Thursday, August 14, 2014


Caring for Nancy's and Sue's shoes is part of my daily routine and really doesn’t take much time – usually just a few minutes a day – but every few weeks or so i’ll go through Nancy and Sue’s closets – with their permission, of course – and clean and inspect all their shoes. There’s not a lot of magic to taking care of one’s Wife’s shoes, but it is deeply satisfying nonetheless.

Many happy thoughts and memories spring from mention of Women’s shoes. So much that i learned about Women’s shoes comes from (Nancy’s grandmother) Joan, my strict mentor who taught me so much about all things Feminine. From Joan i learned so much about the emotional side of Women’s shoes. Shoes were an entitlement as far as She was concerned, and buying them was a time-honored ritual. As for learning the technical side of Women’s shoes, well, i credit the Women’s Boutique with that. i often work in their shoe section, most often doing stocking and inventory, but sometimes working the floor, waiting on customers. If ever one sees how much Women love shoes, it is on the sales floor of an upscale shoe store. i’m sure that many Women were initially uncomfortable with a man serving them, but i soon developed a clientele as more and more women realized i wanted patiently and dutifully to serve them. These Women loved the personal attention i gave them, and they appreciated my knowledge of shoe fashion – the former a result of Joan’s diligent training of me, the latter the result of my reading Women’s fashion magazines and the fashion press.

There were also little things i did that were appreciated, things that grew out of my desire to serve. A cup of coffee or tea, served on china was, always offered to Women trying on shoes. i made sure we had a fresh pot brewing and an assortment of teas. If a Woman were trying on dress shoes but not wearing hosiery, i’d make sure to give Her a pair of knee-high nylons gratis with which to try on shoes. I’d offer to help Women try on shoes, usually ones with buckles or straps. My clientele loved this – a little bit of pampering they called it.

If i noticed a Woman’s own shoes were in need of touching up, with permission i’d take them to the back room for a quick cleaning and polishing. Let me share a trade secret here – using a light coat of petroleum jelly cleans, shines, and conditions shoes of any color and does so quickly.

Once my Customer made Her selection, i’d ring up Her purchases, but not before offering Her a complimentary pair of pantyhose to go with Her new shoes.  i enjoyed, and always will enjoy, serving Women and, as I hoped, taking their shoe buying experience to another level.



Lady Grey said...

How delightful! I'd certainly patronize your shoe department were I afforded such obvious respect from a shoe salesman, with emphasis on the "man" part of salesman.

I wonder, though, how you managed to control your obvious desires. Was erection prevention a problem? Or did you get knowing smiles from those women who may have noticed a bit of a bulge in your pants? Personally, I would have been one who appreciated your obvious enjoyment of your job. Viva "another level".

Mark Remond said...

dennis responds respectfully and deferentially to Lady Grey:

My Dear Lady, thank You for Your comments!

i have many wonderful Woman customers who patronize the shop because They love being served by a man who They know loves serving Them. i'm told that Women will come into the shop, ask for me, and when they find i'm not working turn around and leave. That's flattering!

i love serving Women and this includes knowing what shoe a Woman might wear for a certain occasion, understanding the need for certain styles and colors, being able to articulate the differences in brands, and so on. But the biggest and most satisfying thing is personal service. i don't just get the shoes, i help put them on, asking about fit and feel, and always assuring my customer that a particular shoe She's chosen to try looks fantastic - and it always does!

Add to this i'm patient with Women, something that apparently most male sales clerks are not... If a Woman wants to try on 19 pairs of shoes and not buy one pair, it's OK with me; i've served Her and that's what's important to me. i know that many Women come by simply to be served by a man, but many of these Women soon become customers. It's a sad critique that Women come in simply to be served by a man since, if society was Woman-centric as it should be, Women would be given their due wherever they went. i love serving Women whether it's at home, at the shop, or even at work, and seek out opportunities to do so. When a man seeks to serve Women he enters into a unique world of opportunity in which he can find personal fulfillment.


salboi said...

So I guess the ideal business for an owned man would be women's shoe sales. There's nothing really kinky about what is described except good service and you're getting the extra satisfaction of not only making a customer happy, but a FEMALE customer happy.

Me, I work like a dog in a hard business that sadly doesn't make as much money as I'd like. I think of Al Bundy the shoe salesman in "Married With Children" and see my paycheck being along the line of Bundy's. LOL. But it pays the bills and I get a $10 allowance which I have trained myself to stretch a long way. My master (she likes that to Mistress because Mistress is too often tied to adultery) is developing a business that will eventually make my paycheck irrelevant and she has indicated a condition of semi-retirement and full-time houseboy plans. Which is why, getting back to the shoe salesman thing, anything aimed at serving women fits like a glove. And it proves that a dress shop or shoe salesman can be QUITE STRAIGHT, thank heavens, and be good at it.