Wednesday, June 17, 2015


(Note From Mark Remond: This post can be read as a provocative sidebar to SERVING MS. BROWN, PART 4 – WEEKLY STAFF MEETING.)

Wanting to follow up on my suggestion for Carol to lunch with Joan, our HR director, I called her office, but only got her voicemail. This was unusual since Joan has an administrative assistant, brad, a bright young man, recently graduated from college. A few minutes later brad called me with instructions that “Ms. Smith (Joan) wants to see you in Her office right now.” Having conveyed that abrupt summons, brad promptly hanged up. When, perhaps a minute later, i show up at Joan’s office, brad was there to usher me immediately into his Boss’ office, then close the door. Long minutes passed, however, before Joan even acknowledged me, and then only to motion me to sit on a low chair adjacent to Her desk. Another few minutes passed before she gots up and walked over to my chair, the sound of Her heels further reinforcing Her Female authority. My low chair, Her high heels, plus Her 5’10” height all combined to have Her towering above me.
“What the hell happened in Carol’s meeting this morning?” Joan screamed, giving me a sharp shin kick for emphasis.

“Ma’am?” I responded sheepishly.

“Ma’am, my ass!” Joan yelled. “Listen bitch, I don’t like being left out to dry like that. You could have said something.”

“But I mentioned to Carol all that You do for us here,” I said, stammering for an excuse.

“Why bring up favorable things about me after the meeting? What the hell good does that do? Listen, bitch, you better realize that I can make a few calls, and you’d be history here, do you understand that? Trust me, I can find some reason to fire you and make it stick, and the same applies to your bitch buddy, tom – make sure he knows that. I’m sick and damn tired of not getting the respect I deserve around here.”

“Yes Ma’am,” i responded with a gulp.

But Joan wasn’t finished. “As a matter of fact, I think you’re partly to blame over this mobile applications thing, because you didn’t manage the head of the computer science department very well, at least that’s how I see it. How about you?”

“Yes, Ma’am, i guess I am partly to blame.”

“Partly?” Joan yelled. “If you’re implying that I have some culpability here, you’re sadly mistaken.”

“Oh, no, Ma’a, that’s not what i meant at all.”

Still obviously enraged, Joan went on to say that both tom and i were responsible since we were involved with the college computer science department. “I’m going to do an investigation of this mobile apps thing, and when i’m through, both you and tom are going to have some entries in your personnel files, and they may not be too flattering.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

But there was still more: “We have Women coming up who we’re going to be looking at to move into your positions—yours and tom’s—and it’s all that much easier when the incumbents are fucking up, do you understand that?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“But you can redeem yourself by helping me confront the head of the computer science department at the college. That guy is my choice as poster boy for misogyny, that patriarchal son-of-a-bitch.”

“Maybe we could have a meeting with the college president to discuss this?” i suggested. “She’s always been supportive, and She’s a committed Feminist.

Joan agreed that we should definitely “take this to the top.” But she concluded our “discussion” with a final warning: “You’re not out of the woods for fucking up today, little man. You owe me and you’re going to start paying—now.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Dipping into Her purse, She pulled out a receipt and a set of keys. “Have my car washed and the oil changed then pick up my dry cleaning.” She held out the dry cleaning receipt and car keys then, as I reached for them, dropped them on the floor. “Pick them up,” She ordered, “and this is out of your pocket.”

“Yes, Ma’am, my priviledge, Ma’am.”

“And one last thing.” Joan kicked Her pumps off in my direction, commanding me to “Shine these and make sure they’re back here by one o’clock.”

“Why, yes, Ma’am,” I said, trying to demonstrate my deference, “i can shine them right now. Where does brad keep his shoeshine supplies?”

“He doesn’t, at least not yet, so you’ll have to take them to your office.”

“That’s fine, Ma’am, do you have a tote bag?”

She didn’t, or perhaps She wanted to teach me some humility by having me openly carry her pumps through the long corridors and into the packed elevators. In any case, that’s exactly what I did, a male executive carrying heels through corporate headquarters.

Some of the Women i passed, having a real feel for their own power, bantered with me. “Nice heels,” one Woman called out, “but not your size.” i smiled and nodded in agreement. “Oh, are those yours?” asked another Woman as Her colleagues giggled.

