Thursday, April 4, 2013


This is a postscript to the previous post, Keeping Control in a Lifelong Female-Led Marriage—a few things that just didn't fit anywhere else:

Keeping him busy on the road–A woman-friend was concerned about her husband traveling on business. I suggested she set rules and make calls to ensure that he's complying. Mother suggested she give him something to do while he's on the road, something to keep him busy:

Good reading—Men should be reading women's books and magazines and Feminist literature. Business travel is a great time to catch up. Dennis reads romance novels. Before he goes on a trip Mother gives him a new book and tells him that she expects to discuss it with him when he gets home. Hint: he better have read it!
Pack your knitting, gentlemen—Men should also have a craft such as knitting. Have your man pack his knitting, note where he is on a project and tell him how much more he’s to have done when he comes home. He should have a good reason for not getting as far as expected.

Getting ahead in the ‘new’ corporate environment—Dennis gets it down to a few key points:
  • Ask for and take women's advice
  • Shut up and listen to what women are saying
  • Don't pass a female secretary or administrator's desk without asking if you can copy something for her or get something for her
  • Make and serve some coffee
  • Oh, and remember, it's “Yes, Ma’am”

Every day I love to:
  • Have my husband put my shoes on for me before I walk to my car
  • Hear my husband say, “Yes, Ma’am!”
  • Give my husband something extra to do; buy cigarettes that I don't need, run out for pantyhose that I have no intention of wearing, pick up something I'm only going to tell him to take back
  • Tell my husband, “NO!”
  • Find fault with something my husband has done; and hear him say he's sorry
  • Tell my husband that women are better than men and have him agree!
  • Have my husband take off my shoes when I come home from work
  • Do it all because I can!


Anonymous said...

I like this blog a lot although lately it's been less active than I'd like it to so instead of just being passive I would like to ask a question.

What about Women leading in the date-scene? Asking the partner out, asking for their number, inviting them to dance, proposing... how does all that fit in your world view? You probably read what I commented on Ms. Kathy's blog?

In any case, I think perhaps sometimes I lean towards somewhere between Femdom and role reversal but if it's hard to fin a good Femdom blog role reversal ones are like not really even there.

I believe in Female Supremacy because I believe if we tell ourselves it exists then it does. Women are the Superior Sex. Period.


Anonymous said...

The alternative of having the world as it now is or to go down a fundamentalist route does not bare thinking about. A nightmare from which we must all wake up from.

We of course need to empower and to enrich women's lives but do we need more high court judges and more generals if we are to have the same male run system and thinking.


Anonymous said...

I felt that I should comment on this particular section, partly because I have found it extraordinary how it, and the preceding four or five parts of your blog, have reflected my wife's thinking as our female-led marriage has deepened.

Every two months or so, my wife likes to review my progress, with us taking up positions appropriate to our respective status in the household. Yesterday evening was the occasion of the latest review, and I was startled by how much of what she said echoed a number of your recent points.

I shan't bore you with every individual item, but her overall conclusion seemed to summarise what it seems that you have been driving at over the last few months.

Essentially, my wife actually approves of the 1950s model of marriage. One partner is the unchallenged head of the household; the other is the devoted, much loved and loving, but clearly inferior help-meet, whose function is to support, to facilitate, to make life easier, and above all, to obey.

The only difference, of course, is that in today's world, she believes that the roles should be reversed. Equality remains a non-starter because it causes confusion. She wishes to extend her authority to all areas of our life for the betterment of both of us.

I admit to amazement at the convergence of her views (she is unfamiliar with this blog) and Nancy's. Is the role of today's husband as the quiescent, obedient and supportive wife of half a century ago one that you would recognise and endorse?

Anonymous said...

Being in a FLR for about 2years my wife now controls all of my free time. This has worked out very well for both of us and we both wished we had started a FLR earlier in our marriage. Their is much less stress in the relationship. When I'm done with chores on the weekend I still go fishing but do have my cell phone with me at all times. It has been a easy transition for us as I think I always new she was the leader in are marriage.We love your blog thanks for the support.

Kathy said...

It is always nice to see someone comment about Femdom 101 on another blog. Alex, thank you for being my little torch bearer. You are sweet.

