Monday, December 15, 2014


With the holidays rapidly approaching, one may wonder what to get the domesticated man – assuming, of course, that the Woman in his life deems him deserving! There are many suggestions depending on your budget, relationship to the recipient, and the preferences of the Woman in his life. We’d suggest gifts that are practical in terms of helping him in his domestic routine. The right gift makes a statement about his role in the relationship, so consider carefully. Better still, a man should ask his Wife to contact the recipient’s Wife for suggestions as to what She feels is appropriate. Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be appreciated. Often it’s an inexpensive one that is most appreciated or is the most meaningful. So here are some suggestions:

Vacuum Cleaner – Nothing says “domestic service” like a new vacuum, and i can attest to the fact that a vacuum is really appreciated. Nancy’s Aunt bought me a high-end vacuum, and i think of Her every time i use it, which is daily. The Women had me open it and try it out as soon as i unwrapped it. If your man already has a serviceable vacuum, consider a smaller, portable vac. These come with attachments that allow cleaning hard-to-reach places like heating ducts and vents and in tight spots behind furniture; they are surprisingly inexpensive. A portable vac can take his cleaning to new heights (and depths). i received one and use it often, always taking it when i clean outside our home. Giving a vacuum recognizes that he does the housekeeping and that She’s in charge!
Iron – This had to be at or near the top of the list as a gift for the domesticated man since ironing is a part of our domestic routine. A high-end, feature-laden iron might cost nearly $150 but is well worth it in terms of the quality and speed of his ironing. There are less-expensive irons that have impressive features and don’t cost a lot of money; check online. he likely has an iron but will always appreciate another; i have three irons and routinely use all of them. Again, giving him and iron shows you acknowledge She’s in charge.

Clothing Steamer – A portable, full-size steamer will allow him to better care for your suits, dresses, and skirts, all for around $125. i’ve worked a steamer into my repertoire, steaming Her business suits before returning them to the closet; they’re fresh, wrinkle-free, and ready to go when She next needs them.

Aprons – This, too, had to be near the top; an apron is an essential part of a progressive gentleman’s attire . i have a number of them, many received as gifts. Wearing one reinforces a man’s role in the relationship. Aprons range from very fancy to purely practical novelty aprons, the ones, for example, that say, “She’s the boss i only work here.” When he unwraps it, have him put it on although he’s likely to want to do that without prompting. And don’t worry about him having too many aprons; there’s no such thing! Can a Woman have too many pairs of shoes? Of course not! Well a domesticated gentlemen can’t have too many aprons! An apron can be had for as little as $25 but can cost significantly more depending on the material and decoration.

Serving Tray – We’re talking a nice pewter one here or something similar. In our home a tray is mandatory when serving the Women; everything is served from and removed to a tray. It’s a nice formality and one that the superior gender deserves! If he already has a tray, inquire as to the size and style and get him something different.

Cookbook – If he cooks – or you want him to learn – then a cookbook is a great gift; if it’s for your man you might consider going through it first with bookmarks to highlight recipes that interest you.

Needle Crafts – Knitting, crochet, and cross stitch are frequently associated with Women but enlightened gentlemen are crossing gender lines to eagerly take up these crafts. Take a knitting class and i guarantee there will be male students. i find needle crafts to be relaxing and enjoyable. i enjoy participating in Sue’s knitting group and have participated in community knitting projects such as making and donating knitted scarves. You can assemble a nice gift from a local craft store. Choose yarn, needles, and a basic book, and put it all in a pretty knitting basket, and you’ve started your man down the path to an enjoyable hobby. i started at the insistence of Nancy and Sue as a way to occupy my free time and to possibly participate in Sue’s knitting circle – yes, i am in Her circle and look forward to serving and knitting with a house full of Her friends. i love to knit and it’s a nice departure from patriarchy.

Stationery – Matching paper and notecards are always welcome as the domesticated man has numerous opportunities to send off a note; not only for what he writes but for the impression he makes. i make use of fine stationery as i routinely write the Women of the family to both keep in touch and to worship them from afar. Stationery is readily available locally in card shops or online. It can be customized with the recipient’s name if desired. Styles range from plain to elaborate, and the man seeking to distance himself from patriarchy will love pastels or florals.

Potpourri – Potpourri is a mixture dried flowers, spices, and leaves used to freshen a room. A jar of potpourri will be appreciated by the homemaker for the extra touch it adds to a just cleaned room.

Sachet – Like potpourri a sachet contains dried flowers and spices but in a small bag that can be placed in a drawer with clothes, towels, or sheets or hung in a closet to give a fresh scent.

