Thursday, April 10, 2014


Learning to serve not only provided me the basis for a satisfying lifestyle within the family, but gave skills that had immediate practical value.

When i returned to college after a particularly grueling weekend under Joan’s tutelage, i noticed an ad for wait staff at an upscale country club near campus. The country club had a reputation for paying staff well and for well-to-do members who generously tipped for good service. i put a brief resume together, highlighting my college work, extracurricular activities, and many of the skills i’d learned from Joan.

The next day, dressed in a black jacket, white shirt with cuff links, and a red bow tie—Joan’s influence again—i personally visited the country club and engaged the well-dressed, middle-aged receptionist.

“Excuse me Ma’am, i’d like to express my interest in the wait staff position,” i said, offering Her my resume while noting some of my skills. i expected to simply introduce myself and leave my resume, but She told me to wait. Shortly another Woman came and took over the receptionist's desk, freeing the Woman who’d been perusing my resume.

It turned out that the “receptionist” i first encountered was the Woman in charge of hiring for the position! She’d only been sitting in for the Woman who normally staffed the front desk and was appalled at the disheveled, poorly motivated students who’d come to the desk before me to ask for an application or to leave off a poorly written resume. She liked my “Excuse me, Ma'am” much more than the “Hey, Lady” She'd received from other applicants. Others thought they were dealing with administrative staff that they could talk down to; Joan and Sue had taught me that all Women deserved respect, no matter their position, and that a Woman is NEVER talked down to! EVER!

After glancing at me and my resume, She granted me an immediate interview, leading me into Her large, well-appointed office. She introduced Herself as Katherine Hobs (not her real name). She was immediately familiar to me as a Woman who regularly appeared in the society pages with Her well-to-do, but boorish-looking attorney husband. She invited me to call Her Katherine, but i would have none of it. i was in the presence of a Goddess and wanted to address Her accordingly, telling Her that i felt more comfortable addressing Her as Mrs. Hobs. She smiled and nodded Her approval, but i'd only use “Mrs.” for a few more minutes. When Her Feminism became obvious, i suggested that, in lieu of “Mrs.” i address Her as “Ms. Hobs.” She agreed. i call Her “Ms. Hobs” or “Ms. Katherine” to this day.

She motioned me to sit down on a low chair without arms next to Her desk. Perhaps the low chair was coincidence, but i suspected—and now know—that this Woman knew something about power and the impact of a low chair on the person sitting in it; i had learned of the power exchange that takes place in such a situation from Joan and Sue.

“Before we get started,” Ms. Hobs said, “may I serve you a cup of coffee or tea?” I rose and said,“I would enjoy some coffee, Ma’am, but only if I may serve myself and You as well!”

With a surprised smile, She agreed, again turning Her attention to my resume. She had a beautiful sterling silver coffee service on the credenza. Taking a clean cup and saucer, i poured coffee and placed the cup and saucer and cream and sugar on a small, but ornate tray. Placing a linen napkin over my wrist, i returned to Her desk where I added cream and sugar as She directed. i placed a linen napkin on Her desk and then the cup of coffee.

“Here you are, Ma’am, please enjoy!” i said to the stunned Woman who responded, “Our head waiter could not have done a more elegant job!”

“My pleasure, Ma’am,” I said, while thinking “Your head waiter likely wasn’t trained by an impatient Goddess with a quick temper and a leather slapper!”

Ms. Hobs motioned me to sit while She completed Her review of my resume.
When She was done She rolled Her chair in front of me and crossed Her legs. Ah, the power of shapely Female legs in a skirt, heels, and pantyhose! She was indeed intimidating;  looking down at me, She began Her questioning.

Ms. Hobs asked about my experience serving and where I had acquired it. “Working as both a servant and housekeeper for a private family,” i told Her, adding, “i can get references” – well, I hoped Joan and Sue would give me a reference! I’d included my Feminist activities on my resume, and She seemed very interested in them, asking many questions. She considered Herself a Feminist and commented that too few men were in the Movement; i agreed. She later admitted that She had been very skeptical about this part of my resume, but my being conversant on the topic quickly convinced Her otherwise. We discussed a variety of Feminist issues, our must-read Feminist books, and expressed an abhorrence of Patriarchy and a desire to see more Women ascend to leadership positions, both agreeing this would have positive impacts on society.

Then the interview got back to practical topics associated with serving. Ms. Hobs delved into the specifics of setting a table, serving drinks, presenting a wine, clearing a table, courtesies when serving Women, and so on. She was particularly interested in my serving Women since the country club had numerous Female members and spouses; at lunch two thirds of the tables were all Female. Knowing that She had problems with some of Her male wait staff when it came to serving Women, i assured Her She'd have no such issues with me.

