Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Regular reader and FLR blogger I’m-Hers (you can see his blog here) comments on dennis’ MORE PROTOCOLS—A GUIDE TO PROPER MALE BEHAVIOR):

Dennis, I struggle with your posts, especially in light of the fact that Mark’s posts have been filled with the understanding that male submission was for the express purpose of a better way to love the woman in one’s life. The protocols, the discipline, the expectations, the rules that you have expounded upon in this and previous posts fascinate me, but what I have failed to see with your and with Nancy’s posts in the past is “love” being a part of the equation. I’m sure you can respond and tell me that you love one another, and I do believe you must for your relationship to continue, but I sure wish for those of us that read that you’d incorporate that amongst the rules, bows, curtsies, and second-place status that males within your household reside. I don’t mean to criticize but I needed to express. Thanks

dennis responds:

Love is indeed in our relationship, and that relationship is a mutually fulfilling one with both of us fully accepting the roles and responsibilities we have. Doing as one is told and living for one’s Wife—is not that a sign of love? Is supporting Her career not a sign of love? Is serving Her and making Her the center of my attention, are these not signs of love? Is relieving Her of domestic duties so She can pursue a diversity of interests not a sign of love? Is sharing the many outside interests and causes we have not a sign of love? Is helping other couples who admire what we have and want to emulate our relationship not a sign of love?

These certainly are signs of love to my Wife and to me. It may seem that the rules and rituals are somehow overpowering, but you are viewing these things from the outside. From the inside i can tell you they are not overpowering—much to the contrary!  i can tell you that having some rules to follow that spell out Her expectations is a great way to ensure a tranquil household. We have gone down the path of life together and together we have gradually molded the lifestyle we have and love what we have made together. With each little thing i do for Her, with each new rule, we love each other just that much more. It is amusing to us that others question—and criticize—our lifestyle, and yet, in so many cases, our unconventional relationship endures and theirs does not.

What i am learning here is something that Nancy told me months ago, which is that i shouldn’t share too much of our personal relationship and interaction, instead limiting this to the close friends we do have. As always, Nancy is right.



Anonymous said...

Dear Nancy and Dennis,
My Wife Elaine and i, hope that you continue to post new articles and information about your lifestyle.
You have revolutionized our thinking, and understanding of marriage, and helped us so much in transforming our relationship from patriarchy, to being swept away by the joy and love of Matriarchy!
Thankyou you both we have discovered that my wife is from a third generation of dominate women and she has been the first to be encouraged to be totally open and expressive about her dominate and superior nature, ( that we are aware of) ......
We are so totally in Love as I learn to serve her, and again your sharing has helped us so much.
Please do not allow criticism by an extreme small minority keep you from posting
Love Elaine and john
Ps we "LOVE" the structure of protocols and rituals!

Mark Remond said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful comment! This is what fortifies me to keep going with this blog, and I believe it will do likewise for dennis and his beloved Nancy...

This is a note to Gale, who commented on the previous post --

Gale, would you be at all interested in doing 1 or a series of guest blogs on your female-led family, any and all aspects thereof?

As you may know, this blog has hosted several Matriarchal Mothers and Heads of Household -- Beckie Sue, Amanda and Jenn -- and would love to continue to explore this valuable aspect of Female Empowerment.

If interested, please email me at markremond@yahoo.com

I'm-Hers said...

Dennis, It is always good to 'verbalize one's love for another' and I am glad you took the time to do so. To answer your questions, the questions you posed to 'me' I might say yes or no but as an 'outsider' I trust that the service you provide is more than that of one feeling obliged to do so and more as one that 'desires' to do so because you love as you do.

I guess I have a bit of a wall when I read about some FLR in which it seems that the woman demeans and mistrusts the man who serves her, not that she shouldn't be careful (and I love that Katie questions and keeps a check on me). My questions came more out of the fact that I hadn't heard neither you nor Nancy state how much what you are doing, or how she is leading or expecting increases your intimacy. It is not for me to probe but since we are being public and transparent I felt it OK to pose the question. I hope no offense was taken.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dennis
Thank you for sharing with us all tantalizing glimpses into what I can only describe as Planet Martriarchy.

The life you lead is extra-ordinary in its female/male balance. As witnessed by the responses to your posts with readers basically asking is this fact, fiction or faction?

Please allow me to add my encouragement to keep on providing us all with such amazing glimpses into a very different culture.

You and Nancy have found a way of being that is obviously deeply enriching for both of you, and I feel fortunate to have been allowed to observe some of the daily rituals as encoded in The Protocols.

But more importantly, it’s fun incorporating parts into my daily life of wife worship. A lady offering her hand to be kissed by her kneeling husband is enchanting on the page and absolute rocket-fuel in the real world of love and home.

Long may you continue to blog.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I are close to three years of are FLR . This blog and Marks books were a big influence in how we started our new lifestyle. . I do hope you continue to share you your posts and thoughts .Thanks. RR

Alex said...

Super cool blog no reason to censor it

I don't know if you care about my opinion but it's that this blog rocks.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is not the end of the blog...