Monday, April 28, 2008

Fuller Is Better

“Our devotion to our wonderful wives doesn't come with dress-size limits.”
— pseudonymous wife-worshipper

It’s true, dear wives, so true! We worship you “just the way you are,” as Billy Joel famously sang.

As I remind husbands in my book (Chapter 2, “Making Her Your Fantasy,” p. 18-19): “…this is another gift you can give your wife: Be adoring, be accepting, be the safe haven where she can be totally and comfortably herself. Because you accept her just the way she is, it’s easier for her to accept herself. This can have a healing effect on her psyche—particularly if she's dissatisfied with her body or her looks—and provide a well-deserved boost for her ego.”

Alas, too many women are dissatisfied with their looks (in fact, a majority of them, according to surveys), and too many strive to be shed pounds and curves that only enhance their desirability in the eyes of their worshipful husbands.

But here’s one woman who profoundly gets it, female supremacist Paige Harrison. She writes on her website: “My husband absolutely loves my body. he worships my goddess belly, savors my round bottom, and adores my big breasts and full thighs. Also, my hips look great in a tight pair of jeans… I am a big girl now and love it and feel fantastic about my size 14/16 body. “

This husband emphatically agrees: “I do truly love my wife’s rounder figure, fuller breasts and more shapely behind. In my view, fuller is better, and these skeletons that are supposed to represent fashion are on the way out. The Dove ads teach us to accept all women in all of their glorious manifestations, and I think that is a valuable lesson to all of us males.”

Let me give the last word to my wife-worshipping blog-colleague, fdhousehusband, who writes on her househusband's life:

“It is funny how my taste in Womyn has matured over the years. There was a time when i was so much taken with society's vision of perfect, thin Womyn. Yet, over the years, as my Wife has enjoyed the fruits of Her career success, She has put on some weight and now would be considered to be overweight by society. To me, however, my Wife seems more Beautiful than ever and i find myself being turned on more and more by such Rubinesque Womyn.”

As eye-candy, you’ll find a luscious sampling of Peter Paul Rubens’ brushstrokes at the top of this posting. But artists have always prized abundant pulchritude. Witness these wide-screen idealizations of femininity from Colombian artist Francisco Botero (left) and Japanese femdom-illustrator Namio Hurakawa:


fd said...

Thanks for the reference, old friend. Yes, "fuller is better" in many ways. i feel that my Wife is now free from the bonds of society that dictates that Womyn should starve themselves. my Wife is happy with Who She is and that is the sexiest thing in the world.

enoch said...

As far back as my first "girlfriend", back in 6th grade, I've loved full-figure women. My wife is one, and I find her to be the sexiest and most attractive woman I've ever seen. It's sad that she is not so accepting of her own body...

Mark Remond said...

Enoch, amen, it is exactly my situation and sentiment. If only she could see herself as I see her -- and I'm trying my utmost to convey to her how beauteous she is to behold.