She wanted to know specifics and mentioned a number of things i might do to show deference to Women and make Their dining experience a good one:

·         Express a willingness to serve Women, “How may i serve You Ladies?” And always follow up with good service.
·         Always use proper honorifics—Ma'am, Madame, Ladies, etc. Shockingly some of the current staff was remiss here!
·         Pull out chairs for the Ladies—basic chivalry but often not done by some current staff!
·         Engage in polite dialogue with Female diners, making suggestions, paying appropriate compliments.
·         Otherwise speak only when spoken to or when necessary to provide excellent service.
·         Look in on Female diners more regularly since many Women tended to not ask for help.
·         Serve Women first and then male diners; actually i'd never served a man before since men simply weren't served in Nancy's family.
·         Suggest that a Female guest select and approve the wine, a traditionally male undertaking.
·         Place the check in front of the Women as opposed to assuming that the male would be paying; that is, not making an erroneous assumption that Women were less able to pay.
·         Help Women after the bill was paid by doing things like getting their coats from the coat check and helping them put them on, as opposed to sending Female guests on to coat check to fend for themselves; i add a bit of unexpected service!
·         Order their car from the valet while they sipped a last cup of coffee.

And i made a suggestion that may benefit Female diners—the bell Protocol i learned in Nancy's family. i suggested that since Women were conditioned not to gesture or raise their voices that a small, elegant dinner bell be placed at all-female tables as a discreet and feminine way of summoning immediate service. Ms. Hobs loved the idea and would put it into practice.

After nearly two hours we parted with Her promising i'd hear from Her soon. In fact, when i returned to my dorm there was a message waiting, asking me to come in for an “in-service interview” in two days. i'd be serving Ms. Hobs and three of Her friends.

“Do well and the job is yours” Her message said. And i was instructed to visit the country club ahead of time to get fitted for a proper uniform—a tie and tux.

(Next: dennis appears for his in-service interview with Goddess Katherine.)


Anonymous said...

And just what does this post have to do with wife worship, female superiority, or FLR? This is just stupid. And how many men would have an opportunity to serve as this if he even wanted to?

Anonymous said...

The point for me is,using skills learned, to be of service to women.
eg. Wife led relationships

Mark Remond said...

Thanks, Anonymous No. 2 (just above). That's what I thought, too!

Surrendered Husband said...

Sounds like a Dream Interview and a Dream Job!
Especially if the restaurant is constantly filled with powerful ladies like that.

As far as addressing ladies I am not familiar with I always start with the 'Ms.' honorific. If it is something they do not like they will correct me. But I find very few who do.

Anonymous said...

GREAT story dennis, please ignore the idiots on this board, you and Ms. Nancy and Ms. Joan are amazing.. love you and can't wait to hear more :)

Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to Surrendered Husband:

It was a dream job from the perspective of serving Women and also in that it paid well. Serving Women is VERY important to me but so is money to a college student.

The Ms. honorific is now the norm but when i was in college, not all Women embraced it. i got to know many of the Women who regularly came in and asked what honorific they preferred - "May i call You Ms.Smith or would You prefer something else". Even if invited to use a Woman's first name, i politely refused to do so, "Ms. Jane" was OK but never simply "Jane". In fact my preference was always to use a Woman's last name with an appropriate honorific. It was easy to get a Woman's name from Her credit card receipt; i'd look at Her card and as i handed it to Her would ask, "Oh, is that Ms. Frederick"? and then commit Her name and honorific to memory.

Serving Women - at home, at work, as a part of a job, is what men are intended to do.


Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to Anonymous just above ("GREAT story dennis..."):

Yes, it was a real benefit of learning to serve Women in Joan and Sue's household. And it translates so well to so many other situations where men are privileged to encounter Women. This is especially true today where Women are increasingly in the workforce and in charge! Men are very likely to spend at least a part of their careers - if not an entire career - working for Women. A little politeness and courtesy go a long way. Feeling comfortable with deferring to Women has benefited my career immensely.


Anonymous said...

This is John (Elaine's husband) I wish there was some way I could express our appreciation for the posts from Nancy and Dennis, again you have transformed our marriage and our perspective of the patriarchal vs matriarchal dynamic ....we have so enjoyed, and look forward to your posts so that we can read them together.
Elaine's mother lived with us before her passing and she was so precious to us both, she lived in a patriarchal environment where clearly she should have been the leader, now that I realize the women on the maternal side of Elaine's family were clearly superior I so wish we could have had a relationship where my mother-in-law and wife were clearly in charge and directing our lives!
Although we are in retirement we feel like our life is just beginning because of Female leadership!
Thankyou for sharing and NOT allowing the negative comments from keeping you silent!
Love Elaine and John

Mknight said...

