Thursday, February 13, 2014


From Mark Remond: This is another comment by Dennis expanded into a separate post. It was prompted by a comment from reader “Greg” on the Feb. 9 post, “AdditionalThoughts on Joan and The Protocols”:
Thanks for the article. So you sought out this type of relationship and actually found a girl who came from that type of family background? I feel like that is too rare of a chance to not have more of a story line to it. Did you have to search for Femdom clubs then looked for a girl within that community? Did you advertise online for female led relationships and she responded? I just feel like it is so rare to come across a girl who wants an FLR let alone comes from an entire family background with that as the focus.—Greg
To which Dennis responded: “Some of it was just being lucky, but Nancy and i met at a NOW (National Organization of Women) meeting when we were in college. Women were naturally suspicious of the motives of males who suddenly showed up at NOW meetings, but i worked hard for the group and was accepted by them—and by Nancy. i was raised in an all-female household so, naturally, i had a much different view of Female authority than did most men. i was looking for a strong, in-control Woman and i found Her in Nancy. While i was predisposed to follow, She was predisposed to lead, what with coming from a family where the Women were firmly in charge. It all just clicked for us.

But in a further note to me, Dennis amplified a bit on this answer, and in a way that may be helpful to other guys seeking “in-charge women”:

“i'm tempted to give advice on how a man can find a strong, leading Lady. The problem is, as I see it, that too many men go about it too aggressively. For instance, we have too many men who show up at the Women’s Center wanting to “be a slave” and so on, only to be thrown out! It's not what Women want. What they do want is a man who they can control, but one they can control in a practical context, not a fantasy context. There is a difference. As for the Center, we know of seven FLR couples who met at the Center and now have great relationships.”


tommy said...

Great post! When I saw that comment from Greg, it prompted some introspection into my own history. One important component is that your quest must be genuine. As Dennis stated with his experience at The Center, Women don't want a boy who is playing a slave, unless you find Her online and pay Her by the hour! And if you're putting on a false front, your insincerity will very quickly be exposed. Remember, you're dealing with the perceptive, superior mind of a Woman! My advice, as is how Dennis was so fortunate, is to genuinely involve yourself in Women's organizations, as he had with NOW. Not only involve, devote! At my earlier stages of figuring this all out in my head, I looked at all the extracurricular and non-essential activities in my life and established a rule that essentially "if it wasn't specifically for Women's advancement, then it was AGAINST Women's advancement" and moved steadfast and devotedly to eliminate the "againsts". Meeting a Woman for FLR was no longer the mission, merely a side effect and although i ended up meeting my Wife at work, I had the background, enlightenment and genuine devotion that brought us past being merely colleagues and into a blissful FLR.

Anonymous said...


Do you think blogs like these are just not out there or impossible to find????

Mark Remond said...

Dennis responds to the Anonymous question just above:

Thanks for your post. There are numerous opportunities to meet Women, and it is my experience that today most professional Women are not looking for a traditional marriage situation. They want men who are supportive of careers and at least share the workload at home. Most Women aren't coming into a relationship looking to be the leading partner; by their societal conditioning, most want to share responsibilities and collaborate on leadership, but this can be changed. Many men - myself included - get enough leadership at work so when i come home i'm only too happy to put on my apron and do as i'm told! Nancy knows this and She knows i prefer to let Her lead. Same thing with my friend, Tom, also in an FLR. Tom came into his relationship with a Wife who wanted to share responsibilities and authority. Tom passed on the authority a little at a time, and She gradually picked it up to where they have a complete role reversal over a traditional situation. It's always best when a relationship is on Her terms. And it will take time, but it's worth it.


Anonymous said...

tommy you are so right. If its not advancing Womens empowerment it must be agin it.