Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Maniac vs. Dilettante

I’ve posted about taking “Baby Steps” and incremental wife worship, inching along, ever so slowly, the way the snail climbs Mt. Fuji.

Because, unless the idea for entering into a Female-Led Relationship originates with our wives, we husbands don’t want to spook the objects of our adoration.

But, truth be told, Wife Worship is a form of psychological mania, not a dilettantish pursuit or hobby. The idea, after all, is not simply to like and respect your wife, but to fall crazy nuts in love with her all over again – maybe even more truly, madly, deeply than the first time around.

To become obsessed by her… while — and this is the trick — contriving to appear pretty much sane and semi-normal in the process.

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