff is my slave and comes under my complete power and control. Failure to obey any of my commands results in serious punishment with the riding crop. So far I have only had to use it a couple of times, and it certainly gets his attention!

The only command he is slow to respond to is when I order him to get out of bed. You have to understand that each morning we have cuddling with stimulation, and he is reluctant to stop cuddling, touching, and caressing me. I like to see him squirm when he has to stop touching me, so I don’t punish him for being slow.

The really nice thing while we cuddle is that my slave tells me his innermost thoughts and feelings, and promises his continuing commitment to love and serve me. He loves to slowly run his hands over my body, oftentimes resulting in an orgasm for me, and he gives me body massages as well. If I was a cat, I would be purring!

After rising, my slave prepares my breakfast. He always does the dishes, and sometimes I will wipe up if I am in a generous mood. Besides keeping the kitchen tidy, my slave does most of the housework, and all the washing and ironing. He loves to do odd jobs around the house and not tell me, instead waiting to see how long it takes for me to notice.

He bathes me every night, and creams and massages my legs when requested, and paints my toenails. He says he loves it when I use my power and control on him. Having so much power and control over the man I love is quite intoxicating. Being placed on a pedestal and worshipped is a wonderful feeling. All the years of our vanilla marriage, I had no idea how happy and wonderful it could be! To be loved and cherished every hour of every day is hard to put into words, but it is intoxicating. I am no longer tired, my libido has reignited, and I’m having more orgasms than ever before. I only allow my slave an orgasm once a week, or longer if I choose. This keeps him fully charged and focused on me and my desires.

Not Carrie's chair, juts an image!
Recently my slave made me a “Queening Chair” to give me extra pleasure, and I can fully recommend it for anyone considering it. I made an extra cushion to put on top of the chair. This cushion has a skirt that covers the chair, so I can use it as a seat at my dressing table and nobody knows its true function.

This lifestyle is unbelievably good, and it just keeps getting better and better. I’m still getting used to having all this power, but I’m feeling more comfortable with it, and love using it.

My slave tells me that he can’t stop thinking about me and says he is now totally addicted to me, serving me, pleasing me, and giving me pleasure. Each morning he asks me how can he serve me that day. He also loves it when I command him to wear one of our sex toys, as a constant reminder of my power and control over him. Each time I see his gold glans ring, I’m reminded of his commitment and submission to me, and I feel pleased.

There is no way I would EVER consider going back to our previous lifestyle. So again I ask, “What woman would not want to be a Queen?”

Carrie, Queen of Geoff

(Postscript from Mark Remond: Carrie and Geoff have expressed interest in making contact with Australian couples living the FLR lifestyle, with a view to meeting, talking, and learning in a strictly social way. Interested couples can email me,, and I will forward all respectful inquiries to Carrie and Geoff.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting Carrie.

An inspiration and an aspiration, sounds like you both have a great life.

This is a great blog on it's own, but guest posts from a Lady such as yourself are precious, so thank you again for taking the time.


Anonymous said...

Great Post!

My wife and me have been married for over 20 years and have 3 children; 2 daughters aged 20 and 18 years, and a baby son aged 2 years. My sexy wife has just turned 40 but looks like she is only 30! I am so jealous! I have dedicated my life to worship and serve her. My daughters tell me how lucky their mum is and how much they wish to find someone who loves them half as much as I love their mother!

I do all the house chores after a hard day's work, while she is free to spend my hard earned income and enjoy herself!

I like to worship her sexy soles and feet, and she likes it!

During weekends I work a part time job with a very good salary, and for her 40th birthday i surprised her and presented her with 2 small gift boxes. When she opened the first one she found the keys of a brand new Mini convertible. Then she opened the second box and there was a sexy and very thin, elegant diamond and platinum 'eternal love' ankle bracelet which cost me $7000. Then I took it from her hand, knelt before her, clasped it around her left ankle, and took her to see her new Mini!

The next day, she told me that she liked the anklet very much, and told me to take her shopping some new clothes and shoes as she has a girls' night out the coming weekend. We went shopping and on returning home she tried them on onve again. She looked so hot in her sexy black backless mini dress, new Italian heels and wearing that ankle bracelet!

She means everything to me and I make a lot of sacrifices and work hard to please her!

Edward said...

You are definitely on the right track Carrie keep it up. You both have come a long way in a short time which is great to read about. It took me a while to learn proper ironing, and housecleaning, but eventually got my skills up to my queen's expectations. The most difficult part for me was turning over ownership of our house, and each of my pay cheques over to my wife.

I encourage you to keep going, and don't hesitate with the riding crop or other implements. They certainly helped me improve.


ALL HERS said...


You are both among the lucky ones in life who had found and are now living a WLM lifestyle. My wife and I have been doing so for close to 20 years. Very similar to yours with me doing all of the housework, laundry and errands while my wife plays golf and tennis daily with her friends. We are living in Florida, so she keeps active and keeps me active. I love our life together, and even though she is quite strict with me, I would not change a thing. For example, She may allow me to golf once a week if my behavior has been perfect, all housework done to her high specs, and if a I have paid a lot of attention to her. If she feels I have not done any of these , no golf for that week. And maybe several others. A lot of housework chores will then be given to me, like cleaning the windows inside and outside of the house. She will find a streak, and make me do them all over again. Then again. So that it is all I will do in a day or two.

She allows me an orgasm once every 4 months, again if I have pleased her. Any time I annoy her I loose my next time to cum, and I have waited 8 months. Allowing Geoff an orgasm every week is very generous, have you considered making it a month or longer? You would see a even more attentive slave/husband as my wife has.

Anonymous said...

We too have been doing this for twenty years. It started out as a play thing to spice up the sex, but my Wife is a natural born Dominant (something i knew the first time i met Her), and it didn't take long for Her to become my ultimate Deity. I do all the housework all the laundry most of the cooking and pay all the bills. She does what She wants when She wants, and with whom She wants. She doesn't ask or tell me She just does. i must ask Her permission to do anything outside the home, and it is usually only given when it is something She needs done. i love my life and would not change anything about it. Sex is for Her; no penetration for me in over five years; i give Her orgasms i get very few. As for penetration for Her, i don't know, and i don't ask, (She hints that She has a boyfriend, but coyly gives no details. i dare not ask.) but She knows She is free to do whatever She wants. Orgasms are few and far between the last one was in November. i'm always in a state of arousal; believe me even hearing Her heels click when She walks can cause an erection. The lifestyle is incredible, and so is my Wife. All men should experience wife worship.

carpadeim said...


I can not and would not conceive of restraining from sex 4 months at a time nonetheless 8 months. I feel sorry that your Wife treats you poorly. I can see once a week or even once a month, but not 4 months and never 8. You must express to Her that you desire Sex more often, or maybe you don't desire it at all...

I'm a sex maniac myself..hehehhee