Monday, December 22, 2014


To symbolize my new devotion to my wonderful Wife, Carrie (see part one), i began looking around for some kind of symbol, preferably one i could wear 24/7, that would symbolize this new and wonderful state relationship. i wanted something like a wedding ring, but, in our case, perhaps more intimate that would also reflect our new relationship (with Her in control).

Online i came across what seemed to be the perfect item, a ring to be worn by submissive husbands (or boyfriends) in a certain very intimate and private place (as to exactly where I’ll leave to the reader’s fertile imagination). When i cautiously discussed this idea with my Wife, i was delighted to discover that She approved! In fact, She liked it so much that She secretly commissioned a local jeweler to create a gold ring of this special type, on which She had engraved the words, “Love    Honour     Obey” equally spaced on the outside of the golden band.

When Carrie told me what She had done, i was so excited that i wrote a small Ring Ceremony for Her to use on the day She presented me with the ring. i also wrote a Ring Vow that would cover all the things i was committing myself to perform for my Wife/Queen on a daily basis for the rest of my days.

Two days ago my Wife presented me with my new gold ring. We performed our little ceremony to mark the occasion and to make it solemn and special. Let me say that the ring is quite comfortable; in fact, i am only aware of it when i undress and look down and see it—and am thereby reminded of my solemn commitment, as well as the love of my ruling Wife (at realization that often results in an involuntary salute to Her power over me).

Yes, Carrie and i know it’s still early days for us, but we both feel there will be no going back for us. In fact, together we are continuing our research into this exciting lifestyle, and are learning new things as we go, ideas and rituals that will make things even better and more exciting. The strange thing for me, is that the more things i do for my Wife, the more i find myself being aroused as i think about Her, and how it will please Her when She learns what i have done. i can’t stop thinking about Her, and new ways to please Her, pleasure Her, or serve Her. I’m totally addicted to my Wife and making Her happy.

Ring Ceremony

Wife: This ring is a symbol of Love, Commitment, and Submission, and by wearing this ring you agree to submit to the total control of your Wife from this day on for the rest of your life, until death do you part.
This ring will be a constant reminder that you have committed yourself to the full-time job of making your Wife happy, obeying Her commands, and willingly submitting to Her total control over you.
By wearing this ring, you agree to do everything in your power to make your Wife happy, by pampering Her, helping Her, pleasing Her, or giving Her pleasure, as you are ordered by Her.
This ring must be worn 24/7, and can be removed only with the permission of your Wife. Failure to comply will result in serious punishment.
Each time you look at or touch your ring, you will remember your commitment to submit to the total control of your Wife in all things, for the rest of your life.

Ring Vow
Husband: By wearing this ring of submission, i agree to submit to the total control of my loving Wife. i will devote my life to serving my Wife and making Her happy.
This ring will remind me to “LOVE, HONOUR, and OBEY” my Wife for the rest of my life.
The needs of my Wife will come before my own.
§  i will obey all commands of my Wife.
§  i agree to do all that i am commanded to please and pleasure Her.
§  i promise to pamper Her.
§  i promise to help Her in any way i can.
§  i promise to abide by all decisions She makes.
§  i acknowledge my Wife has total power and control over me at all time.
§  i promise not to argue or disagree with my Wife, all decisions She makes will be final, and i will respect all of Her decisions.

—Geoff Wescott


I'm-Hers said...

I really appreciate seeing posts like this. There is something special and fun when a man falls - again - in love with the woman he has known for many years. Geoff's comment that he finds it arousing when he pleases her only confirms that he is viewing her as he probably did when they first dated and fell in love. The beauty of femdom is that it creates an environment in which the D/s relationship has the possibility of remaining fresh and new without either one's focus drifting on to other seemingly more pressing and urgent matters. Merry Christmas Carrie and Geoff. Please continue with your story as you are able

cathie romero said...

What kind of ring is this referring to? A cock ring? A ring for a piercing? said...

I am so happy after reading this blog ring is a symbol of Love, Commitment, and wonderful information it reminds me my love thanks.