Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Let me respond briefly and in a general way to several of the comments on the previous post about our Housekeeping 101 course. Nancy and I are not running schools online or anywhere else outside our local area. Rather, what we're trying to say is "Here is what we did to enhance guys' house-keeping skills; why not try something similar where you are?" What we want to hear -- and what Nancy wanted to hear but felt she never did -- was that people were picking up on our ideas, changing them a bit to suit their situation and then were going off and doing something along similar lines. This is what makes evangelization so rewarding!

A woman in the D.C. area, for instance, is taking our approach and is doing a local version of Housekeeping for three of her women friends' husbands. She shares experiences, makes comments, and gives suggestions as to what she feels we can do better. We love it! We're Feminists, she's a Female Supremacist, but we all feel that everyone gets ahead when men do more or all of the housework. She's interested in some of the things we do -- domestic service, for example -- and we've invited her to visit us and experience it firsthand. She'll also visit the women's center and hold a talk about Female-centric religions that many of us are pursuing or are interested in.

We believe that the best way to initiate change is to think globally and act locally! "Learning to Keep House" was the result of a few women seeing men needing to improve their domestic skills and doing something about it. They put together a program that builds housekeeping skills, raises money for the center, and inspires others. It's all about inspiring people to take action that empowers women.

And finally, "Housekeeping 101" is a finishing school; everyone who has come to it has some level of domestic skills. Before any man can consider this course, he should ask the women in his life for instruction and learn as much as he can. I learned most of my skills growing up in an all-female family where everyone had to carry their share of the load. The women in Nancy's family took it to another level with their standards and things like personal service. Believe me, a mother-in-law can be as good a teacher as she is a taskmistress!


Alex said...


Well thanks for that. You did though mention an organization and if it exists I'd like to see their website if they have one.

I would love to be in a society like that promoting Female superiority. At the moment though I know very few people in the lifestyle and of those about a 0% rate of people who would be serious enough to actually do anything about it besides a bit of play here and there. Unless they don't tell me about what they really do.

I have a question and it's not related. It's for the Dominant Women.

How do you view renting out slaves or slaves in training? I ask this because of the recent Femdom101 post which intrigues me. I wished there was a Woman owned business of the sort.

Alex said...

Oh and I nearly forgot. Ms Katy from Femdom101 had a post that Ms. Kathy didn't post (obviously respect that) and she was offered to post it either here or in a different blog. Does anyone know if both these ladies are intending to actually give us this post or if we will ever know about it? They are both amazing ladies and should be obeyed, whatever they decide. I just hope they think we are pleasing enough as a world for them to reward us with their presence and their posts.

--- Alex (again!)

Mark Remond said...

Alex, yes, I did make that offer to Ms. Katie through the kind auspices of Ms. Kathy's blog. Keep your fingers crossed that Ms. Katie accepts.

Albert said...

I recently have started a job, about 6 hours per day in the housekeeping department of a large hotel. This has helped my bathroom cleaning, and bed making, and vacuuming skills at home. When I am done my part time job, I have to get home so I can have dinner on the table for my wife, do the dishes, and either clean or do some laundry.

Since the purpose of this job is education, of course the money is deposited into my wife's bank account. I only mention this because this could be a good idea for others interested in Housekeeping 101.