Wednesday, April 15, 2015


i’m Carol’s chief of staff – or bitch, if you will – taking care of both complex business tasks as well as performing the menial and routine tasks that need doing but are far below any Woman’s doing, let alone a Woman of Carol’s stature. Carol joined the company when it was owned by a large conglomerate and run by the good old boys who, incidentally, both She and i, as militant Feminists, despised. Recognizing Her talent, i mentored Her and as She rose through the ranks to eventually become one of a group of Women who would buy the company, turning it into a Woman-owned and Woman-run business,  i rose with Her, but as Her subordinate. My friend, tom, had a similar situation, and today we are the only two men in staff management although neither of us has the title of executive. Carol is building a Woman-run software powerhouse in an industry that is anything but.
My job is to do whatever She tells me to do and to do it efficiently and flawlessly, but for the most part i handle the daily routine without much supervision from Carol. Given their usual interface with me, most people see me as Carol’s administrative assistant, Her secretary, Her bimbo. And, yes, i do have all those roles but i do much more, most of it only seen by our executive staff. i have a routine of work that includes overseeing technology planning for our business, organizing and attending Her meetings, managing Her schedule, capturing meeting notes, overseeing Her new hire-and-mentoring programs for upwardly mobile Women in our company, and accompanying Her on out-of-town trips to check on our field offices.

And then there are all of the little things that Carol needs done. These tasks include making and serving coffee, keeping Her office clean, fueling and washing Her car, fetching Her dry cleaning, running errands, making sure fresh flowers are on Her desk, shopping, and even ironing whenever She needs an outfit touched up before a meeting or when we’re traveling.

When needed, i openly illustrate my deference to Her as an example of how staff should treat this powerful Woman – “Yes, Ma’am,” “Yes, Ms. Brown!” – and if staff doesn’t get the picture, i inform them very directly. i often serve as Carol’s escort at business functions, making sure She is always looked after and always informed. i know She needs to project confidence, power, and authority, and I am proud and privileged to help Her do exactly that. And i know She likes a differential male at Her side, taking orders, fulfilling requests, and keeping track of conversations and commitments; these functions are beneficial, of course, but so is my subtle show of deference, very important in a company that has a history of men-in-charge.

i arrange evenings out for Carol when we travel, providing dinners, entertainment, and diversions. i’ve been by Her side for years and know Her sizes, color and style preferences, favorite perfume, preferred wines and mixed drink, and the cuisines that please Her, and i know Her husband, family, women-friends, and boyfriends. i know Her plans, strategies, and tribulations; and i know when to loudly cheer Her and when to softly whisper in Her ear.

And then there are the times – few and far between – where i’ve taken a hit for Carol. On one occasion in our old male-run company, She made errors in a report and was taken to task by an overbearing male manager who was of the old school and didn’t want to see Carol make it. i stepped forward very publicly and took the blame, all of it – and the punishment – for the error. Carol appreciated what i did and that i did it in what was a male-run bastion of patriarchy; She knew that in doing so i endangered my own career . It was a demonstration of my loyalty to Her and one that i would repeat again if ever needed. Carol is one hell of a
Woman, and i’m pleased to serve Her as i do.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this awe inspiring message of devotion and level headed sacrifice on your part to your boss.

I have been in a position in the past where I felt that my ideas and thunder were being stolen. I might come up with an idea and a Female colleague would repeat what I had just said as if She had thought of it. My boss would then praise her later in the meeting fro coming up with it.

I have learnt to control my false pride and silly male ego and to accept that the compliment that a Woman has taken my idea or suggestion to heart and felt so comfortable with it that She thought the idea Her own.

Its good that you two males are not recognised as being executives as you are not making decisions and giving orders but taking them.

If we can take the load of our superiors minds by doing trivial and demeaning tasks that are beneath them then we all benefit when they can use all of their superior Female intellect.


Anonymous said...

Powerful women are such a turn on. Just doing routine work related chores for a female boss causes me to have an erection. How do you hide it?

Anonymous said...

Probably one of the best posts. Carol sounds like a great Woman who works hard and does as She pleases. She enjoys a loving husband, multiple boyfriends, and controls men at work. My only hope is that She raises Her children to understand a Woman's role and a man's role in life.

- George

Anonymous said...

You sound very much like the character Gary in tv show Veep. Assistant to Selina Meyer.

Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to Femsup:

We are not recognized as executives but we do have significant company responsibilities that pertain to technology and quality.

i've NEVER considered that Ms. Brown stole my ideas but rather that She adopted them to Her own situation and She is a proponent of attribution. She certainly has given me opportunities and supported my rise into management just as i have Hers. All things considered we're both simply 'team players' contributing to each others good and the good of the company.


Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to Anonymous ("You sound very much like..."):

i have never seen the tv show Veep so i can't comment other than to say in this and future posts i describe my work life with Ms. Brown


Anonymous said...

Dennis, you are a role model to all of my male business students.

Anonymous said...

I also compliment Dennis on this excellent message which clarified a few things as well. The comments too are excellent and to the point.

I particularily like: 'My only hope is that She raises Her children to understand a Woman's role and a man's role in life.'

This is an issue we are now dealing with in our household in a slow, methodical manner, not rushing, but being clear in explaining the man's role in the household and the Woman's status and role.

Anonymous said...

So glad She has boyfriends!

Anonymous said...

It certainly sounds as if Carol values your assistance and dedication. I hope she compensates Nancy well for all the hard work you're doing.

Mark Remond said...

Lady Susan (dennis' Mother-in-Law) responds to Anonymous just above:

Dennis enjoys working for Carol. It's a big part of the benefits package, and yes, she pays Nancy well.

Mark Remond said...

Lady Susan responds to Anonymous ("So glad she has..."):

More women than you think have boyfriends, and they have for decades. Your wife probably has a few boyfriends, too.

Alex said...

Ms. Susan,

I was thinking that what you said must be true and that supposing about 50% of the population is Female (a bit more) and the rest are not then supposing more people are married the older the demographics go and supposing it's permisible and even good maybe for Superior Women to have boyfriends besides their hubbies but not for boys to do so because they should remain faithful by their Owning Lady (Wife) and supposing they actually do that then all that leads mathematically to Older Women having to date younger boys.

What is your opinion on such arrangements?

I for one can tell you it makes me melt in submission to see the roles being played there. I am big into Cougaring... I really feel like an older Woman having young "eye candy" She dominates is a big Femdom theme.

However, I kind of feel like Cougars and Female Domination are in popular culture of today not very much linked like say, cuckolding and Female Domination or other themes are.

Edward said...

Dennis your last paragraph where you explain how you took blame for Carol truly shows your full devotion to women, and just how fully entrenched in you this is. i commend you so much for this.

i learn so much from Lady Susan, Nancy, and you with every entry you post. You are an inspiration to me, and I'll remember your commitment to Carol if a situation ever arises where i am employed. Like you i am in a subordinate position to a woman now where i work, however she is not as demanding as Carol. i hope i would be man enough, and accept public blame, and humiliation to protect my female boss also.