Tuesday, December 16, 2014


With the holidays approaching, men are looking for gifts for the Women in their lives. i volunteer in a Woman’s Boutique at busy times of the year year selling everything from business suits to lingerie. i often serve Women in the shop and love doing so, but my primary responsibility is serving men who come in – bewildered - looking for gifts. But occasionally there’s the knowledgeable, fashion aware, sophisticated gentleman who obviously enjoys shopping for the Woman in his life – his Queen. For such sophisticated gentleman i offer the following:

Gifts aren’t just for the holidays – We’ll discuss this in another post, but gifts can and should be given your Wife all year round.

She’s expecting something nice – not necessarily expensive – but something thoughtful that shows you notice Her and Her sense of style. She knows that you are likely on a limited budge since She controls the finances but getting Her a gift is an absolute necessity!

Paying for it – Have a budget. Men in an FLR are likely on a limited one, but that’s not an excuse! She likely has you on an allowance so budget accordingly; set monies aside whenever you receive your allowance. i set aside 50% of my allowance for gifts for Nancy, Her Mother, and other important people in my life. Often Women will allow their man extra monies during the holidays. Although most men in an FLR won’t have access to it, NEVER charge anything to Her credit card!

Get some ideas – Ask Her friends and relatives what She wants. Ask early so you can plan and visit stores, particularly if She wants a technology gift such as a tablet. Remember that even though She wants a “big” gift, it SHOULDN’T BE HER ONLY GIFT! Plan and budget accordingly.

Look for discounts – Department stores have coupons and sales; take advantage. If there are after-hours sales i take advantage of them, but only if i have permission from Nancy or Sue to be out at odd hours

Shop early – If your Wife is a popular size – a 6-8, for example – you may find Her size in that perfect skirt is out of stock... Rember, an “I owe you a gift” card doesn’t work – shop early!
Catch up on fashion – You’re likely to be buying clothes, so learn what’s in vogue. Window-shop, visit stores, and read fashion magazines. i subscribe to a fashion magazine as does Sue; i enjoy perusing the pages and getting ideas for gift-giving.

Know her sizes – Nothing frustrates me more than to have a customer come in and not know sizes! he’ll go through the “Oh, She’s about this tall” thing and look like a helpless puppydog. i’m not sympathetic. As a minimum you should know the following:
§  Dress size – usually even numbers, 2-4-6-8-10-12-14, and so on – check the dresses in Her closet
§  Bra size – usually a number and a letter, 34C, 38DD, and so on
§  Panty size – can be numerical, 5-6-7-8, or correspondingly, S-M-L-XL
§  Outer wear size – coats may be S-M-L-XL
§  Shoe size and width
§  Pantyhose – usually A-B-C-D-E-F
§  Ring size – yes, ring size, numerical sizes starting at 5-6-7-8, may have half sizes, too. Take one of Her rings that fits to a jeweler, who’ll be able to instantly determine your Wife’s size. Buy a ring ½ size larger if it’s a wide ring...

Know Her preferences – notice Her and what She likes:
§  Clothing colors
§  Cosmetics – favorite brands
§  Perfumes – favorites
§  Dusting powder
§  What does She read? Steamy romances? Mysteries? Favorite authors? You should know!
§  Does She do crafts? Find out, perhaps there’s a gift here!
§  Pantyhose brand, shade, and style

Some suggestions and comments

Business suit – A coordinated outfit for work is always appreciated. A business suit can come with skirt or slacks or both, which enhances the flexibility of the outfit. Select a jacket and matching skirt, a blouse, scarf, and a quality costume jewelry item, a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet.

Party dress – “The Little Black Dress” - a nice dress is always appreciated; match it with a scarf or wrap. Buy the dress based on what She likes, not what you’d like to see Her in. Don’t buy Her a strapless dress or one slit to the hip if it’s not Her style. AND if you buy Her a dress, it’s expected you’ll take Her someplace where She can wear it – a party, a concert, a fancy restaurant – you should have this arranged...

