Friday, October 31, 2014


Several times i’ve mentioned the informal workshops Nancy and i occasionally conduct at our local Women’s Center, workshops aimed at encouraging Female-Led Relationships. i’ve also written several posts* about one of the past attendees, Kaitlin, a young woman student at a local college who, partly through our encouragement, became enthralled with Female-Led Relationships.

Kaitlin, who regards herself as a Female Supremacist, is pursuing her graduate degree with the goal of getting a college teaching position in a Women’s Studies program from which She can continue to work inspiring and empowering Women. So far, in fact, most of her wide-ranging research projects have been related, directly or indirectly, to female empowerment.

Recently Kaitlin has been conducting preliminary research on what factors constitute solid relationships. She’s working on a theory that, for the increasing number of Alpha Females, beta men – or as She calls us, “beta bois” – make better partners. It’s all about opposites attracting. Kaitlin is finding out that Alpha Women like a beta boi in their lives, and that they consider them to make better husbands. Alpha men aren’t out of the picture, though; according to Kaitlin’s research, many Alpha Women regard Alpha men as wonderful play toys, although not many consider them as viable long-term partners.

It’s fascinating what Kaitlin has discovered so far. Her long-range goal is to come up with a richly detailed portrait of the modern, Woman-led marriage. In her current phase, she is working to develop a questionnaire through which to conduct her further research.

My question to the readers of this blog: Are you interested in contributing to Kaitlin’s ongoing research? If so, and you are currently living in a Woman-Led Marriage, at some point I may ask for your responses to specific questions on this increasingly popular relationship dynamic and lifestyle. Stay tuned.


paulmichael2727 said...

I would be interested in helping Kaitlin in any way that I can. I am not nor have I ever been married, but I a 29 year old life long submissive man who will one day be part of a wife led marriage.



Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm happy to help. :)

Anonymous said...

I would be very grateful if I could help


Anonymous said...

I would be grateful to help


tony said...

Yes, Mark, I would be pleased to help as well. tony

Anonymous said...

Sure, if all you want are responses to questions posted on this blog. (lawslave)

Anonymous said...

Sure, if you want to post a questionnaire on this blog I will answer. (lawslave)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for an interesting update on Kaitlin’s research.

Yes, I would be interested in helping complete a questionnaire on this blog.

With regard to Alpha Females and males and beta males, it is interesting to have a look at the behavior of Alpha-Female higher primates.

It has been observed that after the Alpha-male has mated with a female of any status, if he goes to sleep, the female sometimes sidles off and meets up with a cunning lower status male (beta bois) and has sex with him.

Obviously she appreciates that there is more to a mate than brawn, and that brain is attractive too. The lower status male it could be argued is both clever, as he has to avoid the watchful eye of the alpha-male, and also patient and brave, as if found out by the alpha male he could be attacked and suffer serious injury. (O.K. I admit he could be / is just a slave to his genes, but I do have a soft spot for the under-chimp.)

If we look at the behavior of many mammals, for example wolves, the alpha-male spends considerable time and energy in keeping the alpha-female’s and his offspring and the pack well fed. So men, doing housework and supporting their spouse to their utmost is just a modern domestic version of this natural behavior.

To return to the case of the beta-boi, in a curious twist, a so-called beta-boi, by having been chosen as a mate and mating with the Alpha Woman and sharing the home of the Alpha Woman, I would suggest, becomes by association an Alpha-male.

Who would I rather be? An Alpha-male who for a time is an Alpha Woman’s toy, or a beta-boi, allowed to share and serve in the home and family of the Alpha-female? No contest.


RockyBottom said...

Lady Mary & I would be happy to help!