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[Note from Mark Remond: Once again I am posting a recent reader comment paired with a response from dennis, this time on the topic of female superiority—a topic which first appeared in these pages back in September of 2010 with Beckie Sue’s Wife Worship & Female Superiority, Part 1. ]


LS said:

dennis, I hope you will speak more about female superiority and male inferiority. Not much of this has been discussed on this forum. I know it’s controversial, but it’s an idea that’s slowly coming out of the closet as we see women outpace men in all sorts of areas. It seems that most, perhaps all, men know or fear deep down inside of themselves that they are inferior to women (and I think women may feel the same). It’s a hidden type of knowledge. That may be the reason why men have tried to control women so much. Men also may project their own sense of inferiority on women; they treat women the way they secretly want themselves to be treated. But when men accept that feeling inside, they find it easier to serve women as subordinates, to worship them, and to accept the need for female values to be dominant.

I think it is actually a bit strange that there is so much resistance to this idea of male inferiority. As individuals we all recognize that some people are better at certain things than ourselves and normally we have no trouble recognizing it and according these people their due. Why can’t men do this with women? If we did, a lot of things would fall into place. men would be at peace as Women’s subordinates. I would like to hear your thoughts on how you accepted female superiority and anything else you have to say along these lines.

dennis’ response:

Thank you for your comment, but i beg to differ on your statement, “Not much of this has been discussed on this forum. I know it’s controversial, but it’s an idea that’s slowly coming out of the closet as we see women outpace men in all sorts of areas.

i think that the theme of Women being morally, ethically, and intellectually superior to men is a common theme that has run through my postings and those of my Wife, Nancy. Unfortunately the rules of society have discriminated against Women, but only because the physical strength of men counted for something in an agrarian and, later, an industrial society. This and
ONLY this allowed men to lord it over superior Women. Additionally, i do not see that the concept of Female superiority is at all “controversial.” It’s not controversial at all, it’s fact! Men are rapidly coming to grips with this and Women have long recognized their innate superiority and have consistently manipulated and worked around men.

With a post-industrial society we see rapidly increasing change in the status of each gender. Men are becoming irrelevant while Women take more and more control and put in place the standards to which society will function. men would do well to recognize this and position themselves for the roles for which they are qualified AND the roles that Women will permit them to have. In the workplace we are seeing more and more Women ascend to leadership positions; this trend will only accelerate what with programs and policies in place to promote more Women, not simply because they have better skills—they do!—but because society increasingly sees moving Women up as atonement for centuries of patriarchy and as a way to make major changes to society by having in-charge women infuse Female ideas and standards going
forward. In other words, it is the interests of society as a whole to move rapidly to Matriarchy where Women are in charge and set the rules of the game! men are going to have to march in step to the sounds of rapidly moving high heels!

Do men perceive Women as being superior? Damn right they do! i do and so do many men i know, even men who are yet outside the FLR lifestyle. Women are reinforcing men’s inferior feelings by being more assertive and by challenging patriarchy.



Alex said...


Thank you for that great post and I agree, you have covered the topic of Female Superiority and male inferiority before although I also think that it would be very beneficial to continue delving into the subject a lot... I would love Ms. Nancy to post about it if She wishes, which would be a great thing for the value of the blog since lately there have been much less Female authored posts.

I want to also congratulate you for having an almost perfect score on this post of no males on the side images. I find that when you have Females exclusively on the images the posts become much more Gynocentric in my mind and I love that feeling. I really recommend you consider this point.

Cheers to a great blog!

Anonymous said...

I disagree I think women and men like to see images of males and Females in their correct positions in society and the home.

Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to Alex:

i wish we had more comments to posts from Women.

It is unlikely that Nancy will post here since She is pursuing a variety of other interests.


Ashly April said...

Well, perhaps we can agree that females are less than ethusiastic about this entire scenario. All that is present here are two males trying to generate something that barely exists....

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ashley I disagree.
It does exist as witnessed by the 1,500,000 hits on this site since 2007.

I expect many men are too busy doing the chores to comment, and why would a woman come here once she has trained her man. This is after all the Worshipping your wife site, one of the best resources for picking up tips to offer better service.

I too much prefer the photos of Women with men in their natural place offering service. Great visual reinforcement.

Mark Remond said...

To Anonymous just above -

Wow, thank you sir or Ma'am for the vote of confidence! Makes me feel that all the work on the blog was more than worthwhile (not just my work, obviously, certainly not in recent years).

Alex said...

Absolutely! You're blog is fantastic!
I didn't know there were 1.5 million viewers. Wow! We're famous (you mostly)! So if there are one and a half million people coming here, where the heck are all the posts? Why isn't this full of people posting all the time? I guess that teaches you that out of 1.5 million, there are a handful of special people who actually have the skirts it takes to talk and not just stand in the corner.

I love this blog and you know what? The 1.5 million are just an extra. What matters is you really handle it fantastically. I love it very much, and that is very special because I don't really look for blogs by males nor do I tend to like them... but your's is just a great blog. If only more Women would come, comment... but you know what? If they don't that's fine as long as you and I and all those people who continue to comment do and we have fun. You have a fantastic blog, my comment about the pictures was just an opinion but I really love your blog. You don't need anyone to tell you how amazing it is because it just stands out as an oasis in a desert with no information on the subject (which is a surprise, but that's the way it's been for years)

Ashly April said...

Look at the entire amount of people who submit comments. Do you think this in any way meaningful simply because in the past seven years a number of people have landed here either by intent or self interest? If you want a decent head count visit a Disney web site and count the number of visitors. The argument is nuts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ashley
With reference to your question

Do you think this in any way meaningful simply because in the past seven years a number of people have landed here either by intent or self interest?

It is just an indicator that an average of some 600 or so people a day visit this site which would demonstrate they are interested in FLR to some degree.

The number of commenters isn’t so important; I very rarely comment as I am too busy serving my wife and getting on with life, but I am an avid reader of the site.

Apart from people who visit in error or by chance, I wasn’t aware there was any other category of people visiting any website except through as you state “intent or self-interest,” in which case using your criteria it appears that 1,500,000 interested people visited the site over some 7 years; I would suggest this is a resounding vote of confidence in the sterling efforts of Mark and his guest bloggers.

I am sure if Mark had the resources of the Disney website he would work wonders for the spread of FLR (and increase the hit count somewhat)
But success isn’t simply a matter of numbers or quantity, quality is in many ways far more important. I owe Lady Misato and Mark an immense debt of gratitude for having helped transform my married life over my years of reading their sites. I am sure many others have been equally inspired to deepen their practice of wife worship and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Mark again.

Ashly April said...

You are missing the entire point. Mark wishes more women would visit and comment when the obvious fact is that they aren't. Insufficient interest is the answer. Only one half of the sexes is showing yp here. All of this other bit as to how flawed males are in society will be answered when women are held accountable in government and business to the same standards. So far, the results are not encouraging.

Mark Remond said...

Dear Anonymous, two above:

I am so appreciative of your generous comment, which I forwarded on to Lady Misato. I am aware that many folks, male and female, enjoy the site but do not comment; but I do now get many appreciative comments from women to my Twitter feed - @markremond

At least Ashley is frequenting the site, and maybe she'll be influenced a smidge on the benefits to both genders of FLRs. One can hope!

Ashly April said...

Yes, Yes, of course everything I have commented on is purely my imagination despite all of the day to day experiences and revelations. Lord Lord, where is the light???????