Courtesy toward all Females being mandatory in our company, i responded candidly, explaining that a staff member needed them tended to. On hearing this, another commented, “Maybe when I get to staff level, I’ll have my shoes shined, too!”

i assured Her that She would, but suppressed a followup thought—“And i’ll be delighted to care for them for you.”  

i returned to the office and immediately got busy caring for Joan’s shoes plus a pair of Carol’s for good measure.

he remainder of the morning was fairly routine. i tended to departmental issues as well as taking dictation from Carol and attending one of Her meetings where my shorthand skills were need. Plus i answered phones, took dictation and handled paperwork. i knew i would have plenty to keep me busy over lunch tending to personal tasks for Carol—and now Joan.



Anonymous said...


Mark Remond said...

This comment is actually from Obedient Husband, who experienced problems with Blogger's verification process:

Kicking you in the shins?
If this childish, petulant, abusive behavior is supposed to be face of the female dominated corporate culture of the future........ count me out.

This "leadership" is screwed up on so many levels.

Being open about your preference for female leadership is one thing.
Being treated worse than a mange-infested stray dog is quite another.

Dude, it's not healthy. Run away. This woman, these women, are not worthy.

You can be with a dominant woman who loves you, cares about you and is wise enough to know that some of our sub-male fantasies are not healthy.


Anonymous said...

Oooh sorry but i don't like Joan. A kick in the shin! i suspect that Carol had something to say once this was reported to Her.

Having said that, you managed to get out of there with a great task to do and some lovely shoes to shine. you must have words with brad? no shoe care facilities on hand. but now to have 2 pairs of care for. i love the thought of your 'day job' being punctuated by shoe repair and cleaning. it would have been cool if she'd shooed you out of the door and then chucked her pumps at you as you walked away - 'and get those shined too'

i don't know i love the shoes, but i can't like this scenario - superior yes, but she sounded desparate - still you done right as long as you informed also.

fab tale about the shoes though, i do love ladies shoes and the associated repair and maintanance thereof...

thanks d


I'm-Hers said...

Dennis, I struggle with this form of Dominance and submission. When I think of female leadership I think of someone taking charge with the goal of making those under their authority better at what they do. Kicking you in the shin, demeaning you (at least she did it privately) and then failing to take responsibility for a department that she runs doesn't seem like leadership to me. I also know that negative comments - and this seems to be the norm - doesn't not, never has, and never will bring out the best in others. You can find a million studies to back that up. As a leader I would think your boss would know that.

Alex said...

Mark and Dennis, you should go check out Ms. Kathy's blog because she posted about Women giving their boys flowers. It's so romantic! Anyway, I was just saying because it's an amazing post and I kind of felt it was the "other" side of Femdom than the great post in this blog about Ms. Joanne striking back! I love the balance between domination and tenderness because at the end it's all about the tenderness but it comes out in a gorgeous Femdom way.

Anonymous said...

One little problem. The forfeiture of the money for Her laundry etc will come out of your pocket which will mean less to spend on your very significant others at home.


Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to femsup just above:

A good observation but not entirely true. The money spent comes from my allowance which i have to account for but otherwise is mine to spend, provided that my spending is approved. Spending such as this is approved. Even if i run out of money i can get additional funds but have to ask Sue or Nancy if i justify the need. Sue's my bank so to speak and usually provides money as a loan that has to be paid back in four monthly installments; the first three installments repay the principal while the last payment is interest. Sue has the option of giving me an added allowance - very rare - or an advance on my next allowance. If She gives me the advance there is a 25% fee, that is She gives me $75 but debits my allowance account for $100. i also get 50% of any monies i earn outside at the hotel, Maid service, or Women's boutique. While the salary i earn and turn over to Nancy has increased, the Women haven't seen the need to increase my allowance since 2009, preferring me to earn any extra doing approved outside work, again at the hotel and so on. i earn a bonus at the company but, by protocol, that, too, is turned over to the Women. So, all this said, the Women are very actively involved in finances and are going to keep it that way.


Anonymous said...

That is re assuring to know. Its good to see that they have complete control of what your labour is worth to them and that your labour remains affordable to all Women concerned.

I hope that the meeting you have arranged for your superiors will help to cement their alliance and thus stop any feelings you may have of letting either side down in your submission and hard work for them.

eust said...

Dennis, will you continue to write elsewhere now that this blog is shutting down? In any case, thank you for your writings - they've taught me a lot about being a submissive man in what is rapidly becoming a woman's world (at least in the west)