Thursday, July 31, 2008

Josie and Clemmie

I’m featuring passages from two writers, one famous, one obscure, both describing eerily similar scenes of a willful, authoritarian young woman laying down the law to her soon-to-be husband.

The first is from a short story called “Walter” by a gifted writer pseudonymed “Eosuchus.” You can find his blog here, along with a sampling of his short femdom fiction (though not “Walter,” which bears a 1997 copyright by Permian Systems). I’ve trimmed the passage slightly for space.

The second excerpt is from Clemmie, a 1958 paperback original by the late, great mystery-thriller novelist John D. MacDonald, author of the well-known Travis McGee series and a particular favorite of mine.

Wouldn’t it be delicious to have Clemmie and Josie meet and compare dominant notes? Or, alternatively, the men under their thumbs, Walter and Fitz?

Josie (from “Walter” by Eosuchus):
Josie [Brooks] knew she had work yet to do, before [Walter] would be worth marrying. She had a very clear picture of the kind of marriage she wanted. She would the Queen of that household, also the Judge and the CEO.

"You're going to be my lovely husband, Walter. You'll do what I want and you'll obey me in everything. I will take good care of you, my darling, but you will submit to me and serve me in all things… [You’ll] change your name when we're married… Yes, your male pride is gonna take a beating." She giggled and pouted those big red lips at him. "That's not the only thing that's going to get a beating, either," she said slyly and moved across the room and sat beside him, crossing her legs and smoothing her skirt… “You come here now and get over my knee. You know what I have to do."

"Josie, please." He was sweating.

"Walter, you are just making it worse for yourself. If we're late for the restaurant because you refuse to accept your punishment then I shall be very angry indeed."

Clemmie (from Clemmie by John D. MacDonald)
Clemmie stretched and leaned back and smiled at him. “It’s time I was married, Fitz. And you’ll do nicely. You can have a lovely time being Clemmie’s husband. But you won’t own me. If I want to go out, I’ll go out. And if I want to go on a trip, I’ll go on a trip alone. You’ll have no complaint coming, and no complaint to make. And you’re going to try in every way you can to keep me from being bored, because you’re going to learn that when I’m bored, I’m not pleasant to you. That will be a very simple conditioned reflex for you to acquire. And we will live precisely the way I want us to live, and there will never be any complaints, because you never had it so good. And if from time to time, you happen to feel any cute little horns sprouting, it’s because you’ve been boring and stuffy and tiresome. As you have the last few days.”

“Are you trying to admit what you did this afternoon?”

She got up quickly and walked over to him and stood with her hands on her hips, her face tilted up. “Now, you see, you’ve made me angry, dear, and that’s another thing. That’s a thing to be especially avoided. You’ll have to learn that…”

In keeping with 1950s American mores, MacDonald has this male character finally break free from Clemmie’s clutches (after she tosses him a soiled pair of her nylons and lectures him in the finer points of hand-washing them) and reassert his manhood, albeit shakily.

Eosuchus has no such qualms about female supremacy. Josie Brooks utterly triumphs over poor, broken Walter, as is made clear in the last seven words of the story: “…he bent before her in complete submission.”

Both highly recommended.


enoch said...

You know, John D. MacDonald also wrote "The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything" which had a character kinda similar to Clemmie, who just overwhelmed and dominated the hapless protagonist for a short time. Of course, as with "Clemmie", he "escapes" in the end.

Mark Remond said...

enoch, I'm impressed. I forgot that character. I'll have to reread it. It's one of my favorite sci-fi or speculative fiction stories, and when I post this, I'm gonna check imdb for it. I can't remember if it ever got made under that title, but if not, it was in the works. And there have certainly been copycat movies and TV shows... which, I hope, were actually adaptations, paying to JDM's estate... mainly an artist son living in New Zealand.

enoch said...

The dominating woman's name was Charla, I believe, and she was after whatever his uncle's secret was (the gold watch, but she didn't know that). He escapes her scheme after accidently having sex with "The Girl". (I don't know how you accidently have sex with someone, but he did...) :)

Mark Remond said...

Thanks, enoch. Here's the imdb page for the TV movie with Robert Hays and Paw Dawber. Not sure if there's a video...

Burnsie said...

Accidental sex! LOL!

I read several of the stories by Eosuchus. OMG! So very hot and it's been on mind for almost 48 hours. Those are some intense stories, but I don't want to go that far.

By the way, I finished reading your book. I enjoyed it.

Mark Remond said...

Glad you enjoyed the book. It's fun knowing that, even if the royalties won't keep me in half and half for my coffee, I'm spreading potential happiness for couples... at least that's what I tell myself.

Yes, eosuchus is a gifted eroticist! I thought I might hear from him in response to this posting, but have not thus far.

And yes, I'm not ready to go that far either... though I'm certainly surrendering control and authority to my wife in every area of our marriage, and keep looking for ways to go deeper.

Burnsie said...

OMG! I read this whole story so intently, so OMG there's a fair amount this in my marriage already and Freya and I have fallen into it without even knowing it! That story was, except for the ball squezing part, awesome. Now I want Freya to get home from work so bad because I have an overwhelming hunger to serve and please.

Burnsie said...

Sorry, I was so excited that I forgot to give the name of the story.

"Have You Been a Good Boy?" by eosuchus

My wife asks me that very same question often.

Mark Remond said...

burnsie, your life with Freya sounds fantastic! Think she'd let you blog about it?

Burnsie said...

Blog about it? Umm, no. Apart from the snippets I occasionally post in a the SMTR forum, I don't see me blogging about our life.

Burnsie said...

I'm sorry if I sounded really abrupt. I had a personal blog (nothing to do with FLA) that I wrote for over three years. I closed it down in Jan 08. It fulfilled my needs for those 3 years, and then my needs changed. I really don't have the time, nor the desire to write a blog anymore. And I can say with 100% honesty, Freya would not approve and it's not something I would even mention to her.