Friday, September 26, 2008

Her Cups Runneth Over

Let me briefly belabor the obvious. The size and shape, let alone touch and taste, of a beauteous female breast revert most men into instant baby boyhood. Abracadabra-fast.

If it wasn't considered Neanderthal behavior and a major social no-no, we'd get whiplashed by every passing rack. And if no one’s looking, we do. It's never easy or natural not to.

Ask Madison Avenue. Ask Hollywood. Ask any woman, of even modest endowment.
If a glimpse of stocking used to be considered shocking, what of the effect on men of today's ubiquitous push-em-up cleavage? Well, it tends to putty the masculine will, jelly the knees and spine, while stiffening elsewhere.

Talk about power exchange! Maternal, matriarchal, whatever you call it, it’s irresistible!

Most women in female-led relationships fully realize this, of course, and take full advantage. Some leading wives, I read, severely restrict their husband's access to their breasts, except as a rare reward for exceptional devotion and service.
Other women, I'm happy to report, take the opposite tack, allowing their males regular intervals of prolonged breast worship, with apparently delightful consequences to both parties.

It is these more generous souls, sharers of the mammary wealth, whom I choose to quote here, rather than the off-limiting wives.

"I don't allow my husband to fondle, kiss, or lick my breasts," writes one such wife. "I make him do it! I enjoy it very much! So therefore, I have him pay attention to them for as long as I want or until it’s time for me to have him go onto the next thing.”

“I always start out by allowing my husband to plant passionate kisses all over my body,” writes another sharing wife. “He starts at my feet and works up my body. It is when his body worship finally reaches my abundant breasts that whatever was on his mind will vanish and he becomes lost in my world and I know that I have him in the palms of my hands.”

Another: “I love having my breasts sucked and nibbled on and I have been known to make him perform breast worship for over an hour at a time. I call it tit worship, as that sounds sexier.”

And here’s another lucky suckler: “When I was about 20, I had a lovely girlfriend of similar age. I would suckle her beautiful breasts for long stretches of time in accordance with her instructions. Mothering became so important in our lives that she would have me suckle even when she wasn't in the mood to have sex.”

Psychologist Paige Harrison prescribes regular sessions of this kind of bosom-bonding to the female-led couples she counsels: “A refreshingly different perspective can be experienced if the male understands that it his responsibility to worship the female whenever her breasts are exposed. If she exposes her breasts this should have a calming effect on the submissive male.”

“Something new I have introduced into our female-led lifestyle,” says yet another sharing spouse. “After my husband undresses me I unhook the cups and allow him to suck while I hold him for extended periods of time. He really seems to appreciate this. Afterward he seems to be much more attentive to my needs and feelings.”

I’ll give the last word to a husband whose wife used nursing sessions as a kind of confessional therapy for him: “Sometimes I do things I should not do and when I began confessing these transgressions to my wife, at first I was a bit bashful, stuttering a little. She instinctively pulled me close to her chest, my face nuzzled between her breasts. I felt so safe and secure in her embrace.

"Then she unbuttoned her blouse and proceeded to nurse me from her breasts. She said, ‘It's OK, honey, I'm glad you were honest with me. I just want you to think about it when you sleep.’ There was this overwhelming sense of childlike security, being near her breasts, feeling pure and forgiven. I loved how she gently stroked my hair while watching me nurse.”

Where’s my binky?


jboy said...

The bosom of a dominant Woman controlling an FLR symbolizes Her role as the ultimate provider of love, leadership and security to Her family. All are dependant upon Her and surrender themselves to Her authority for She is capable of leading and controlling their lives. Though Her children will be set free in adulthood, Her hubby will go deeper under Her control and belong entirely to his loving Wife.

Burnsie said...

I want to let you know that my lovely and loving wife is now reading your book!

Mark Remond said...

jboy & burnsie, Thanks for your comments. I particularly like your final line, jboy, about her children being set free in adulthood and hubby going "deeper under Her control." My hope exactly!

And thank you, burnsie, for your support. It's exciting to think of my words being read by your wonderful wife... and perhaps reinforcing her control over you... if it is not already absolute!

burnsie said...

My wife read this article and loved it. I see more of her breasts now and sometimes I can touch, lick and suck. After she's been working out or doing something that makes her sweaty she takes off her top and tells me to lick the sweat from her breats. Other times I just have to sit there and look at them and she teases me with them.

Mark Remond said...

burnsie, I'm elated that your wife enjoyed this posting on "Her Cups Runneth Over" and I'd certainly be happy if anything I wrote might result in your being allowed more frequent access to your wife's breasts, for worship or merely visually to be teased. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

My gorgeous, 6'1" man - a college professor with a doctorate, nurses at my breasts every day. My breasts are quite large as they are producing amounts that he wants. He came to America at age 11 - but had lived in a remote part of Sicily and was breastfed until the age of 5. He takes milk from each breast for about 15 minutes each breast - and it arouses me to a point of orgasm. I don't know if any other couples do this, but what one does in private is our own business - and we both love it.

Mark Remond said...

Anonymous, you win the award for hot comment of the year, no contest. Be still my beating heart! And I join, I'm sure, with all my male readers in envying your well-nursed husband, a most happy fella, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing with us... but then, we alerady knew you were a generous lady!

Anonymous said...

I worship my wife's "Rack of Ages" and nursed on them long after each child was born! She loves to go around the house almost topless and wishes more women would read your article. She definitely does not need for the Lord to fill her cups for they are already full enough!

Mark Remond said...

Anonymous, are you married to the Anonymous wife who posted 2 posts above you on Dec. 14? If not, perhaps I've tapped into a provocative trend among worshipful husbands and their well-endowed wives. It's sounding like an afternoon TV topic--and one I would certainly tune in on! Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

No, I'm not married to her. It does not surprise me that both of our teenage boys have rather buxom girlfriends. On Valentines Day my wife let me lick chocolate body paint she had bought for us off of her breasts and her realistic vibrator which she put in my mouth to suck on while she rode on top of me. Wow, that was one powerful sexual experience. Afterward, she said that I better not let a man see me sucking on a vibrator, but she thought me sucking on it was great and noticed how powerful a climax I had.

Anonymous said...

Bible - Prov. 5,19:

"Let her be thy dearest hind, and most agreeable fawn: let her breasts inebriate thee at all times; he thou delighted continually with her love."

Mark Remond said...

Anonymous, my new favorite scripture! Thanks!

Charles Melinchok said...

As an adult male who was once in a FLR with a woman who had a daughter. She found it amusing when Her 15 yr old daughter eould humiliate me

Mark Remond said...

Charles, if you're interested, I can send you a great many postings, messages, etc., on this aspect of female empowerment of daughters over submissive fathers, stepfathers, etc. Just send me an email to