Friday, April 25, 2008

Who Made YOU an Expert?

Most of the comments I get from readers of the Worshipping Your Wife website, I'm happy to report, are truly appreciative. Which is why I went ahead and finished the darned book.

But, in the world's largest idea mall, you can’t please everybody. So, every now and then I get contentious emails. Asking, like, Who made you an expert? What are your credentials? Do you have a degree in psych, behavioral science, sociology, anthropology? In anything?

C’mon. Do we really want to live in a regimented, regulated world where only approved and sanctioned “experts” are allowed to have an opinion, only highly credentialed pundits can pontificate? No, we don’t. At least I don’t. That’s what’s so refreshing and liberating about the Web. It lets me, like so many other unqualified, unwashed folk, speak my piece and call 'em as I see 'em, in the free marketplace of ideas.

I’m reminded of the Jma ‘el Fna, this huge square of beaten earth in the center of Marrakesh. It’s a meeting of ancient caravan routes, a legendary Arab-Berber swapmeet, little changed over the centuries. You can still wander the stalls, feasting on roasted mutton, and find snake charmers and guys who will pull a bad tooth with pliers or write you a love letter, side by side with sellers of pirated designer jeans and DVDs and junk jewelry. You pays your money and takes your choice. The Internet is like that.

Or there’s the Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park, where the would-be orators line up every few feet, sounding off on every topic under the sun (as long as they're not too inciteful). It’s kind of like the blogosphere, which allows anyone with a cyber-soapbox to speak his or her mind. Wanderers-by can linger and listen, or just move on.

Who made me an expert on men and women, on marriage, or wife worship? Nobody. I’m just a guy who found something that worked miracles in his own marriage, then discovered from some other guys the same formula had worked miracles in their marriages.

So now I’m shouting the good news from the housetops… or trying.


Art said...

I've been voraciously reading every post starting with your most recent. Unfortunately I can see the end from here. I ordered your book today and can hardly (forgive the subtle pun) wait for it to arrive. I thought this was the appropriate place to comment in response to the headline of this blog. I PROCLAIM FOR ALL THE WORLD TO READ "YOU SIR ARE THE EXPERT." (emphasis on "the") I have tried the tact of many "experts" from books to websites (even the well meaning ones oft sourced in your writing) but while they may have provided some octane to fuel my passion they ultimately fail in that prerequisite to their success is the active participation of a willing wife. I read that stealth submission was doomed to eventual failure. I hereby commit to courtly behavior and am confident not only will it be its own reward but that my marriage will return to the heady days when we couldn't keep our hands off each other some eighteen years ago. Thanks Dr. Mark Redmond PhD Relationship Success.

Mark Remond said...

Art, can I quote your endorsement to my wife? Seriously, I thank you for the over-generous words, but it means a lot to hear that some of my sincere scribblings are being enthusiastically received, and may even make a difference in terms of a husband's daily devotion to his wife. Good luck in your noble endeavor, and I'll try to post more often.

Art said...

It would be my honor. For once I'm not afraid who knows I'm pussywhipped (at least as described by you).