Monday, June 30, 2008

Pillow Talk & Pillow Moans

This is a postscript to the preceding post about another kind of role-reversal behavior observed in FLRs. Namely, that husbands are starting to gasp and moan and vent their emotions during the climactic moments of lovemaking.

Some husbands are being encouraged, or even manipulated by their leading wives into opening up in this way. Other husbands simply find themselves unable to suppress this unmacho behavior—or feel that they no longer have to suppress it, after years of doing so.

An interesting discussion of this behavior, from both sides of the bed, can be found at the new FLR message board, SheMakesTheRules.Com (an outgrowth of Barbara Abernathy’s Venus on Top Society ). I recommend interested readers, male and female, join the board and check out the thread (“from fantasies to talking vs. moaning,” which can be found under “Marriages and Relationships”). But perhaps the board ops won’t mind if I pass on a few snippets from the several provocative responses:

A woman posts: “And just as men love to hear a woman moan and make noise, we love hearing that kind of feedback from men. At least I do! I L-O-V-E to hear a man moan, groan, and cry out when making love... It comes across as positive feedback, and lets me know that my partner is most def into the moment!”

Two women echo this sentiment:

“I completely agree a 100%. And the thing is, if we are in a situation where I just want silence and he's talking, or I want him to tell me exactly what he's feeling and all I'm getting are moans, I tell him what to do!”

I love it when my lover moans, talks, shakes and loses control! I like to know that I am in total control of his pleasure, length of pleasure, and climax, after I have been satisfied of course. I also love to hear that he is mine... all mine to do with what I wish.”

A husband confesses: “My wife loves for me to make sounds in bed -- she's told me on more than one occasion that she wants to hear my release as much as feel it... which of course makes it more intense for both of us.”

Lesson for us guys: It’s fine, even great to vocalize during sex, but verbalize, too.


Susan's Pet said...

Since we are talking only of throes of passion, the sounds one makes are indicative of joy and pleasure. They can be used for you or against you depending on who your partner is and what his or her purpose is.

I make sounds under these circumstances, and it is because it is natural, and also, because my wife appreciates the feedback on the pleasure that she gives me. If it turned out that she perferred me to be silent, I would be silent. Again, we are all different, and our motivations are also different.

Mark Remond said...

Susan's Pet,
I think my wife appreciates my impassioned and semi-coherent feedback, vocalizations and organic purrs, but she remains quiet, except for the wonderful choral coda of completion, to be alliterative. The contrast between us -- me blurting out undying pledges of devotion, her being placidly silent -- is another example of the power exchange or even role reversal. But... I think she likes it. I sincerely hope so!