Lessons – Give the gift of learning by signing him up for lessons in knitting, needlepoint, ikebana, cooking, or whatever his Wife might want him to learn. Courses aren’t expensive and can provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Jewelry – Increasingly progressive gentlemen wear jewelry, so a nice ring, earrings, or a bracelet are certainly to be considered. Check with his Wife and buy based on Her preferences and guidance. i love wearing the rings and earrings Sue has given me over the years, particularly the ones that were once Her Mother’s.

Final points on gift-giving:
§  Check the appropriateness of any gift by having your Wife contact his Wife and follow the guidance received. i wouldn’t dare buy my friend tom a gift without getting Linda’s full approval; similarly i know that what i receive from tom will have met Nancy’s approval.
§  Buy within your budget; have your Wife advise you and do as She says.
§  Buy him things that are conducive to his role as homemaker.
§  Shop with your Wife so She can critique your selections and approve or disapprove.



ALL HERS said...

An apron is a great gift for a wife to give to her submissive husband. My wife has given me several, and she has gotten them with personalized sayings like, "a horny husband is a good husband" form They will print anything she wants on aprons, etc.

Last year my wife gave me 5 cooking lessons at a great restaurant that gives lessons during daytime. Wonderful gift. And something she can immediately see (and taste) the results. Three women and myself in the class, and after the third session, they knew I was in a WLM. They all wanted details and how they could turn their marriage into one. Of course I gave them the name of this blog. At the end they said their husbands had no choice, they were all going to begin a WLM. Wonderful how good things spread so easily.

Mark Remond said...

ALL HERS, that's a wonderful story! Bravo for helping bring about 3 WLMs, and for steering them toward the Wife Worship blog. That's the ultimate reward for doing this blog, and it fills me with submissive pride, as it must you, to be a part of it. I'm sure your wife will be proud of you, as well, as she enjoys your cooking!

I'm forwarding your comment to dennis for a further response.

tony said...

I agree, Mark. This is a terrific idea for a gift to the husband, and an even more terrific way that ALL HERS shared his status with the ladies. Some of us keep our WLM quiet confidential; while others, like ALL HERS and Dennis, are not shy about revealing their wife's power and control. For myself, this has been a gradual experience of sharing with others. I look at it as educational as well. The more other women see and observe the manner in which I show my respect to my wife and serve Her, the more they want to learn 'Her secret'. We are discreet, but some in her family know, her daughters know, and they have been present when I have had to kneel to listen and to properly give thanks for Her attention and criticism. A few of Her work associates know, and two have begun to impose WLM rules at home. It's a slow process, but worthwhile and helpful to others to see and learn.

Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to ALL HERS:

Thank you for your comments.

An apron is a great gift for any husband and we know of Women who have started discussions about an FLR using an apron... i have literally dozens of aprons, plain and fancy, that i love to wear since it speaks volumes about relationship. i received my first apron from Nancy's Mother, Sue, on my first trip to visit Her family when we were in college. I remember being told to put on the ruffle trimmed apron Sue was holding and then to make myself busy by cleaning the living room while the Women went to the mall. i recall the embarrassment quickly disappearing as i realized it was a symbol of the lifestyle i craved and which i hoped that Nancy would some day provide me.

Really enjoyed your mention of the three Women who inquired about and eventually embarked upon a WLM. In many instances Women have heard about such a relationship but don't think that they could ever have one themselves, so they don't try. Then along comes someone - like you in the cooking class! - who shows them that, yes, they can take control of their relationship! Women are often hesitant about an FLR because they fear that their husbands won't be happy, when in reality, both would be happier and more fulfilled with Her in charge. When they see that you - the man - are very positive about your situation though, it encourages them to move forward, sometimes aggressively, as apparently happened with the three Women you motivated - "husband's had no choice". Oh, that phrase has such an exciting ring to it!

With your obviously positive attitude about your situation you have motivated three Women but made six people VERY happy!

Thanks again for your post - and keep on encouraging others!


Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to tony:

Thank you for your wonderful response; it is beautifully articulate and has so many good points. You are so right about revealing the Wife's authority -- “It's a slow process, but worthwhile and helpful to others to see and learn.” Couples are different and so reveal the Wife's authority in different ways, some earlier in the relationship, and some later. What is important is that Her authority is revealed in a timely manner to an ever widening group of family, close friends, work associates, and so on. This, we find from our workshops, serves to solidify the couple's relationship and, encourages others who, as you say, “want to learn Her secret”.


cathie romero said...

This article is great!!! I love it!! I hope my new hubby will be this submissive and loving! :)

Mark Remond said...

dennis responds to Cathie Romero:

he can be if You take the lead - and you'll both be the better for it! Good luck!