Sunday, July 20, 2014


No matter Her occupation, age, education, or political point-of-view, it’s a rare Woman who doesn’t love shoes, particularly high heels. Some men, for whatever reason, are inclined to criticize Women about wearing high heels and to trivialize their doing so. Women suspect that secretly men are envious of Women for their footwear options, which more than one Woman has told me is “part of the fun of being a girl.”

Men would be wise to try and understand the many shoe options Women have. Once they do, they, too, will be mesmerized by them. Only Women deserve the beauty, artistry, power, and sex appeal of their shoes. Whether the classic pump, the strappy sandal, a casual flat, or a contemporary platform, their shoes pay tribute to the superiority of Women.

With one exception, Women’s shoes are off limits to the lesser male gender. That exception? His having the privilege of caring for Her shoes. However, before we talk about caring for Her shoes, let’s cover a few points and dispel a myth or two:

Women have too many shoes – WRONG! Men are constantly telling Women that They have too many pairs of shoes. Men, as ever, are wrong! If anything, Women don’t have enough shoes!
§  Why the need for so many shoes? – Women’s shoes are an important fashion accessory. Women’s shoes come in an endless array of styles, colors, and heel heights. Shoes complement Her outfit,t and different shoes are required for different situations. She’s likely to wear a mid- to high-heel pump to the office, change into a strappy high-heel sandal for an evening out, wear espadrilles on a summer day, or boldly
wear a six-inch platform for an evening of clubbing. A formal event might dictate She buy a pair of sparkling pumps, shoes that – to me – always bring to mind the “magic slipper.” A magic, glittering pump that, incidentally, i greatly enjoy slipping onto the delicate foot of my lovely Wife!

§  Color is important, too. She needs a variety of colors to complement Her outfits. She’ll likely have black, red, white, navy, beige, ivory, gray, taupe, or yellow. Nancy has yellow pumps purchased to go with a single dress She has. And then there are patterns, textures, decorations, and so on that add even more permutations. One can see that She can quickly accumulate a large number of shoes.
§  And then there’s style. She needs a variety of styles – the classic closed pump, peep-toe, slingback, again to complement Her outfits. So, yes! She does need six pairs of black pumps!

§  Finally, let’s mention heel height. Low heels are generally less than two and a half inches; this is a typical office heel. Mid heels are about three inches, while high heels are three and a half inches and higher. Nancy refers to the latter as “power heels.”
§  So how many pairs of shoes does a Woman have? It varies, of course. Imelda Marcos had more than 2,000 pairs, but the Women we informally surveyed had at least 40, typically 80, with the highest number being 160 pairs. At last count Nancy had 140 pairs, Her Mother, Sue, well over 100 pairs.

i’ve been taking care of Nancy’s shoes for some time. My doing so was a task i proposed and set out to do. Now caring for Her shoes – and Her Mother’s – is a part of my repertoire of personal service. For me, it’s a pleasure and a privilege to do so, It’s exciting to enter the walk-in closet in Her boudoir and be faced with row upon row of Feminine footwear.

Here are some tips for taking care of your Wife’s shoes:

