Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Turkey vs. Groundhog

Groundhog Day? Not the holiday I’d pick for endless repetition. I opt for Thanksgiving instead. And, no, not because I want to OD on turkey and tryptophan in perpetuam.

It's because the act of giving thanks, over and over, day after day, never palls. It renews. Thanksgiving is the most basic of prayers. Before petitioning the Almighty for any boon, you should first acknowledge your blessings.

End of sermonette.

Because this post is about wife worship, not moral obligation. And gratitude also happens to be the starting point for wife worship. The worshipful husband gives thanks, each and every day, for the miraculous presence in his life of the woman who is his wife.

Life without her is not unimaginable. He can imagine it all right, and it’s a wasteland! But God, or the Goddess, has given her to him. Or, to juggle the grammar to make it come out right, the God or Goddess has given him to her. And that is another act that the husband can affirm each day, giving himself to his wife, again and again.

“Each morning I try to declare my dedication, homage and gratitude to my wife,” a husband writes. “I look into her beautiful eyes and tell her I love her. Then I kneel and kiss her feet. After kissing her feet I remain on my knees and thank her for allowing me to be her husband, for making my life wonderful, for making me the luckiest man. It's always an expression of gratitude… and I always mean it.”

Amen to that. I wish I could institute that particular ritual in my own domestic agenda. From time to time I’ve been able to do it, but not on a daily basis.

Another man lectures on the importance of husbands' showing their gratitude to their wives: “A drink, a snack, a kiss, a caress… These are all signs of gratitude… If she assigns you a task, do it immediately, to the best of your ability, and thank her for the opportunity to serve her.”

“Be patient, be obedient, reverent, grateful and attentive,” adds another. “When my wife lets me make love to her, I always do it with much gratitude. I am the luckiest man I know. There is nothing I could do in twenty lifetimes to deserve such a gift.”

The grateful male chorus continues: “I will never take my wife for granted. I will be mindful of how lucky I am to have her and seek a thousand little ways to express my gratitude.”

Here’s a husband who realizes it is not an easy thing for a wife to assume the leadership responsibility in a marriage: “Be sure to express that happiness and gratitude for Her leadership and dominance. Ask for her leadership but don't dump responsibilities on her if she is not ready. I make a point to thank my wife for taking certain responsibilities and providing leadership—‘Thank you for taking leadership on finding daycare for our daughter.’ I thank her for correcting me, too.”

I conclude with three quotations from women, beginning with pioneering female supremacist Elise Sutton. “You are a truly blessed man,” she advises a husband whose wife is quickly assuming command of their marriage. “So count those blessings and show your gratitude by increasing your efforts in serving your superior wife in a manner that she can appreciate and enjoy.”

Paige Harrison offers similar counsel to husbands, not only those in acknowledged FLRs, but all husbands:

”Males must recognize and acknowledge that they are fortunate to be with a Woman. Those males who are wed and married should express their gratitude frequently and thank the Woman in their lives frequently.” In particular, Harrison says, “If her body has borne children, he should praise her for all she has given."

“If every husband showed this kind of devotion and gratitude to his wife,” writes a contented and well-worshipped wife, “divorces would be very rare!”

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enoch said...

Oh man, gratitude for her is a concept I completely understand. I have often expressed, on more than one marriage-related message board, how I have a grateful attitude at all times now.

I constantly tell my wife how grateful I am for her. I thank her not only for her role in our family, and her presence in my life, but also for not leaving me when she had every reason in the world to do so. (Like the husband you quoted, I kiss her feet on all fours every evening, too!)

I tell her every day that I'm the luckiest man in the world. At first, she told me she was lucky too, but I find I prefer the reply she gives me now.

Nowadays, she answers me "Yes. You are the luckiest man in the world."