Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Caught in Her Perfumed Web

In chapter 5 of my book, “Pampering and Pitching In,” I describe husbands relishing giving their wives nightly footrubs and weekly (or biweekly) pedicures, then quote one such doting hubby: “My wife accused me of having a foot fetish, but I told her no, I have a wife fetish.”

That certainly applies to me. My point here is that I don’t think it’s weird, or kinky, or even odd. I think it’s actually…

Natural! We are, after all, animals (at least partly). This husband obviously agrees: “The more I served my wife orally, the more I grew to crave her scent and taste. I think now that this is natural and inevitable.”

Doting husbands not only love to ogle their wives and touch them (when given the green light), and listen to them (and, yes, pay close attention), they also crave their wives’ heavenly scent.

Like this devoted guy, picking up his wife’s nightgown as she drops it before stepping into the adjoining bathroom: “I buried my face in her nightgown, mesmerized and intoxicated by her powerful, feminine scent. After several moments, dizzied, I finally got up and went and hung up her nightgown.”

Dizzied? A married man, hyperventilating into his wife’s nightgown? Yes, exactly! Listen to this guy: “I felt my sense of smell invaded by her musky aroma. I was so light headed with desire that I was prepared to do anything for her."

Or this guy, doing his wife’s laundry while she’s out of town on business: “I came across the outfit she wore at the office picnic, and held it to my nose and gingerly sniffed the underarms. Her fragrance and body aroma filled me and I soon had a very strong erection. Next I picked up her panties and held them to my nose and inhaled her scent from every inch of her underwear. Oh, how I missed her!”

This practice seems to be quite common among red-blooded husbands, worshipful and otherwise. Not secretly dressing up in female undergarments, but slipping them on as a “breathing” mask:

“For me, one of the paybacks of doing the laundry is that I get to smell her panties.”

Another confession: “I find myself thinking of [my wife’s] scent and taste whenever I become aroused.”

A Marseillais couple I met many years ago while backpacking around Europe once told me that smell had always had been a major part of their mutual erotic attraction. They went into more detail on this than I was prepared for. (Of course, they were French, after all.)

My wife, I have to confess, looks askance at this particular urge on the part of her loving husband. And I respect that. Other wives learn to be more laissez-faire: “Early on I admitted to my wife I sniffed Her panties on occasion. She was surprised, but pleasantly so. Which made me very happy.”

And some wives can get very playful, indeed, as this husband confided to female supremacist psychologist Elise Sutton:

“After [my wife’s] orgasms she removes her panties and places them inside-out on my head with the crotch right over my nose and mouth. Then I am commanded to crawl to the corner of the room for ‘corner time’ for 30 minutes. The whole time I am enveloped in her intoxicating scent as I have no choice but to inhale nothing but her [moist and redolent] panties plastered to my face. Her scent is so powerful and fragrant. During this time she usually watches TV or talks on the phone to girlfriends or her mother. I am in plain view of her the whole time. This whole procedure happens night after night.”

Not an image of stalwart manhood, I grant you, a grown man standing in a corner, adorned in flimsy headgear. At least his penance is fragrant. There are many variations on this theme:

“Sometimes my wife rubs her panties over my face. Once she threatened that from then on I would wear her used undies the second day.”

“Threatened”? How about “promised”? Many women consider the proffering of their scented panties a very special and intimate favor: “As a reward for his dutiful lovemaking, I took off my panties and gave them to him and told him to place them over his head so that the crotch was on his nose and he was looking out through the leg holes. As he followed my instructions, I explained that in time he would learn to crave my scent and taste.”

Another guy, who signed himself “william the submissive poet” on an female-led bulletin board, waxed lyrical on the topic:

"She is wise in the ways of entrancement.
She knows the value of the gift you offer.
She has trained you to recognize Her scent
and to submit to Her spells and laughter."

One online enchantress, by-lining herself Becky, actively tutors her husband in this erotic susceptibility:

“Nose training is the process of adapting a man’s nose to all [a woman’s] scents and smells … everything about a woman, including her scents, should be appealing to him. This does not come naturally to most men and therefore training is necessary. It can start with something simple, like sniffing your armpits after you finish your exercise… Once this becomes a second nature to your man, you can proceed to the next step, which could be your feet, stockings and shoes... Next will be your…”

I’ll fade out there, leaving Becky’s further prescriptions to the imagination, and fade in on another lady also busily enmeshing her man in her erotic web: “It amused my wife to lock me in her wardrobe among all her gorgeous clothes, leaving me surrounded in the darkness by her scented dresses.”

Finally, rounding out this survey, we come to the use of milady’s unmentionables as a husbandly security blanket: “My worshipful husband loves to lower himself beneath the covers to take in and savor my scent. He says it helps him to quiet his thoughts.”

“On several occasions I have summoned up the courage to ask my wife if I may bring her panties to bed with me,” a slightly embarrassed husband testifies. “She has, somewhat surprisingly to me, said yes. I have on those nights fallen asleep with the crotch of her panties to my nose. She knows this, and I think feels empowered by it.”

It’s time for final fade-out, with hubby curled up with his nightly wifely pacifier as his enchantress looks on, amused, tolerant and all-powerful:

“For some time now, I have been giving my sweet husband the panties I wore each day, and letting him sleep with them on his pillow. He seems to really love that, and it turns me on knowing that he adores me so much. [Once, when he broke one of my rules] I told him he would not be allowed to sleep with my panties. But he had made me feel so wonderful that I just couldn't bring myself to deny him for the night. I am really trying to develop a cruel streak.”

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I whole heartily agree.

The more I orally serve my wife the more I miss her taste and scent! I often fall asleep hugging her thigh while my head and mouth rest on her pussy. There is no better place! I feel at home and ready to obey always.