§  Be Organized – It’s your job to organize Her shoes so She can see what She has and can easily make selections. This may involve new shelves or, as in my case, it required that I vacate the closet so it could be remodeled to accommodate Nancy’s shoes.
§  Keep an Inventory – While it sounds geeky, i use a spreadsheet on my tablet computer to inventory Nancy’s shoes. i know what shoes She has, where each pair is located, and what condition they are in. i rate shoes as A, B, or C. “A” indicates new or nearly new shoes; these only need cleaning and polishing. “B” indicates serviceable but older shoes that may need more work, a scuff or a minor mechanical repair. “C” indicates shoes with a serious flaw
that She should discard and replace. I keep a list of shoes to be replaced and regularly share this with Nancy. Note: i do not discard shoes without Her permission! Nancy may discard “B” shoes but usually donates them as they are still serviceable. “C” shoes are discarded, but I have asked for and received permission to keep some of these as decorations. Women’s shoes are works or art, aren’t they? One pair of black 4 ½-inch pumps adorns bookends in my office; another pair of red, peep-toe, four-inch pumps, worn though they are, decorate my nightstand; things of beauty, both! BTW: No, i’m not posting my shoe-tracking spreadsheet!
§  Check and Inspect – i select an outfit for Nancy each evening that includes two to three pairs of shoes. i’ll look over each pair and make sure it is clean, in good repair, and shined before She makes a choice. Since Nancy often drives in a low-heel pump and carries high heels to change into at work, i make sure both pairs are flawless before She leaves. i’ll carry Her shoes downstairs the next day and assist Her with putting them on, particularly if the
shoes She’s chosen have a strap or buckle. This morning task is an enjoyable gesture of love and service. Never do I feel more that i’m worshipping my Wife than when i kneel before Her and put on Her shoes. It’s a little gesture we both love!
§  Check and Inspect – Again! When She returns home, i remove Her shoes and retrieve Her second par from Her totebag. i wipe off Her shoes and at least clean them with a soft cloth and leather conditioner before putting them back in their place. i note any scuffs and scrapes and treat with appropriate polish or dye. If the shoes are in need of a mechanical repair, i take them to a shoe repair shop near where i work. If the shoes are not repairable, they are downgraded to “C” and replaced. Nancy does not wear “C” shoes ever!
§  Keep Appropriate Supplies – Keep a collection of polishes, dyes, conditioners, clothes, brushes, etc., with which to take care of Her shoes. i often accompany Nancy and Her Mother shoe shopping – very exciting! When they make a purchase, i ask the salesperson for the appropriate dye and polish for the shoes just purchased. If the color isn’t available or if i don’t like the match, i’ll take the shoes to another shop to match the color needed. Generally, upscale shoe stores will have a wide array of shoe-care products to ensure you keep your Wife’s shoes looking their best.
§  Be Aware of Winter – Cleaning is particularly important in the winter months. Take extra steps in the form of a silicon spray on shoe seams and an extra waxing of the main body of the shoe. Boots are particularly challenging given that lower-rise boots may have decorative fur and the like that needs attention after wearing.

Women’s shoes are a work of art and a celebration of Femininity. Going shoe shopping is just as much a pleasure for me as it is for Nancy and Her Mother. Many men try to discourage Women from buying shoes; i hear it all the time. i’m the opposite, though; i encourage the Women to buy shoes, and when they do, they can be assured that i’ll take care of them – all of them – and derive great satisfaction in doing so!  May i suggest that progressive gentlemen consider adding shoe care – Hers! – to their repertoire of personal service?



Surrendered Husband said...

Since I have a large number of neck ties which I have selected to accessorize a large number of suit or sport coat and shirt combinations I have no problem with my Queen having a large number of shoes to do the same thing.

The difference is that while a man's neck wear collection is only applicable for a semi-formal wardrobe a ladies shoes collection is for EVERY PART of her wardrobe casual or formal.

Tony said...

One of my responsibilities is taking care of my wife's shoes. We do not wear shoes in the house; they are removed and left at the front door. Each evening I retrieve her shoes worn at work that day, scrub the soles clean, wipe the instep with a damp cloth, let them dry, then polish or buff and put in her rack. She examines my work very frequently and lets me know when she is not satisfied. All of her shoes are cared for in this manner. As a final gesture to recognise her control, I lightly kiss the instep of each shoe before putting it in the rack. Like dennis, I love to go shoe shopping with her. She tries on many pairs before choosing and I am kept busy helping her and helping the clerk. She like me to fit the shoes on her feet, and this usually amuses the clerks too. When she finally makes her choice, she tells me that I am allowed to purchase these for her. I thank her, and sometimes, if she's in a playful mood or if I have annoyed her in some way, she requires a formal thank you in the presence of the clerk.
Shoe service of all kinds is a special way to please your wife.

Anonymous said...

Another great post for us shoe lovers! i almost swooned at the walk in closet full of shoes.

i also kiss my beloveds shoes before putting them away (heel and toe)

Don't know how you do it d. Thanks again


PS Still struggling with pink patent leather scuff - too afraid to do anything to make it worse!

clive said...

Although women's shoes are generally elegant and carry a certain sex appeal, I think the main reason why so much submissive guys love taking care of them is the symbolism behind it.

Cleaning or polishing someone's shoes has always been percieved as something humiliating and an act of showing deference. It clearly shows our devotion for serving our girlfriends and wives and reinforces our position in the relationship - she's the CEO, I'm just the shoeshine boy! It's a win-win situation for the ladies (as it should be) - their shoes are spotless and their men are in the right frame of mind.

Anonymous said...

