Friday, February 13, 2015


(Previous posts in this series: Carrie & Geoff—Part 1: Sharing Their New FLRLifestyle, l Dec. 13, 2014, and Carrie & Geoff—Part 2: FLR Ring Ceremony, Dec. 22, 2014)

Hi, Mark,

Carrie and I have made the three-month mark in our Female Led Relationship, and it is only getting better and better. Barely a day goes by that my Queen doesn’t stimulate me to a near orgasm, and I give my Queen an orgasm either with my mouth or my hands. I’m still amazed at how intense my feelings are for my Queen; they seem to be growing stronger every day. Each time I see my gold glans ring,* I am reminded of my vows of commitment  and submission.

I have just finished reading FemaleDomination by Elise Sutton, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in FLR as it is a wealth of information. My Queen is now reading it and is currently preparing me to receive her strap-on by gradually stretching me by using her finger(s). It’s hard to describe the feelings as you are held captive by your Queen and stimulated and aroused to such a high level. Just the other night I was made to lie across my Queen’s lap while she spanked me and then worked on my bottom with her fingers, which bought me to a huge climax (with, of course, the permission of my Queen). The next night I was ordered into the sixty-nine position and, while my Queen held me in her mouth, she alternated between spanking me and entering me with her fingers. I have read about subspace, and I think I might have been very close to it.

After my Queen has finished reading Female Domination, I want to read it again and underline the quotes, ideas, and passages that appealed or had an effect on me, and then she will reread it and underline the things that interest her. Then we can compare our notes and establish goals to develop our common interests, and even expand into new areas interest.

All I know for sure is that that with each passing day my commitment to serve my Queen gets stronger and stronger, and my level of submission becomes deeper. I still kick myself for not finding this lifestyle earlier in my life.

When I think about the stupid “macho” lifestyle, it is obvious why it does not produce high levels of happiness. For example, when the male sex drive builds up, he seeks sex from his partner. Most likely his partner has low sex drive because she is tired and could have feelings of resentment, because of the lack of help around the house. The male reaches a climax quickly because he is feeling horny, which leaves his partner half aroused, frustrated, with semen to clean from her vagina, and no one to cuddle with or talk to as the male is fast asleep. Anyone can see this is a sure-fire recipe to romance and endless happiness—not! I really thought we had a very happy marriage for all those years, but compared with what we now have—well, frankly, there is no comparison. My Queen tells me she has never been so happy, and it is my wish and commitment to spend the rest of my life serving her to keep her happy.

Carrie & geoff

(* Mea Culpa from Mark Remond: Several readers had asked what kind of ring Geoff gave to Carrie in the ultra-romantic FLR Ring Ceremony described in their second posting. I must plead guiltly here to deliberate obfuscation: Geoff had written quite plainly that it was a “glans ring,” which, as you can read online, is “a variety of male genital jewelry worn around the head of the penis” and which can render the penis head more sensitive to touch. I changed Geoff’s straightforward description into a “ring to be worn by submissive husbands (or boyfriends) in a certain very intimate and private place (as to exactly where I’ll leave to the reader’s fertile imagination).” I apologize belatedly to Geoff and Carrie and to my readers for having been a bit prudish and old-fashioned.)


ALL HERS said...

How true your comments are about how a man handles sex. Horny, take care of it and goodbye or to sleep. Real men who worship their wives know that a horny feeling is good and not something that must immediately be taken care of. When we are hungry we eat, when thirsty we drink. When men are horny, many want to relieve that feeling either by intercourse or masturbation. It is so beneficial to maintain that horny feeling and learn to love it. We men become better husbands, better house cleaners and so much more attentive to our wives. So,we should enjoy that horny pent up feeling , live with it, because it gives us a strong WLM lifestyle.

Alex said...


I'd like to pose a "responsibility" question to all readers:

What can we do to make the blogging scene on Femdom more active?

Trying to pass no judgement at all, just stating the facts, the blogging on these topics just keeps decreasing by the day.

Femdom101 is down.

Worshipping your Wife posts not too often, maybe twice a month or so... I might be a bit off about that but I prefer to stay with my impression than to actually go with the exact figure because that's at the end what it's about -- how often readers feel posts come and I mean it in no judgmental way, just being honest and authentic here. Let's remember nobody "owes" it to us to post; bloggers are not our personal entertainers.

But besides the less and less often posts, there are even less posts by Women!

Please, if anyone knows of any good Femdom blogs list them here. ESPECIALLY blogs by Women.

But my point is there aren't that many. Not if you don't count all the trash out there (porn, commercial blogs just trying to sell you something or for the adverts and just poorly written blogs or those that REALLY don't ever add anything, like the Sutton website that just keeps re-posting the same stuff every month probably through a robot and has zero user engagement).

So... my point is this:
Who and how are we willing to step up and change this community? It's beyond embarrassing, it's embarrassing to the point of so lame that it's the English language, planet Earth, major sexual interest and no blogs? What will Womenkind in Venus say?

Mark Remond said...

Alex - Happily, and as I expected, Kathy is back today, though her archives have again been withdrawn. Hope you've been saving your favorites, as I have all these years.

I'll try to post, or have guest posts, more frequently.

Tony said...

Yes, I just saw that she was back as well. Her concerns are understandable. Good comments Alex. Lady Grey's Woman in Control is excellent, but her postings have slowed down over the past year. I hope to be making some guestposts within the next few months, Mark, as we have discussed.

Julian said...

Have you tried Femdomocracy? Some very interesting stuff there.

And I must say Mark - you do a fine job good sir.

Your blog is one of the finest on the Net with its depth and clarity of thought and vision.

Edward said...

Hi Alex: Do the writers of the blog feel it takes too much of their time? Maybe they (as we all do) get writers block, and can't think of anything to put into a posting.

What about the comments section? Do the bloggers feel that because of a lack of comments that readers are not showing authentic interest? I am guilty of reading, but not commenting which does not give the writer indication that I care about their topic, and this is unfair to them. I will offer more constructive comments, and share more of my FLR experiences, and perhaps this will help.

Thank you Alex for raising this issue.

Mark Remond said...

Edward, please do share more of your own FLR experiences. If you like, you could email them to me -- -- and perhapas with your permission, if they are anonymized, they could be used as guest-posts.

Anonymous said...

One word of caution about there not being enough blogging. Lady Misato's book "Real Women Don't Do Housework" has all the information needs to pursue this lifestyle and it is only 93 pages long.

Mark Remond said...

Anonymous just above -

I totally agree! Lady M. was my inspiration for this wonderful lifestyle, and for my book. Check her out everybody: