Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lighting Her Cigars, Addendum

This is really not a continuation of the previous discussion on submissiveness vs. obedience. I happen to enjoy Ms. Becky Sue’s definition,* though I can see how others might view it as a distinction without a difference, like “lawyer vs. attorney.” Obey or submit, does it really matter so long as the wife’s word is law and loving female authority reigns supreme?

(Of course it does matter in Ms. Beckie Sue’s household... and her husband knows to obey, not simply submit.)

But I just used this title because I came upon the top photo of Monica Bellucci surrounded by adoring sycophants--Che bella ragazza! And thought I better at least post something, along with an apology for being so scarce around here of late. I am involved in finishing a fairly fat novel (I hope), and subjected to more than the usual daily distractions. But I miss the community here. The solution may be to post a lot more frequently, but less verbosely. Briefs rather long-winded screeds. That’s my current resolve anyway.

PS: Another Italian beauty… (I know, she's English, but her name is Italian.)

* “A submissive male is one who seeks to serve a wife for his own satisfaction and pleasure. An obedient husband is one who understands female superiority and the need to always focus, support and serve that superiority.”--Beckie Sue


Anonymous said...

Is the novel you are writing on the same subject as this blog and when is it likely to come on the market ?

Mark Remond said...

Anon, No, it's a WWII thriller, but it does feature one decidedly wife-led marriage, though not exactly made in heaven. I expect to self-publish on Lulu by the end of the year (under my real name), and hope to use that to get a mainstream publisher to pick it up. It's been a span of years since my four thrillers were published... thanks for asking! I'll let you know the title when it's available..

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