Club dress – a club dress is a bit more risqué than the little black dress. A wide variety can be had and they are more expensive than the little black dress. Hemlines are shorter, slits are higher, and necklines are definitely more revealing. No need to arrange a night out, a club dress is for Girl’s night out!

Sweater – something She’ll always appreciate; knowing Her bra size can help when buying a sweater – buy quality and She’ll have it for many seasons.

Shoes – I don’t advise buying shoes since you may have a size issue, but if She’s looking for that special pair of pumps, then buy them. Be sure to get Her size and be sure that they can be exchanged for another size after the holidays; the concern here isn’t exchange policy but rather whether the shoe will be available

Jewelry – A Woman can’t have too many rings or too many earrings! Start by seeing what She has and plan accordingly. Hoops of various sizes and shapes are always appreciated, as are bangles and bracelets. Fun-to-wear dangling earrings are a hit, too - it seems that the bigger the better here! i look for quality pieces that go beyond the norm.

Lingerie – Buy quality lingerie at either a specialty store or the lingerie department of a big department store. They’re likely to have wide selections and knowledgeable sales help. i’ve always enjoyed visiting the lingerie department – it’s a celebration of Women, what with all the colors and styles to be had. Wonder among the rows and racks of pretty things, everything on its own hanger to be examined and felt, all attesting to what we know already – Women are special. Some hints for lingerie:

Bra - You know Her bra size but don’t buy Her a bra, that’s just not right. Instead buy Her a matching bra-panty set, you’ll see many styles and colors for both bra and panties and might want to buy Her one bra but with two panty styles to go with it. To add a bit of excitement add a matching garter belt and, if you do, don’t forget to buy nylons. i’d advise a color that coordinates with the ensemble but not the same color, i.e., taupe stockings with black lingerie.

Peignoir – A luxurious nightgown ensemble is sure to be appreciated; combines a nightgown and a coat or jacket; it’s usually long – ankle length, but can be shorter. Add a coordinated panty to the ensemble. A specialty shop will have the mandatory high-heeled malibu slipper as an accessory, thigh-hi nylons with a lace top add to the outfit. For entertaining at home a peignoir goes from after dinner drinks to the boudoir!
Panties – While i wouldn’t buy Nancy a bra, i would buy Her panties; 3-6 pairs of individually chosen panties in a small box with tissue paper and perhaps a sachet; a variety of colors and styles are in order. She’ll love knowing you ventured into the lingerie department to select them. i’ve also used a box of panties as gift wrap; one year i included a diamond tennis bracelet in the box. And a final note on panties; don’t even think of buying packaged panties from a discount store – the last guy who did that is wearing them!

Hosiery – i consider pantyhose and nylons as lingerie for Her legs. Pantyhose used to be a staple of a Woman’s wardrobe but has declined in recent years. Nevertheless, in-charge Women wear them religiously and can’t have too many pairs. i make sure i get Her style and color She wears and then try a few different styles/colors. For example, control top, sheer toe, business sheer in a neutral color for daily wear. i’ll include ultra sheers for dress, some sheer-to-waist for high skirts, seams, and so on – the varieties are endless. Nylons for wear with a garter belt are also nice as are lace-top thigh-hi stockings. She’ll love the hosiery but also that you ventured into the hosiery department to buy them!

Perfume – It’s a holiday staple and worth visiting the cosmetics department for. But beware, not all Women like perfume. Nancy told me not to buy Her perfume; i did and now She has me wearing it!

The spa – Treat your Wife to a day of pampering at an upscale spa in your area. She’ll love it. Since She won’t want go alone, buy Her two visits so She can invite a Girlfriend.

A day of service – Some Women in the family receive four coupons from me, each for two hours of inside work. The coupons are printed on stock paper and presented in a fancy envelope. Sue decides who receives the coupons and schedules my redeeming them. The coupons are transferable so the recipient can give them to a Woman-friend if She desires. Service is an appreciated gift that usually has me doing heavy cleaning.

