Friday, January 16, 2015


An important gift-giving day is less than a month away, and most progressive gentlemen have already purchased and elegantly wrapped an appropriate gift for their Wife. Yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and She is definitely expecting something – something nice! She isn’t necessarily expecting something expensive since She most likely your spending money, but She is expecting a gift that shows you’ve denied yourself in order to give Her something special. Such a sacrificial gift is a nice way to worship Her and to thank Her for letting you into Her life; for letting you serve Her. Unlike Christmas, gifts on Valentine’s Day go one way only – from the man to the Woman. She’s not going to buy you anything, so don’t expect something – it’s better to give – to Her – than to receive.
What do you get a Goddess for Valentine’s Day? Traditional gifts work well:

§  Lingerie or a special peignoir, but don’t expect Her to wear it for you...

§  Jewelry – of good quality only! If you can’t buy quality, don’t buy jewelry! The elegance and quality of a piece must compliment the Woman. Once i mistakenly gave my Mother-in-law, Sues an inappropriate piece of jewelry as a gift. i was derided for it and had it thrown at me. It was a long time and many gifts before Sue forgave me for what She considered an insult. Don’t offend a Goddess!

§  A Trip to the Spa – at least a half-day visit – for Her and a girlfriend. Offer to drive them there and pick them up afterward, perhaps driving them to a dinner to cap off their day of pampering. Incidentally, this is to be a “Girl’s day” – you’re a chauffeur, not a participant!

While Valentine’s Day is important, it’s only one day a year. Gift-giving is year-around, providing numerous formal and informal gift-giving events. In our Matriarchal family these events demand elegantly wrapped gifts with a handwritten note or card. The following family holidays are opportunities for me to give gifts to the Women in the family and show deference and respect:

§  Wife’s birthday
§  Mother-in-law’s birthday
§  Mother’s Day
§  Aunts’ birthdays
§  Sister-in-law birthdays
§  Mother-in-law’s Day – fouth Sunday in October

§  Grandmother’s Day – first Sunday after Labor Day

Gift-giving is an important way to worship the Woman in your life, and the progressive gentlemen budgets accordingly. i set aside about 60% of my allowance for gift-giving throughout the year. i do housekeeping and borrow from Sue to get money for extra special gifts for Nancy, too. And gift-giving isn’t just for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Her birthday! A progressive gentleman will give his Wife numerous “no-occasion” gifts throughout the year. Why? Because She’s a Goddess! Isn’t that reason enough?

Consider doing the following:

§  Bring Her flowers – a nice bouquet is $15, and She’ll love it; Nancy gets a bouquet every few weeks, just because.
§  Send Her flowers – Women love having flowers delivered at work; i do this for Nancy every two months or so.
§  Get Her something She enjoys – a bottle of wine, fine chocolates, and so on; do this every six weeks or so. And don’t expect Her to share the wine or chocolates with you.
§  Buy Her something pretty – Again lingerie comes to mind. i’ve bought Nancy lingerie and hosiery. Every Woman likes a gift-wrapped box of fancy panties, hand-picked by Her man. Nylons and pantyhose come to mind, too. Get Her a new shade, a seam, or a texture. Oh, and don’t expect Her to wear any of these things for you – doing so is Her prerogative.
§  Send Her to the spa, as mentioned above.
§  Get Her something from your travels – traveling on business? Many airport shops have quality jewelry and accessories so you don’t have to come home empty-handed!
§  Buy something out of the ordinary – i found a pair of very sexy clear Lucite platform heels for Nancy and Her Mother. i wasn’t sure how they’d react but they absolutely loved them! So much so that Nancy called Her Girlfriends for an impromptu trip to the club so She could wear them in public. Sue called Her Girlfriends over for drinks just to show off Her platforms. i didn’t expect the Women to wear these shoes for me but they love them so much they
often wear them around the house, so it’s an added bonus for me! Nancy and Sue NEVER say “thank you” for a gift – why should They? They’re entitled to gifts! But They’ve told me numerous times how much they love the shoes! What more could I ask than to know i’ve pleased the Women in my life in some small way!

Hopefully this will be useful and spur you to provide your Wife thoughtful gifts as a way of showing your adoration of Her. There are other occasions as well, but they demand a very different gift from progressive gentlemen. We’ll discuss these in a future post.



Anonymous said...

Such confidence! I wither at the thought of a failed gift but am so envious that you got exactly the right shoe I bet you get to help them into and out of them too you lucky dog you. I try to make a handmade card once s month or so with poetry and a picture. I'm no artist or wordsmith but she likes the surprise of finding an envelope in her knicker drawer or on her pillow and I love the thrill of anticipation. The smile on her face is reward enough for me. Keep worshipping your Godess AW

Anonymous said...

Love your site! I am wondering if you are supportive of married Women having lovers outside of the marriage. Asking because of your comments regarding Her not modeling the lingerie gift to you.

Cletus Biggum said...

I believe in doing nice things for the woman in your relationship. I oppose buying into fake commercial holidays. Also gift giving is supposed to go both ways. Also any activity should be for both of you not someone outside of it.

tony said...

I buy all my wife's shoes. It's a requirement now, and most times she has me go shopping with her. I have even occasionally fitted her in stores, but only when she feels it is appropriate or wishes to make a point. She does not thank me either, like Nancy and Sue, but she usually likes a 'special' fitting after we get home and enjoys allowing me to show her how much I appreciate being given the opportunity to buy her shoes.

John Smith said...

I ordered especially for her an expensive set of platinum dainty necklace with diamond heart and a matching ankle bracelet to adorn her sexy feet. I am planning to surprise her by kneeling before her and put on the anklet before worshipping her sexy feet and soles.

John Smith said...

I ordered especially for her an expensive set of platinum dainty necklace with diamond heart and a matching ankle bracelet to adorn her sexy feet. I am planning to surprise her by kneeling before her and put on the anklet before worshipping her sexy feet and soles.