As I have mentioned on Femdom 101 FLRs come in many different shades of gray. Over the years my husband as been my provider, my lover, as well as my protector. He is a real man. He is not a feminized version of a man who likes to nit and read romance novels.

A good day for my husband is golf in the morning, and a sports match in the afternoon. He is a man and needs to do guy type of things. Yet, when John comes home to me, he knows his place is on his knees.

It is my oppinion that real men make the best submissve husbands.
Housework is fine, but I still like to watch a man work in the yard, work on cars, and use his muscles.

The idea of femenizing a man is more of a male fantasy then anything women really want. It is also an idea that turns women off to the femdom life style.

Love, Kathy

Mark Remond said...

Ms. Kathy -

This is Mark -- Ms. Nancy and Dennis are traveling for a couple weeks, may not post or comment for a bit.

I love to see your name on a comment, pro or con! Don't know if or how Ms. Nancy will respond to your last, but, for my part, it seems to me that the only common denominator in femdom or wife-led marriages is that the wife sets the rules and the husband obeys.

With that fundamental theme established, there seems to be a wide variation in what is or is not mandated or allowed for the husband.

Kathy said...

For Mark

Thank you sweetie for responding to my comment.

One of the things that has turned me off to bloging is that so few people take the time to comment.
My blog now averages about a thousand views per day, yet as few as one or two will leave a comment.

And by the way I still love the way you write. You can tell a lot about a man by the way he writes.

Love, Kathy

Mark Remond said...

Kathy - thank you so much for the kinds words about my writing. I plead guilty to being one of the thousands who checks your blog each and every day and rarely posts. Yet I feel like I know all those who do carry on the conversation -- Ms. Katie and Ms. Emma, Zoe, Ms. Sandra, et al. (Well, the ladies stand out.) And, of course, Mistress Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I have a question and since you haven0t posted in so long I was wondering if you could talk about it on the next post.

What activities could / should /would be a good role reversal that Ms. Nancy and other Women like?

You mention knitting, cooking... what about the vote? Would you like to imagine a progressive society where the government is finally debating whether men should be given the right to vote (without being voted for, of course.. that'd be too much!) but the answer "as of yet" is still no?

What about Women's roles? What should Women do exclusively that displays their authoritative, superior natural role?

Anonymous said...

In response to Ms. Kathy who has a wonderful blog I would note that it is often difficult to comment on blogs (not just Hers) because the rules seem to constantly change. Some blogs require one to "sign in" which involves giving one's e-mail address, something I do not want to do. Others have that weird "prove you are not a robot" thing where the words are made deliberately tough to decipher. And it changes! For a long time any attempt to comment on Ms. Kathy's blog led to an appearance of that sign in block where they wanted name, e-mail, etc. Then one day it disappeared and I could just post and I posted an account of the FLR within which I serve Wife/Mistress! But I tried to post on Her latest one about worshipping Women and the sign in box with the personal info reappeared! I noticed the blog "I'm Hers" had a robot thing for a few months. Then it didn't and then it was back again. The author said he did not ask for the robot thing, it comes and goes. I think bloggers would get more of a response if they did not require people to sign in, reveal e-mail, solve the robot thing, etc. but if Katie's submissive husband is to be believed, apparently they don't control that.

Anonymous said...

Well what do you know? I just went back to Ms. Kathy's blog and typed in a much shorter comment( If it was going to be rejected again I did not want to spend too much time on it) and the computer took it without asking me to sign in. If I can solve the robot thing again on this blog (I did it five minutes ago) perhaps some technically Superior Woman will explain why this happens.

Alex said...

Ms. Kathy, of course I'm your torch bearer! Thank you so much for saying I'm sweet. I love it when you do that! Blush!

tony said...

I think you and Miss Kathy are the leading lights in bringing sensible thoughts, ideas and solutions concerning Femdom, FLR's, FLM's, and the like to the flock. Thank you both and I hope it can continue.

Regarding Miss Kathy, I think she was right on when she commented earlier that "the submissive man wants to know that you (his partner/wife) is watching him. It is actually more than a want. The truly submissve man needs to know that his behavior is being monitored." It applies to me, and it seems to apply to many of us who contribute here and on Femdom101. Thank you again, Mark.

Mark Remond said...

Tony - thanks so much for the comment. I particularly enjoy you comments on Ms. Kathy's blog, about your female-led family in Thailand. Hope you keep us posted.