Thursday, April 9, 2009

In Her World

“[My wife] has arrived home and my heart is fluttering with excitement! I hurry to do her bidding. I do not feel complete until she is home. I'm near the center of the feminine mystery, an intimate part of the life of a beautiful woman. So close to her, caring only for her comfort and happiness.” (“Near the Center of the Feminine Mystery”)

“Harry was transferred to the feminine department, where his life was little short of heavenly… He took a pride in servility to a beautiful woman; received Lady Vandeleur's commands as so many marks of favour… to pass one's days with a delicate woman, and principally occupied about trimmings, was to inhabit an enchanted isle among the storms of life.” (From "Story of the Bandbox" by Robert Louis Stevenson, posted here back on January 5, 2007 under “RLS and the Enchanted Isle”.

Not very macho, the giddy husband with his heart a-flutter on his wife’ s return home, or Harry, currying the favor of beautiful Lady Vandeleur.

Now here’s a macho husband. He comes back from a long sales trip to find his wife has redecorated their all-American bedroom in a Continental style, inspired by interior design magazines. He throws a fit, demands she remove every last ruffle and pastel what-have-you and put everything back the way it was. He’s not going to sleep in some "goddamned Parisian bordello."

Does that sounds like a sitcom episode of, say, "Married With Children"? Waiting for the chauvinist jerk to get his comeuppance? But sixty years or so ago, when this story reportedly took place, autocratic husbands could get away with stuff like that. These days, the guy could call himself lucky if his wife set aside one room as “an estrogen-free zone”—the den, say, complete with Laz-E-Boy.

While the rest of the house is the Lair of the She-Creature. Which is just fine with wife-worshipping husbands. We enjoy inhabiting “Lady Vandeleur’s enchanted island.”

Maybe we’re secure enough in our masculinity that we don’t need to have it constantly reinforced and reflected back at us. We’re not threatened by chintz and organza, bedskirts and dust ruffles. These are clues that we are drawing “near the center of the feminine mystery, an intimate part of the life of a beautiful woman.”

Now some quotes, staring with this one from Chapter 5 of my book, “Pampering and Pitching In”:

“Men are fascinated with a woman's body. They want to be a part of it and to understand it. Often sex is a type of adoration and respect for woman… He longs for her to teach him about the great mystery of woman.”

“She wrapped Her Arm around me and put my head on Her Chest. i was feeling much better now. In the silence, i could sense the relaxation spreading through my body. my life was once again back in Her capable Hands! A heavy burden had been lifted from my shoulders and i was secure in the knowledge that i was once again back in my true place in Her World.”

“Through pampering my wife I am brought close to the center of the feminine mystery, intoxicated by it, overwhelmed by her.”

“A wave of profound happiness rises in me when I worship my Goddess wife. It is heaven for me.”

“I love to wash my wife's hair and scrub her in the shower, then dry her. Mostly because she loves it. If someone says it isn't important, I do not care. I know giving and loving are important to me.”

“i am where i am supposed to be. i am a lucky man, and i live in the world my Mistress wants, to which She brought me. i am grateful to Her, and i tell Her so; i do my best to love, honor, and obey Her, to be as graceful as i am able in Her world.”

“i prefer being immersed in my Wife's life and serving Her more than outside work and long to be the barefoot househubby.”

And I’ll end with this loving tribute posted by a most worshipful husband:

“Last night my wife fell asleep on the couch. We'd had a busy Mother's Day, which included going to a baseball game and having Chinese for dinner. I was still up… and I went over to wake her up for bed. She was asleep in a sitting position, and I knelt before her (which I often do), and wrapped my arms around her. And before I tried to wake her up, I just looked at her.

“I looked at this wonderful woman—and I thought about just how lucky I am. And I could feel the love I have for her welling up inside me as I gazed at her face. And the longer I was like this, the more entranced I felt. She was so beautiful... and I was so fortunate.”


Anonymous said...

love your blog i would love it if you did more posts on "girls nights out" where the women go out to bars or male stripper clubs while the husbands stay at home doing the housework.i would love to read about what you think the ideal female supremacist wedding would be like.or how more men are not allowed to have bachelor parties but more women are having bachelorette parties with male strippers. maybe soon the groom will be stripped by his bride and have to serve as a naked or half naked servant/ butler for her girlfriends at the party.the bachelorette party and the wedding could be used to make clear who would be boss. too much femdom is about pain and whips and chains. i like reading you because you understand its about the womans pleasure. she shouldn't be in leather with a whip unless she wants to. most women i know would rather be relaxing in jeans ,shorts or a comfortable skirt with her barefeet resting on the coffee table watching tv or reading a book [or playgirl!]or having friends over fo a "girl's night in " while the naked or half naked househusband does the housework and waits on her and her girlfriends hand and foot. women have been serving men for the past couple thousand years now its their turn to rule.And with college attendance rates among females rising it won't be long. thank you for running this blog

Anonymous said...

I like your blog's emphasis on the man doing the housework. it's a great way to show your wife you love her and modern women are often too busy at work to do it anyway.But i don't think many women want "just" a"male housewife"..
most women are attracted to masculine men .This doesn't mean they want a patriarchal relationship.I can't speak for women but i think many women would love a masculine muscular guy who fixes the roof on a weekend and mows the lawn or fixes the plumbing or even builds a backyard pool for the wife but also thinks nothing of doing the laundry afterwards or rubbing his wife's feet while she watches tv. Some women wouldn't mind if when they go out on a" girls night out" the husband doesn't just do the dishes while she is gone but also starts sheetrocking the basement so it can become her office.My point i guess is that most women like an obedient husband that doesn't argue and is willing to wait on her hand and foot but when most women hear the words"female supremacy"they picture a guy or woman dressed in leather or a sissy guy dressed in womans clothes.Not to knock anyones fetish , after all, to each their own but i think a lot more women would be interested in female supremacy if they thought it meant lying outside on a lounge chair in shorts and tank top along with their girlfriends watching their muscular shirtless husbands who are wearing shorts building a brick wall or something like that and afterwards telling the women to "relax that we will fix dinner for ladies while you ladies enjoy the sun" and afterwards watching their husbands, who have showered and cleaned themselves up and changed into shorts and a short apron but are barefoot and barechested , do the dishes and tell their wives "why don't you girls go out while we clean up" And finally the men saying "why don't we do this every week for each one of our wive's houses that way you ladies can relax after a hard days work " . Now thats a vision of female supremacy that i think most women would like! Much more than having to whip their husband while he wears high heels.Too bad more women don't read your blog. If they did and read your veiws on housework and pampring the wife i think they would embrace female supremacy and matriarchal marriage more.Sorry this post is so long and i hope i didn't offend anybody

Phred said...

What has happened to Lady Misato's website? Does anyone know.

Mark Remond said...

Phred, Lady Misato's website, Real Women Don't Do Housework, is now located here: