Wednesday, January 22, 2014


i regularly help out one of my mother-in-law Sue's friends who owns a woman's clothing boutique. At Christmas it's coordinated outfits, at Valentine's Day it's lingerie. It seems there are always a lot of clueless men coming into the store looking for gifts. I match up outfits for the men, ensuring that their wives or girlfriends get something special; and, of course, i also maximize the money the men spend at the store. i make no apology for this. In fact, i'm always looking for ways to max out a guy’s credit card or empty his wallet; the woman in his life deserves nothing less. After all, what's the average guy going to do with money in his pocket? Probably spend it at the bar or sporting goods store. Far better that the woman in his life has a great outfit and accessories.

My benefit from all this? Well, plenty! Sue gets my earnings and store
discount, but i gain knowledge. i've learned so much about coordinating women's clothing that Nancy now trusts me to choose her daily outfits and pack her bags when she's going out of town. In a world where most husbands don't even know the size of their wife's bra and pantyhose, I think that's a real compliment as well as being another way to serve my wife.

By the way, i serve women at the clothing store, too. They don't expect much from a man, but are soon surprised that i have the same coordination skills as the female associates and do a darned good job of gift wrapping! It's another way to please and serve women at, i might add, a great price since the women get our best prices and discounts.

But the real benefit is serving women and, through my service-oriented behavior, showing them how men should treat women. My training at home is a huge help here. Women are initially skeptical that a man can properly serve them, so it's always a treat to see their attitudes change. I have women coming into the boutique who are even willing to wait for me to serve them, or who come in and specifically ask for me. That is truly flattering!

What do i do to merit this? Well, i look at every woman coming into the shop as a Goddess, someone to be served, someone to be addressed as "Ma'am" or "Madame." Women are the superior sex and men should be serving them. my experience at home makes this second nature. One of the niceties i’ve introduced is serving coffee and tea to our customers; i have a little setup in our kitchenette and will offer our female customers beverages on china, not Styrofoam cups. It makes their waits more tolerable during busy times. "Ladies, may I serve you coffee or tea?" is a greatly appreciated gesture. Women don't expect this of a man although they deserve it. i've told them that they should have husbands or boyfriends doing the same—my little plug for their taking more control!

Nancy's advice, "When women talk, shut up and listen" works particularly well at the boutique. It allows me to offer advice and work with our customer to coordinate things. i'll comment on colors, bags, accessories fragrances, and, of course, shoes, encouraging but never pressuring. i'll spend as much time as needed helping customers, whether it's a woman making a quick purchase or one who tries on nineteen pairs of pumps without buying one. When this particular woman apologized for trying on all those shoes, i told her no apology was needed. Far better that she be satisfied than make a purchase that didn't delight her. And I told her that it was my privilege to serve her. "You mean that, don't you?” she said.
"Yes," I answered, "I do." That woman has spent hundreds with us since that encounter. I love serving her; she can try on all the shoes she wants, whenever she wants.



BOB said...

Years ago, i was between jobs and between towns. And i stumbled across a job at a laundromat. They needed someone to work in the wash& fold service

Since there were a lot of college educated business women in the neighborhood, about 50% of my customers were women. And when you included couples, my female cusotmers slightly outnumbered my male customers

One doesnt need "skill" to wash,dry and fold clothes.One mainly needs a desire to do a good job. Like the old fashioned valets of old who took pride in their service to their employers

And as someone who was just discovering their submissive desires, i began to quite enjoy washing these ladies's clothes. They began to depend on me for doing their laundry in a hurry so that they could have an outfit for a business meeting or a date.They would even ask my advice about which outfit to wear

I worked this job for two years while also working side jobs as a carpenter. Which was one reason why i never thought of my laundry job as being "sissy". There is no reason why a man cant frame up a house in the morning and wash ,dry and fold laundry at night. Just like there is no reason why a man cant build a deck during the day, and then come home and take his tool belt off and switch to an apron, in order to wash the dishes for his wife/girlfriend

I quite miss that job.

BOB said...

I would add to my comment by saying that i noticed something while working at the laundromat

There was no "line in the sand".But for the most part, with married couples who were born before 1965[a rough date] it was usually the wife who did the laundry.The younger the couples were, the more likely it was that the man did all, or most of the laundry.

I remember helping one male friend do his laundry.He than asked me to help him move some furniture at his house[i was about to get off work].So i did so.I asked after his wife.And he replied that she was at a local club.One that featured male strippers.

This particular guy always did all of the housework and laundry. He moved out of the area a few years back. But i heard from a mutual friend that he left his job as a carpenter and is now a stay-at-home-dad. His Wife made more than him.So it made sense for him to be the one at home.Since day care ate up all his earnings

For the guys in their 20s and 30s, i dont think that laundry was a big deal for them.And they seemed to realise that doing the household laundry was an easy way to earn "brownie points" with their wives. And the younger generation doesnt find it odd for a husband to do the housework and laundry.

And many of the younger guys used the laundromat as an excuse to hang out with their male friends while they all did their, and their wive's/girlfriend's laundry together.Just like women used to

It may be a different story in some rural areas.But my experiences have all been in big cities or medium sized towns And the laundromat that i worked at was in a medium sized town

Alex said...

I think these types of things are becoming more and more usual. Look, once an advertisement like this would have never aired:

The Female Domination lifestyle is at least KNOWN more if not practiced by all, but known more by all (or by most) people. People now know there is such a thing as BDSM and I think it's a matter of time until it's out in the open. Kind of like with Lesbians and their counterpart homosexual group of non-Women (haha, they're great too).

The matter of fact is that just like you, Bob, experienced getting to know that couple where the Female was clearly dominant in Her relationship, and seeing those guys who do the chores and take on somewhat of a role-reversal, so too are many people all around the world (that advert was European, someone from France posted it on Facebook and it seems to have aired in England by the accent). I can tell you I went to a munch this week in Jerusalem (yes, some of you have a very "religious" view of Jerusalem but we are human beings here too) and this is the ONLY BDSM munch in Jerusalem. It started a few months ago with a few people, mainly older couples... it was started by a wonderful Canadian Girl who is Dominant (or switch? can't remember) and guess what... by now we are much more people... still not MANY but it's growing... I bet you 10 years from now it will be laughable to think that in any city or town there would be just one munch once a month and that there'd be a few people. It's kind of like the Internet... anyone remember what it was like 10 or 15 years ago? How fast has it grown?

Ms. Kathy posted this week something about taking the Wife's name. That is such a brave, lovely, and clearly Femdom idea! I'd love to take a Woman's name as a clear brand of her Female Ownership of me and Her House. I could be Alex of the house of (Sara).


Anonymous said...

I did have one qualm voiced before. Taking money away from a male might mean taking it away from his partner who might have given it to him and away from his children. So bamboozling a male might have other un thought of consequences.

I remember the conspiratorial smiles between myself and a male shoe salesman under the guidance and authority of the Female shoe shop owner.

Even as a boy I could see his gentle demeanor and subservience to his boss and women. It was lovely to see and feel I knew what a fellow subbie felt like.


Obedient husband said...

Nice post Dennis.
I once owned a "running specialty" store.
While my focus primarily was getting the right type of feet into the right type of shoe (biomechanically speaking), there was always a secret little (submissive) pleasure to helping the runner girls.

It was a successful business, but the inherent stress of retail eventually got the better of me and I sold it. Today it is "the place to go" in a certain city for running shoes.

mister rodgers said...

Hi i wanted to comment and not sure if mine went through. See what happens when my Wife isn't here to lead? Haha. Anyway i have been in a WLM for 14 years. First 10 years were mild. She always controlled all the money. Later 3 years have been steeper. This last year has been straight servitude. I stay home full time and love to be Her's. We are still mild - compared to some.

Anonymous said...

How are you mild? How is it complete servitude?

I miss the posts by the Women. Does anyone know what happened to them?


Alex said...


I have a question.

There is this Lady I met at a bdsm munch and she is Dominant and we are dating.

Who has insights as to how to approach the Femdom situation? I have only dated her once but she is clearly into Femdom... except I am embarrassed to blatantly talk about it and kind of ask her to please address the elephant in the room. I went to a Munch because that is what I want, an OVERT, not a COVERT Femdom relationship, but I don't want to top her from the bottom so to say and for the time being it is all quite covert. I really need someone who will acknowledge openly and have me acknowledge that it is She who rules and that the basis of that authority over me is that She is the Female Authority of a Femdom relationship. That is the goal. Any insights?

Obedient husband said...

Alex, you're being a typical male.
Why is it that you can express your desires quite adequately to nameless, faceless strangers, but are afraid to express yourself to a real woman who is giving you her time.
I suggest being honest with her.
"My Lady, I attended the munch because I have a very real interest in exploring a female dominated relationship. If you are willing, I think we could bring each other some fulfillment. Of course, where we take the relationship is in your hands. You lead, I'll follow. I'm praying for the opportunity to serve you and be your submissive."

Openness and honestly rarely is a mistake.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Men should worship there wife's, and girlfriends too, love and can't wait to go shopping with us! When we say hold my or our purse you are going to do it right? Renee Z. ( if you need help? Here I'm !