If I wanted to read erotic fiction I would go to Literotica. When is this blog going to get back on track?

Obedient husband said...

I enjoyed the post and feel that it is relevant to most any FLR. We may not all exactly share Dennis' experiences, but what if we strived to emulate his attitudes?

Alex said...


I'm sorry some people here enjoy Literotica better or have all the reasons to be rude to Dennis (and Mark) in their blog.

When you go to someone's house to eat do you say "oh, I should have gone to the restaurant down the corner because they have better soup than yours?"

Your wife should spank you!

Anyway, Dennis, I want to kindly suggest that blatantly rude comments against you or the blog be deleted. One thing is being critical or saying what you really think and another is just having no tact at all and insulting the blog and the people who put in all their effort to make it happen. Again, don't like it? Go to Literotica dot com but don't write that kind of comment here.

And by the way, I loved the post and I don't think it's fiction. But even if I did I would keep the opinion to myself and enjoy it just as much. Guess what, if it was fiction it wouldn't necessarily make that a bad blog or Literotica a better one.

Dennis, I kindly suggest you start deleting that kind of comment because although it's fantastic to be critical and it's fantastic that you are tolerant to criticism there is also a line between that and blatant zero manners behavior, which I hope is dealt with a whip by a dominant Woman one day.

pantyhoseslave said...

Please dennis, give us the next installment. Y'all are the BEST!! Praise Ms. Nancy :)

pantyhoseslave said...

Please dennis, give us the next installment. Y'all are the BEST!! Praise Ms. Nancy :)

Anonymous said... least per the above you have a new fan....

Alex said...

Ms. Kathy just wrote the most beautiful post on Her blog. It's amazing where She has gotten over the years. I know some people here like ignoring me when I post anything but I'd ask even those to make an exception for Ms. Kathy's sake, not mine, and go read Ms. Kathy's blog and thank Her (you know who you are, whenever I say anything here you just ignore it).

Yes, this is the right place to post this because there is an increased value on doing so here, since had it been on Her blog,
a) people here might miss it
b) it wouldn't stand out as much and this is like THE BEST post She's written in so long or maybe even ever and She writes great things a lot!

Thank You Ms. Kathy!

Obedient husband said...

Thanks for the referral, Alex.
Lady Kathy (from Femdom 101 blog) understands the psyche of the submissive male better than most anyone.

Alex said...

OH, thanks and yes, She does!


I know that a lot of the people in this blog are into Feminization (of themselves or of their males) and here is an article that I found that obviously has implications that are not hard to think about to do with the subject. They literally "made" vaginas in a lab for girls who were born (or for some reason had) certain vagina disorders and they have been functional 100% for years already, including -- everything (except giving birth, that's not discussed in the article) and obviously I'm thinking, "Gosh! When will they have these for people who were born with penises?"

I think this is a very good article to share with the community and I don't like posting links on people's blogs without permission (because it can deteriorate to spam very easily) but in this case it's really worth it and it's obviously not spam.

Dennis and Mark, I am interested in your opinion because although you normally don't talk about feminization a lot, even less about transgender and that topic, I'm sure it's something that at least causes curiosity to all of us no matter how personal or not we take the subject. I know for sure that I'd love to feel a vagina as part of my body one day, I just don't know how possible that is at the moment.

Mark Remond said...

Alex, first let me say that I do appreciate your loyalty to the blog and your frequent comments, even though I do not often respond. As for this topic, and that of feminization, it is not of particular interest to me, nor, I suspect, to dennis; but perhaps some other readers will respond.
PS. I'm away on a family trip, so must delay some planned posts of dennis' guest blogs.

tootsieboy said...

Have a good trip, Mark.

Alex said...

Mark, thanks that means a lot to me. I didn't know if you and Dennis were just angry at me (although I also didn't know why) or if it was just in my head so now I know it isn't personal... thanks!

Alex said...

Mknight so go to Literotica and leave us alone or open up your own blog the way you like it. Even if this is just erotic fiction fine, let me enjoy it. Why MUST you have it conform to your standards? The world doesn't work like that.

winston said...

Dennis, don't be disheartened by rude comments. As a young man I find your posts very useful. They help develop behavior and attitudes which will help men to find their roles in the coming matriarchy.
Learning humility and servitude is of great importance nowadays since women are getting in charge everywhere.

I also like your posts centered around a certain woman, such as Joan or Katherine and I'm dying to hear new things about Nancy or your boss Carol. Thank you for everything and keep up!