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(A note from Mark Remond: I join many of my readers in lamenting Ms. Amanda’s recent departure from guest posting here. I learned a lot about FLRs and female-led families from her posts, as well as from her clear and concise response to readers’ comments. I, too, hope that Ms. Amanda will consider posting here in the future, if circumstances permit.

In the meantime, I am pleased to offer readers the first of what I hope will be quite a few guest posts by an online friend and email correspondent of Mrs. Amanda, “Ms. Jenn.” Ms. Amanda mentioned Ms. Jenn several times in her posts, as here: “I have [had] some email correspondence with another dominant lady who lives in the Netherlands. She also runs a female led household...”

Although English is not Ms. Jenn’s native tongue (that is Dutch), I have found it necessary to make only a very few alterations in her writing. Here is her first post. — M.R.)


First, to provide a little bit of background.  I do not come from a female-led family, but from early on I became aware of what I would call the higher potential of women. Add to this the fact that I have always been the dominant type. However, when I met my future husband, Paul, our relationship started off quite “normal.” Actually I should say “vanilla,” because, as you will see, I regard a wife-led marriage and female leadership in a family not only as normal, but quite natural, firmly based on the natural fact of female superiority.

Paul is a very soft, loving, caring and loyal guy. He works two days a week as a way to supplement my full-time income. This allows him time to do all the household chores and to help with the children. We have three—Sophie, 12, Luuk, just turned 9, and my youngest girl, Lotte, 6 years old.

In many ways, however, my Paul is like another child. He is frequently very childish in behavior and thus irresponsible (a trait which I have come to recognize in many men) and, frankly, less intelligent than Sophie, for instance. That does not mean that I love my husband the less; I am merely stating the reality.

When Sophie was 3 years old, I became fed up with Paul’s childishness, and told him we had to change things for the good of the family. This has been an ongoing process for the last 9 years. Eventually, I decided I should take more responsibility over Paul, even though that would mean he would be relieved of responsibilities and thus rights.

As a result, Paul has grown to be more and more off a brother to my children rather than a father, even though he still displays fatherly love and, as I said, does practically all chores. But he is relieved of any meaningful decision-making. I told him, as his behavior is childish, his treatment should reflect that. All kind of rules that the children abide by, my husband has to abide by as well.

Believe me, compared to the way it was before these stricter rules were applied to Paul, it has worked very well for all of us. My husband is happy and works hard, even though he sometimes has trouble coping with having to keep to the same rules as the kids.

So far I am talking only about our female-led relationship. Now I will speak of our female-led family.

Not long ago my daughter Sophie became 12 years old, and I viewed this milestone as a crucial turning point. She had been asking for more responsibility within the family, and I decided that she should get comfortable with increased responsibility.

I had been browsing on the Internet for information about female led families, or matriarchal families. In that search I came across Mark Remond’s blog, Worshipping Your Wife, and especially certain guest posts by dominant women who had taken charge of their families.

I was especially interested in the posts by Becky Sue on female superiority and matriarchal family guidelines, and by certain comments by Siobhan to Ms. Nancy’s guest posts. I also received some valuable information from comments by other dominant wives and mothers which Mark Remond kindly emailed to me at my request (including from Ms. Amanda).

In my next post, I will share a little bit about my first family meeting on this important topic, in which I talked about some of these ideas with my husband and Sophie and the two younger children. I will also tell you about some of the changes that were decided upon as a result of that meeting.

But here I would like to add a note of caution, which I may repeat in later columns. While I do believe strongly in female-led families and a female-led future, obviously no two people, and no two families, are quite alike. What works for our family may not work for another. So when I describe some of the female-empowering guidelines that we follow, please do not suppose that I am offering these as prescriptions or as an "exact model" for other families. —Ms. Jenn


Anonymous said...

Wow, this left us intrigued. This, i would call it "half post" or "to be continued" post really opened something and touched a chord. I am intrigued to know what the conversation about changes with Sophie's 12 years was about and love how you honestly and unapologetically call things as they are and say she is smarter than her dad and that Females are naturally Superior. Ms. Jen, thank you for saving this blog and thank you for this wonderful short but great post!!!!!!


Obedient husband said...

Lady Jen,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beliefs.
Your contributions are much welcomed.
I hope your husband knows how fortunate he is to be under you.


Anonymous said...

I want to take this opportunity to do something I don't do enough of... I want to thank Mark Remond for the amazing work he does for all of us by putting together this blog and ESPECIALLY by giving the word to Females first and making it about them. This is my dream type of blog because of how gorgeous Mark has made it, a Female-centric blog and because it is something he does from all his heart. Thanks!

And I want to add something.

This is OUR blog (not that I'm taking it away from Mark, the Female contributors first and then Mark deserve all the credit --- the Female contributors first just because they are Female and therefore Superior of course!!! See? I want to develop a Femdom value type of etiquette here).

What I mean by "our blog" is that... I think we all have it all wrong. Instead of only waiting for new posts, we have to comment more. We have to role the ball. If I could, I would be a Female and just comment a lot, that way there'd be tons of Female comments. The point though is that Mark has given us this space in the Internet to come and be who we really are --- a Femdom well... kind of... community. That's I guess what the Femdom101 blog was about but Ms. Kathy deleted it this month and... this is now my favorite spot together with AS SHE PLEASES online. It's a Female-centered world and I am a Female-centered person who thinks just like the world spins around the sun, everything really to me spins around the Women, Ladies, Girls... and just like for centuries humanity didn't KNOW the world spins around the sun, well they didn't know that everything spins around the Females. So... with that established, I would like to ask the Females in this blog... what conversation topic would you like to bring up for us to comment on in the meantime while Ms. Jenny prepares her next post? We are all ears for You!


Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong in males being given the legal status of a Female child say but I do worry about reducing his authority in the home to one when there are children involved.

He should be there as a support to the real authority in the home.

As a Girl becomes a Womyn she must take on Womyns responsibilities and begin to grow.


Anonymous said...

I miss Ms. Nancy!
this post is a tribute to Her

Kathy said...

Why would any woman want a husband who acts more like a brother to the children than a father????


Anonymous said...

Kathy please come back at some point. We have learned so much from you and my wife identifies with you so very much! We discovered FemDom 18 months ago after 38 years of marriage and are amazed with the joy it has brought to our relationship! My wife has been so blessed by your example!
Thankyou Elaine and John

Tony said...

Ms Jenn,

I'm glad to see how you are dealing with the children in your FLH. My wife has 2 children (12 and 20) and, since we have been together (2 years), has been gradually exposing them to the fact that I serve, I obey and she rules. I hope to be writing about this in more detail soon. But it's good to see that someone else is dealing with this in a honest, mature way.

And to Ms Kathy, I second what Elaine and John said. We mssi you too. Your discussions with Becky about her father and his role in the household helped prompt us to be completely open with our girls. There is nothing to be afraid of; instead I feel proud and I know the girls appreciate how I respect their Mother and how I respect them.

Anonymous said...

Missing you all! No posts lately but will keep checking

Mark Remond said...

Anonymous & Others -
I apologize for the lack of new posts. I'm working on it. Just like you I check every day for the email to bring me some new ones... I am assured the "posts" are in the mail!

Anonymous said...

Impatient to see those new posts but wishing you the best of luck, Ms. Jen... and Mark too

Obedient husband said...

So while we all seem to be pacing about like hungry zoo animals waiting to be fed, I propose we do something constructive.
I challenge each of my kindred submissive spirited brothers to identify and share one way in which you can be a better submissive to the dominant lady in your life.
I'll go first:
Yesterday, I was watching some news on TV when my wife and daughter returned home in good spirits, talking and laughing with each other. I got irritated that I could no longer hear the TV and grumpily sulked out of the room. I will apologize for this and vow that in the future I will remember that anything these ladies have to say is more important than anything on the TV. I will remember that I am so blessed that the sounds of their voices fill our home. Of course, I will also remember to voluntarily and cheerfully relinquish the remote whenever my wife is present. I will also frequently remind myself that my role is to serve and obey.
We're both much happier this way.

Who is next?

Anonymous said...

Can't help but wonder why all good writers and blogs on matriarchal living and relationships always seem to vanish... whether 'around her finger' updates, spouse club, AU876, Ms. Becky, etc., etc. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if the lifestyle is just not working out and they become alienated...Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I second that... I think its just like out of a fucking billion English speakers globally about 10 people had a Femdom blog and 0 actually are serious about it.

Dammit all we're askingfor is an authentic Ms. Kathy tyype of Woman to blog once or twice a week but the odds are less than one in a billion... just to show you how special Ms Kathy, the only female non porn blog out there (bc allmine is almost porn these days) is

Ob. Hus: thanks for your brave taking over but we need female writers. What is happening is not yor fault, not Mark's, just... Females hate real life blogging or real life femdom, idk...


Alex said...


I want to apologize publicly for my comment because it came out as though I was complaining about Mark Remmond's blog, even though my intention was just to state that we are in lack of Female bloggers in our lives and in the internet, not to put down the male bloggers nor to put down Mark or Obedient Husband. I am quite ashamed of the way my comment came out and I am blushing right now at the horrible way I said it. I guess I also screw up sometimes, which are the times when I really need some Female guidance the most.

I am sorry to all of those who are ashamed of my horrible comment and would like it if I could just take it off... since I can't take it off, I take it back.

Obedient Husband, thanks for the idea that we should all post something. I will also post later on.
And Mark, I really, really hope you are not offended.
You are a great blogger. We all know that.

Alex said...

I also feel ashamed of what I said about allmine blog. Very ashamed.

Mark Remond said...

Alex, no apology needed. I am gratified to read how passionate you are about this topic, and that you care about the state of this and other FLR blogs. I also lament the infrequency of posts here -- but do expect to hear again from Ms. Jenn, who is on family vacation... oh, and I, too, am happy to see that Ms. Kathy has restarted Femdom101 and approves of Alpha_by_Day's recent post.

Alex said...

Mark, you are so cool! I admire you! Thanks so much for those kind words. From your mouth to the ears of a strong, domineering and gorgeous Woman!

Obedient husband said...

To Alex,
No worries mate.
Thanks for having the maturity and class to apologize.
We all have our moments.

Oh, if you look at the bottom of each of your posts, you should see a small "trash bin" icon that will allow you to delete your own posts.

Forgive me if I err, but I infer from one of your comments that you may be unattached and yet seek your better half.
If you haven't already, may I suggest you read Mark's book, "Worshipping Your Wife"?
I think this is excellent reading for any submissive male seeking a dominant lady.
I'm also reminded of Elise Sutton's guidance to "seduce her dominant nature".

Best wishes Alex

BOB said...

Great post! I hope that MS Jenn can post some more about her family

Mark Remond said...

Bob - Ms. Jenn has promised to post in future. I'm being patient.