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Dear Mark,

Having read both your books, i just wanted to thank you and let you know that my Wife Carrie and i have recently started a Wife-led -marriage, and we are happier now than any other time in our 35 years together. In fact, we are enjoying this lifestyle so much, that we would love to share it with others.

Why change a long-running happy marriage? I’ll try to explain. A couple of years ago i came to the realization that i had a deep-seated desire to be sexually submissive to my Wife. She, however, was not comfortable with the idea of becoming a dominatrix, and all my attempts to coax Her to help me experience my sexually submissive side fell on deaf ears.

It wasn’t until i stumbled on the concept of Female Led Relationships that i felt that I’d found something that just might interest my wife. So i printed out a couple of essays on FLRs and, hoping for the best, showed them to Her. She looked them over and said that She was at least interested, but wanted to learn more.

That’s when i came across your Worshiping Your Wife books. i downloaded both and, with hope and nervousness, handed them to Carrie. To cut to the chase, after She read your first book, She decided we should give “wife worship” a try. To say i was excited at the prospect would be a gross understatement!

We started our FLR on Oct. 26, so, as of this writing, we have been enjoying our new lifestyle just  six weeks. So far, the passion and sex are just like back in our courting days. Ever since i started helping, serving, and pampering my Goddess, Her sex drive has reignited, and She is averaging better than an orgasm a day.

As for me, well, i get stimulated by my Wife every day, but She allows me only one orgasm a week. It is hard to put into words how happy we are with this new female-led dynamic, and how intense our love has become. On a couple of occasions, i have asked Carrie if She wants to go back to the old way, and She just laughs and says, “You must be joking!”

Mark,  i’m only sorry i didn’t discover this 35 years ago. In fact, i recently apologized to my Wife for all the years during which i didn’t help and serve Her while i was busy playing  the dumb male role.

(To be continued...)

--Geoff Wescott


ALL HERS said...

How true that those of us whose wives have accepted a WLM wish we could have done in many years ago. It is a wonderful lifestyle. With my wife and I it is all positives and nothing negative .

I too get teased and denied every morning, and am edged about once a week for good behavior. My wife gets her orgasms two to three times a week, along with nightly back rubs and foot rubs . Then we cuddle and go,to sleep, me horny and denied, just the way she wants me. Your wife is very generous wife allowing you weekly orgasms. My wife generally allows me no more than four orgasms a year, about every three months. Except for this year she has not allowed me to cum at all . She wants to see just how horny I would get and how my behavior would be. She has said maybe in January she will allow me an orgasm . It has been a long year, but she loves me always hard and horny. And my behavior has been almost perfect.

sub hub in phx said...

It is so much fun to read and hear about the excitement a couple has when they actually begin to discover the joys of a FLR. I am so excited for you to continue to discover the depth of you love for your Mistress as she continues to find comfort and pleasure in her role as your Mistress. It's magical.

Congratulations and welcome to party.


ALL HERS said... I read your very well written blog once again, i wanted to suggest that you,ask your wife to deny you two weeks for awhile, then a month. Then go longer. A WLM is more intense without the down time a man experiences after he cums. Just a suggestion.

Mark Remond said...

Geoff responds to ALL HERS just above:

ALL HERS, my Wife thinks at this stage of our FLR that to deny me an orgasm for longer than a week or two would be, in her words, "cruel and unusual punishment". However it is early days for us, and my Wife is continuing to read and learn more about this lifestyle, and learning how to use this new power and control she now has.

As my Wife becomes more comfortable in this new role, I'm sure she will want to try new things on me to spice things up and keep it interesting.


vs-boy said...

Love to see someone achieving success. I have several books (sorry, Mark, I have not gotten your yet) but my wife does not want to read them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your new FLR lifestyle.

On the subject of orgasms or non-orgasms, I would suggest reading Cupid's Poisoned Arrow. It is a wonderfully accessible book which explains the chemical rollercoaster we men undergo pre and post orgasm.

In a nutshell orgasmic sex is for procreation and non-orgasmic sex is for bonding with your partner. The book will turn everything you thought you knew about sex on its head.

Once the man is freed from the foreplay through to orgasm treadmill, a whole world of wonder and bonding opens up.

I hope you find it useful and liberating.

Best wishes

M Toads

Here is the link

Mark Remond said...

Here is a comment that somehow didn't get posted, from Anonymous, followed by dennis' response:


Its very encourageing to read about a couple together for 35 years just starting there female led marriage.I introduced my wife of 38 years to this about 6 months ago.I wish I could say that its going terrific but it has been abit of a struggle.Shes been a little apprehensive and unsure about her role but trying.I have had doubts that it can work because of our age and time that we have lived in a standard marriage.Reading your post gives me hope it will work for us

dennis responds:

It's nice to see couples of any age discovering the Female-led lifestyle. Putting Her in charge can only benefit a couple. Nancy and i know or at least twelve couples locally who are firmly in the lifestyle and an equal number who are either exploring the lifestyle or starting down the path. Young professional Women are quick to assert their authority, especially since many of them outearn their husbands and have much greater career prospects. Older Women on the other hand are more hesitant since there is usually a patriarchal structure in place but change can and does - and should! - occur even later in life. Our oldest convert we've known was 63 when She tired of Her husband's overbearing ways and took control. She prepared for the change for months, planning all Her moves, and was ready to leave him if he refused. Well, not only did he immediately accept a new role but She was able to quickly transition the couple to their new roles. He's now happily cleaning house while She's enjoying Her broadening social circle and the new freedoms that come with it. In another case a man of 62, just retired, came to us wanting to serve his Wife as opposed to Her having to continue to serve him. He'd felt guilty about his man-centered marriage and wanted to implement a change but was unsure of Her reaction and was unsure how he'd be perceived by other men. We convinced him that what other men thought didn't matter; all that mattered was what She wanted. Well, She immediately accepted his proposal and the couple moved quickly down the path of a new lifestyle. In this case the man acted just in time since his 57 year old Wife was contemplating unilateral action - they're both happy now...

It's never too late to give Her control and for both to enjoy the result. Women may be hesitant at first but once the spark ignites the flame of Her authority, there is no turning back. We've never known a couple in an FLR that turned back or divorced. The male role in life is to serve Women and when he is doing that everyone involved is happy.


Anonymous said...

Nice story. My wife and I began an FLR several years ago, and it saved our marriage. We had been drifting apart and arguing constantly. When my wife told me the thought we were headed toward marital breakdown, I was shaken up. I had previously revealed to her that I had submissive fantasies, but she hadn't shown any interest in FLR.

Faced with the prospect of marital breakdown, I wrote her a long letter telling her that I wanted to be a better husband for her and proposing that we give FLR a try. I told her I thought I could do better if we made a formal agreement that she would be the boss. This time, she decided to give it a try, although she was a bet skeptical about something she saw as merely a sexual kink on my part.

Well, it didn't take long for my wife to discover that she liked being the boss. She liked having the authority to assign chores, as much of our previous argument concerned housework. She liked the way I progressively took on more and more of the housework, allowing her to pursue personal interests. She liked that I became obedient rather than argumentative. And our sex life, which had been languishing, was reinvigorated in an astounding manner.

The result is that we will celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary this year, and our love and commitment are deeper than ever.


Mark Remond said...

Darryl, thank you for a wonderful post, and congratulations. I hope you will take me up on my invitation to write a guest post or on an ongoing basis. You can email me at