Shopping Service – Since my work at the Boutique is well known, men always approach me, asking for help with gifts for the Wives and Girlfriends. i’m only too happy to accommodate them – for a fee – a flat 25% of the total bill. Gift-wrapping is extra. Nancy and Sue allow me to keep all the money i make from the shopping service provided i spend all of it on them and the Women in the family. Allows me to make the Women happy; the Family’s Women as well as the Women who’ve received the gifts purchased for them through my shopping service.



Surrendered Husband said...

Nice post.

I agree about the comment that 'gifts are not just for Christmas'.
If we truly adore our women and want to please them we need to be gift giving all year round!

One should make a list of all the known 'Gifting Opportunities' through the year. Christmas, Her birthday, Mother's Day (if appropriate), Valentine's Day, and Wedding Anniversary.

These are the High Holy Days of Gift Giving!

But if you are inventive you can create more opportunities!

My Queen has a December Birthday meaning if was not celebrated as much as it would have been had it been another month when she was younger. So I created a HALF Birthday.

We like to watch Shakespeare's play Henry V. It happens on St Crispin's Day in October. St. Cripsin was the patron saint of cobblers and foot wear. So I always find her a new set of shoes or boots on that day.

I researched the anniversary of our first date. THIS has become a holiday now as well.

The rest is up to you. Celebrate All Gift Giving Opportunities and always be on the lookout to create more of them AND don't stop there!

If your Queen really LIKES getting gifts, give her things out of the blue.

Show your commitment and thoughtfulness through gifting all year round...

Surrendered Hubby

Gigi said...

What about giving her slave-Owner related stuff?

Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to Surrendered Husband:

You are absolutely correct that gifting for one's Wife is ongoing. i enjoy giving Her things out of the blue, as you say. i'm going to put together a posting about this broader view of gifting as well as occasions for gifting. There are days that are special days for gifting (Wife's birthday, Mother-in-law's birthday) but, as Feminists, there are other special days where we can give to the broader Feminine community and focus on Women's issues and events.

Thanks for your post and your spot-on observations...


ALL HERS said...

A very good guide to giving presents. This would be good for all men to read. The only gift I would be careful about giving by itself is lingerie since many women consider this a gift for the man. A man will get more pleasure out of seeing his wife or partner in sexy lingerie than she may. But still a nice gift to add as long as there are other gifts. I have given my wife some hot lingerie along with other clothing and spa treatments. This way all presents are appreciated.

Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to All HERS:

Sage advice from a progressive gentlemen who's obviously been there!


BOB said...

about ten years ago, there was a Christmas Season where i was pretty much broke. And I had reached my 30s. When most of my friends really didn't want big gifts

So , since im a carpenter, I gave out home made " coupons" for a day's or more free carpentry work. My friends loved it.And I did a few free decks,closets, ect for some close friends

One of of my single[but platonic] female friends joked that she would rather have a day of housework done. So I did that instead. She mentioned it to other people.And the next year some of the women used me for housework and laundry services instead of carpentry work[ sometimes I ended up doing both]

A lesbian couple that I knew defintly enjoyed me doing their housework[I had given them 5 "Coupons" for their wedding] Alice and Mary took the chance to go out for the evening, or relax and watch tv, while I did their laundry and housework. Alice kept on saying how "Empowering" it was to have a man doing housework for her.And I could tell she was taking pleasure in giving me various orders.she also kept on joking about how "Men do have their uses after all"

So since then I have given my "coupon s" out to some of my friends. Some of my married friends found out about them.And

I soon had their wives use my "carpentry coupons" to have me help their husbands witht he housework for the day . I could tell it was often an opportunity for them to make their husband do the housework,.By using my coupon as an excuse.But guys like hanging out together.And hanging out doing laundry and scrubbing he floor, isn't any harder or worse than hanging out building a deck.So I enjoyed our "Guy's day in"