Wednesday, October 2, 2013


(Note from Mark Remond: With her kind permission, I am reprinting another provocative post from Diva's Loving Leadership blog. To read more about her FLR marriage with her adoring husband and pet, click on the link just above. Thank you once more, Dree!)

(Sept.29 by Dree)

Diva is always right. Even when My Pet disagrees.

He does this thing where he scrunches up his face and literally bites his tongue (you can see the tip sticking out of his mouth) when he’s upset.

Some kind of tantrum usually follows, but lately I’ve had him repeat to me, “Yes, Diva.”

That gets him to stop biting his tongue and then he takes his puppydog face and does whatever it is that I’ve asked of him.

When I’m wrong or mistaken (and that’s rarely) is when I have him looking for something and it’s not in the place where I insist it should be.

I do apologize if I am mistaken, but I continue to have him look in all the appropriate places, even if he insists that it’s a waste of time.

If My Pet argues, I have him repeat to me, “Yes, Diva,” and then carry on with the assigned task.

Requiring a simple, “Yes, Diva” from him has gone a long way in the past few weeks to defuse any arguments or disagreements that he may have with me. Obviously he can’t argue with me when I remind him who’s in the lead around here.

He works part-time, now, for the same business as I do, and I am his immediate supervisor. It is quite the turn-on to hear him say, “Yes, Diva,” when I tell him to do things at work. We share that special little glance that most lovers do and with a smile, he goes about his duties on the job. It’s wicked, but fun, even if the job itself isn’t.

The “good girl” side of me feels bad for him when he doesn’t like to do what he is told. Bu, then I remember that I am training both him and myself to give and take orders, without question.

If I begin questioning how he feels and thus questioning myself, then I begin to slide, and thus let him slide. We end up back at square one and I have to start all over again, training him how to be led by me.

These days, I’ve been standing my ground.

My Pet’s been throwing fewer tantrums, but still biting his tongue.

He still does what I tell him to do, though.

I’ve begun giving him more and more daily tasks. Since he’s not working full-time, he has more time to see to my needs.

I’ve even taken to calling him in the middle of the day, when I’m at work, to tell him exactly how I expect to find things when I get home: A glass of wine and a nightgown on the bed, so that I get can undressed and relax the moment that I walk in the door.

My Pet has to be showered and shaved every day before I get home from work, as well.

His reward is snuggling up after he’s done with the dinner dishes. That’s my reward, too.

On our mutual days off, he draws me a nice, hot bubblebath and then we indulge in a couple of hours of playtime, before dinner.

During playtime, I have him massage and kiss my feet.

When I let him touch me, I guide and command his moves. It’s almost orgasmic to hear him say, “Yes, Diva,” as he goes from one command to the next, trying to please me.

My Pet is still on sexual probation, so it has actually been quite a while since we have had genital-to-genital intercourse. He gets the scrunchy-face and tongue-biting thing going when I remind him, during playtime, that he is still on lockdown. That’s when I give him new suggestions for how he can put his tongue to better use. His “Yes, Diva,” at such times is a little pathetic, but he gets right to work, as directed.
To his credit, his patience for and obedience to my rules is getting more and more admirable. And I am even losing my patience with him less and less. That has led to us talking more openly about sex and our expectations and even his own desires and fantasies. We kiss more and smile more than we have in a very long time. We are actually having more fun.

It will certainly be a highlight worth noting and a memorable event that he can carry with him through his next lockdown on the day that I let My Pet off of sexual probation and I can make him scream, “Yes, Diva!” for all the neighbors to hear.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Dree, I think the way you've trained your husband is inspirational. My view is that we men benefit so much from a woman's training. Most men need to learn obedience, respect, self discipline, and how to make a woman happy.

How long will he be on sexual probation? I think this is really a nice idea. Most women make the mistake of being too free with sex. A man always appreciates a woman more if she insists that sex be on her terms.

I grew up with the same macho attitudes that most men absorb, but since I've been educating myself on FLR my views have really changed for the better. Men really need a woman to lead them down the right path.

Best of luck,


Anonymous said...


I believe that you are correct that most men need to learn a lot in order to make a woman happy. Too many of them have been raised to think that they are entitled to have a woman, any woman, in any way he sees fit, regardless of what her true wants or needs are. Working with my husband has proved that changing these attitudes is not impossible with a partner who is truly willing to bend his own ego to see that I am truly happy.

My Pet is on sexual probation until we discover what how to improve his performance (whether medical, mental, or physical) or until his birthday, whichever comes first (December is his birthday month).

A lot of the issues that My Pet and I have had to address on a regular basis have to do with his old-outdated macho man thinking, but I have found that, over time, even some things that he has claimed to be apprehensive about or resistant to, are now things that he has reconsidered as viable options within our FLR.

ALL HERS said...

My wife has found out the longer she keeps me horny, the better my attitude, my housework, ironing and overall wanting to please her. Next year she has said no orgasms at all for 2014. This year I have had 2 orgasms, and I am hoping for one more in December before the year starts.