Wednesday, August 7, 2013


My recent trip to Crete, I’m glad to report, was a resounding success with regards to my servitude to my wonderful girlfriend, Sarah, and her Matriarchal FamilyJennifer (Sarah’s sister) and Linda (their mother). I thoroughly enjoyed two weeks of waiting hand and foot on my superiors—just as the Ladies enjoyed having their faithful male servant working 24/7 for their benefit and comfort.

Over and above the nonstop Female-led activities going on in our holiday apartment, there was an unmistakable and delightful example of Female on display most mornings for  all of us to observe while enjoying our breakfast.

Just across the street a gift shop was opened at about the same time each morning by two Women, a girl and two boys. Just who was in control was obvious from the outset. The Women pointed their fingers and snapped orders, and the two boys worked rapidly and obediently as directed—shifting heavy clothes rails into position, struggling to carry heavy boxes and lining up numerous racks of gifts, all the time watched and worked by the Women.
As for the Girl (their sister?), she spent most of her time sitting down, sipping iced coffee, only occasionally joining the Women to suggest that something might be better repositioned. The obedient males were quickly summoned to carry out this “donkey work.”

My wonderfully Pro-Female family thoroughly enjoyed this display of male subservience and commented on how natural and right it looks—and how natural it is—for males to work for, serve and obey Females. Linda, the supreme Matriarch of our clan, suggested that “the only thing missing is a whip in each Woman’s hand!”
 I replied, with some trepidation, “I don’t think they need whips; they have their males fully trained.”

I must apologize for the brevity of this posting. Since our return from Crete, my life has been even more hectic. Not only is Linda making the most of her position as Matriarch and keeping her male servant hard at work, but she has loaned me, free of charge, to a Female friend of hers—an artist. Not for housework, as has happened many times before, but to model!

So—last week I posed nude for this woman and two of her friends (luckily I keep myself in shape). And Linda has just informed me that next week there will be at least seven Ladies drawing me.

I admit it—I’m terrified.


ritemate said...

Kudos to you, you’re really making yourself useful to you Superiors.
This is the natural order; I’m glad to hear you’re submitting to it.

Obedient husband said...

Hello Sam,
I'm just wondering.... what do you do when you simply get tired? I mean, even the truest of submissives need some down to relax. How do you stay motivated to serve? I don't recall that you're married, so you're legally unattached. I don't recall that you've ever hinted that there is a sexual component that keeps you motivated.
I appreciate your posts, but something, to me, just doesn't ring true. Being self-motivated is an admirable quality, but remaining self-motivated to be a servant is simply unrealistic. So, back to my original question, where is the motivation coming from?
Thanks for sharing.
P.S. I'm jealous of your being "ordered" to pose nude for the benefit of some lady artists. I keep myself in great shape and am "submissively proud" of my body. It would be quite a compliment and very exciting to be put on display.

Anonymous said...

From the person formerly known as Obedient husband--I am currently "lawslave"--anyway there is much speculation that Ancient Minoan society was Matriarchal. Perhaps your shopkeepers are their descendants--as to current Obedient Husband's point above, isn't serving supposed to be its own reward? Still even if the shopkeepers did not hold whips, I hope Sarah, Jennifer, and Linda do.

Alex said...

Did Anon just say Obedient Husband changed names?

I loved this post. Hope they do have a whip... and use it from time to time. Nothing like serving 3 demanding Women with a whip. I also wished I had 3 Women with a whip to serve from time to time... so erotic!

Sam said...

Hi obedient husband, I do get plenty of time to relax. I am not literally expected to work 24/7 and Sarah, Jenn and Linda are by no means lazy, they are always on the go. Sarah is my girlfriend, so there is plenty of sexual attraction to keep me going and Jenn and Linda have no qualms picking on the male sex and so keeping my submissive nature always wanting more.

No whip I'm afraid but I have been whacked with a belt many times.

Anonymous said...

Did ayone check Femdom101? Wow, what a lady!

Alex said...

Ms. Kathy can melt a man into melted chocolate. She's the Boss!


PS we miss this blog! Anything new?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I have found that it's often the everyday ,casual, moments of "female Supremacy" , that are often the most interesting and erotic.

Nowdays when visiting couples that i know, i often find the husband doing housework while his wife relaxes.

I hope that you are able to share more of your experiences with the readers here

Anonymous said...

Sam, thanks for sharing the details of a fantastic vacation. I have to agree that it does seem very natural and right for men to serve women, and I can understand how women would enjoy seeing males in subservient roles.

Hope to read more of your comments in the near future.


Anonymous said...

I like that there are no formal specialised punishment implements just normal everyday implements like belts or hairbrushes.

It is as it should be and I have seen similar on holiday. We have to remember this is natural for the sexes and thus can be seen anywhere in the world at one time or another.

Yes emphatically the Minoan civilisation was Matriarchal and peaceful. There is a trough to be found next to the throne and I can easily imagine a male laying in it to receive a libation from a priestess or other woman of high rank.


BOB said...

Once again, i would like to say what a great post this was. I like the fact that Sam doesnt just restrict himself to serving just one lady

I myself am a carpenter.And its always been common for me and/or my male friends who are carpenters, to be "Loaned out" by our wives or girlfriends. Our wives/girlfriends will get a call from a female friend about needing something fixed or needing a deck built,ect. And our wives /girlfriends "volunteer" us without bothering to ask our opinion

Us guys then spend the day building a deck,fixing some pipes,ect,ect, while our wives/girlfriends sit around and relax and converse with each other.

In the past few years ive even had two different occasions where my girlfriend "Volunteered" me to help a friend's husband clean house. Im guessing that more and more men will begin to be "Volunteered" for domestic chores

The women get to have an excuse to socialise.And so do us guys. I would rather hang out with a male friend and help him clean his and his wife's house , than sit at home watching tv

I would add that the friends that i know are simply ordinary people.And not especially openly "kinky". The wives/girlfriends are generally in charge. But they dont describe themselves as "female Led". They just ARE. And they tend to take it for granted