Dennis; I understand and and share your role in life. You've been trained as a husband servant. While I was in service to Madame she would never dream of undoing all her training by embracing and/or kissing me. There were no moments of passionate fondling or cuddling. I loved her with all my heart but understood my position in her life.
Kissing her hand or foot was not only exciting for me but the proper show of respect between servant and Mistress.
I sense the same personal relationship. You are husband and wife to the world but Mistress and well trained servant, without any husband privileges within your home

Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to AW:

Try cleaning the scuff with a good leather cleaner and then applying a matching shoe dye. If the scuff can't be removed call it to Her attention and suggest that She purchase a replacement pair at Her convenience. She'll understand that scuffs and other damage can occur and that these are not always repairable. Just make sure She gets a replacement pair so when Her outfit calls for pink pumps that they are readily available.


Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to Tony:

Taking care of Her shoes is something i started doing for Her on my own. She's accepting of my doing so since She knows it's a way for me to do another special little thing for Her. Nancy rarely examines my work since, after all our years together, i understand what She expects and just do it. i don't short cut taking care of Her shoes just as i wouldn't take short cuts with any of the household tasks that constitute my daily routine. Nancy and Her Mother expect perfection and i know i'd better give it to them. While i take care of the Women's shoes, there's no ritual around it. i simply keep them cleaned, polished, and in order... i think the thing Nancy most appreciates is the organization i provide Her extensive shoe collection. She appreciates my delving into Her collections to identify things She's not worn in a while but that might coordinate nicely with an outfit She's chosen.


Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to Anonymous ("I understand and share your role...")

We seem to have differences. While i recognize my Wife's authority, superiority as a Woman, and understand the role i play in the day-to-day conduct of things we have a great relationship. It is mutually supportive and beneficial. She is my best friend and me Her's.

There are times when She expresses displeasure, makes demands, and has to admonish me but those times pass because under it all is a supportive, loving relationship.


Anonymous said...

I recently read this blog post and though readers of this blog would greatly appreciate it. Wow.

Anonymous said...

the woman in the black mini has perfect legs

Anonymous said...

Here's a blog post written by a man whose wife found a most entertaining use for her shoes when SHE isn't wearing them. She makes HIM wear them...naked and erect while serving her!

"Now, I have been thinking about what made this experience so erotically charged. I don’t feel any less a man than before, but I feel… more… vulnerable, exposed."

"Since then, even when I wear clothes around my Mistress, I feel naked in her eyes. She has seen me in ways that no one else has and she has made me cross these 'taboos'."

"It seems to me that some FemDom activities...are not so much about demasculinizing the man, so much as breaking down barriers, which can make the man more vulnerable and open (and dependant!) on the woman. Some of these barriers and boundaries are around gender roles and expectations."

So while high heels are certainly a symbol of female empowerment and authority...if used creatively, they can also be a tool for deepening male submission.

Anonymous said...

First, thanks for the tip about the shoes I will try it.

Second, the taboo thing, that chimes with me too, lots of excitement in that area to be had...break down those boundaries!


Andrew said...

I really enjoyed this. I'm new to this whole female dominated relationship thing (been eight months), and I'm glad I'm not the only one. When I first started trying to anticipate her needs, I made her breakfast and while she was at the table I put on her shoes. I slipped it on her foot and balanced it on my leg. Her shoes have some skin showing, so I caressed it while I put the shoes on, and I could tell she was aroused by this, by the turn of her foot. She asked what had gotten into me and I said, "I just want to show you how much I admire and respect you." And I bent down and kissed her foot. My wife has become so generous and kind since we started this, and it's good to hear ideas on how I can support her even more. I think she's still easing into it, not sure where the boundary is, but things have turned around so well I don't want to go back.

Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to Andrew:

you have inspired a future post... As for 'the boundary' it's where She feels most comfortable; you should ALWAYS take your lead from Her. Over time the position of that boundary can move as the relationship develops. Nancy and i could never have imagined so many years ago where we'd eventually get to, and we're still moving.

And you make a point that is often lost when one discusses an FLR; that being that She can be "generous and kind" - frankly this is the norm in most of the FLR relationships that we've encountered. It's very easy for a man to make his Wife/Girlfriend happy and most of it doesn't cross boundaries of any kind


Andrew said...

Dennis - No, I totally agree. The first week, what started our FLR was her saying something that hurt. I spent time not questioning and just listening to my fiance. I didn't know anything about FLRs at all. But during these past eight months I have really seen my fiance bloom into a way happier woman - I have fallen in love with her all over again. It reminded me what a beautiful person she is, how I really want a household designed around her values. Our situation is a little different, a little lighter, but I have really enjoyed being reminded of what a positive, generous, strong person she is. You guys have the right idea - accept her unconditionally, and support her!