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(Part 1 related how Joan’s rigorous tutelage in proper serving etiquette gave dennis the confidence to apply for a wait-staff position at an upscale country club near his college campus. His training in appropriate male deference to women enabled him to make a favorable impression with Katherine Hobs, his prospective employer, and to prompt her to schedule an “in-service interview.” “Do well and the job is yours,” said Ms. Hobs told him. dennis concludes his story in this post:)

Two days later i was placed on station [at the country club restaurant], but only assigned one table, the one that would seat Ms. Hobbs and Her three Female dining companions. As they were seated, one of the male waiters nodded in their direction and commented, “i feel sorry for you, you've got four real bitches at your table.”

Game over as far as i was concerned. i love demanding Women and started my service, greeting them warmly. i presented the menu, discussed our specials, suggesting a wine with each, then took their drink orders, committing them to memory.

i asked how each Woman wanted Her drink (i would be mixing each myself). Before leaving for the drinks i placed a small dinner bell on the table, telling them that, although I would be regularly looking in on them, they could use the bell to summon me at any time. They smiled at the idea and did make use of the bell—almost immediately as one of the Women changed Her drink order.

When I returned, i served Katherine first and then the others, each time starting with a different Woman. i conversed with the Women when they directed comments or questions; otherwise my preference was to “shut up and listen” as Joan and Sue had so often admonished me.

Lunch went well, i thought, and when it was time to leave i asked the Ladies to enjoy another cup of coffee while i gathered their coats and summoned their cars.

Katherine was pleased, very pleased, and told me so. She offered no criticisms, although i told Her that i believed that a Woman can—and should—always find fault with a man. “Men,” i told Her, “are deeply flawed.” She agreed. i added that any criticism She directed at me would be highly valued. She then told me the job was mine.

The real thrill for me was serving Women; it's impossible to overstate how much satisfaction i derived from this during my time in Ms. Hobs’ employment, although the tips given at the club were indeed generous. And most of my tips were from Women who other male staff said were “poor tippers”—they just didn't know how to treat Goddesses!

Incidentally, it was rare that i served men and then only when they were in the company of Women. My preference was to serve Women, and i could serve as many as i wanted because many of the male servers were reluctant to.

Years later Katherine confessed that the job was mine even before i did my “in-service interview”; indeed, there were no other candidates as far as She
was concerned. And She admitted a bit of guilt, too. She wanted to be served in the style i'd demonstrated at the initial interview and hiring me was one way She could get it! i worked for Her for more than three years and over that time She came to be a friend of Nancy and me.

Initially ifelt somewhat sorry for Katherine because of Her obviously overbearing husband; but my feeling sorry for Her was shortlived. i quickly learned that She really ran things at home, controlling the money and doing as She pleased. Let's just say that She fit the profile of many of the in-control Women whom Kaitlin has interviewed.

Katherine retired with Her husband to Florida. i correspond with Her around the holiday season and have had the pleasure of dining with Her when in Florida three years ago. What i'd love to do, though—and She has promised me that I can—is to serve Her and a few of Her Woman friends lunch someday. Katherine is a Goddess worthy of my adoration! i am privileged to count Her among the many Women I have served.



Obedient husband said...

Dennis' story reminds me of an old Nike slogan.
In regards to being submissive, deferring, and service oriented to the woman or women of your choosing…..
Just do it!

Anonymous said...

Serving Women at work is a thrill although sometimes you can get too into it. Today I almost called my Female Superior "Mistress" without thinking but I slurred it to "Ma'am" and She did not seem to notice the mid course correction. (lawslave)

Anonymous said...

Dennis: you have lived the life that many dream of. Please continue to share your amazing life story..
pantyhose slave

Anonymous said...

.this seems to be more of a guild than a blog...each compliments the next link in this dimutive circle...

Alex said...

I think maybe you should delete the rude comments anything from how people's browsers apparently force them to be on this website against their will all the way to how Literotica should be jealous of you and including how in the Middle Ages guilds blogged about Femdom and shared links with other Webmistresses. I think it's time to help those unwilling post writers not to publish their wasted posts in this blog, which should be kept clean in honor to all the Women who visit it. It's an honorable house chore to clean it for Their Superiority and should be done wearing a big smile even before they ring the bell.

Mark Remond said...

Alex, I appreciate that you are looking out for the blog, and care about it. I do delete occasional comments, if they are insincere (IMHO), gratuitous sniping, or someone taking a shot at another commenter or our lifestyle. Well meant criticisms are welcomed.